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The Best Coffee Shops In Cardiff


If there’s only one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I’m totally obsessed, probably addicted and very much in love with coffee. I don’t think I’ve gone a single day without a cup since I was about 15, and I don’t plan on doing that soon either. Coffee is just a great excuse to catch up, take some time out or just get out of the house. As it’s such a big thing for me, I thought I would share a few of my favourite coffee shops in Cardiff, incase you wanted to try them out too.


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I love this coffee shop! It’s one of my absolute faves, it’s right in the centre and a great space to work or catch up. They have loads of tables and you have the choice of sitting inside or out in the arcade. It’s also quite dimly light which makes it feel cosy and if you love the coffee you can buy a bag of beans to take home.


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This quirky coffee shop on Queen Street has its own roastery and is perfect if you consider yourself a real coffee connoisseur.  They invited me for a blogger event over Christmas and their chai latte is particularly amazing. They use a special syrup from Jeeves & Jericho that makes it taste absolutely incredible.


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If you’re looking to take Instagram pictures then this is THE best place to go, as it was designed for getting likes. From the leafy wall, to the neon sign and the perfectly decorated doughnuts there are so many picture opportunities it’s unreal. Blanche is also vegan so if you have friends with different requirements it’s an easy place to go.


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This is a favourite of all the bloggers in Cardiff because it’s so Instagrammable outside, think Parisienne vibes. They also do great coffee, fancy milkshakes and food so it covers all bases. I particularly love going for breakfast though as they do the best egg and avocado on toast. It’s also in Castle Arcade, which is stunning as it has all its original features and an upper level with cute shops.


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Hard Lines gives me New York vibes and it’s definitely the coolest and most hipster of all the coffee shops. They have a stall in Cardiff market which is the one I go to the most and their coffee tastes really, really good. They also do a beetroot latte which is bright pink if you wanted to push the boat out.


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If you don’t have time to sit in then the Handlebar Barista will be your go-to guy. This super clever coffee cart is built onto a bike so it moves around the city, which is so perfect if you commute in the morning. As a heads up he’s often outside Queen Street Station!


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I’m so in love with this coffee shop, it’s beautiful inside, has great food and helps to support homeless people in Cardiff. It’s also just off Queen Street, on a really quiet street so it’s nice to get away from the busyness. They do really great cakes if you have a sweet tooth and have a great breakfast and lunch menu, including vegan and gluten free options.

If I’ve missed anywhere make sure to let me know in the comments, I’m always up for discovering new places. Any excuse for a coffee, right?


How To Find The Best Vintage Clothes On eBay

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you’ll know that I’m pretty obsessed with vintage clothes. It all started when my nan handed me a patent leather, Louis Feraud belt when I was 12 and I haven’t really looked back since. In fact I would say a good 50% of my wardrobe is vintage and it’s way better quality than anything I’ve picked up on the high street. This is why scrolling through eBay has become such a habit for me, because I can get a Hardy Aimes blazer cheaper than a tee at H&M.

I post everything I pick up on my Instagram and I get loads of questions from you guys about how I find the best pieces and what I search for. It’s actually way easier than you might think but I’ve put a few of my go-to tips below that I think you’ll find really useful.


Select The Vintage Clothes Category

This is the number one thing I would say to do as the true vintage pieces tend to be listed here. It’s so simple but once you’ve searched for your item you need to make sure that you’re looking in the ‘Vintage Clothing & Accessories’ category. I would then narrow it down further by clicking ‘Women’s Vintage Clothing’ or whichever one is more applicable to your search. I know this is really simple but sometimes eBay will default your search into the ‘Women’s Clothing’ category and you’ll miss out on all the vintage!

Search For An Exact Item or Decade

There is so much on eBay that it’s really worth getting specific with your search, especially if you don’t have hours to scroll through items. For example rather than looking for a vintage dress try ‘1920s style dress’ or ‘flapper dress’ to narrow it down. You can also search by decade, like ‘1970s’ and then select the ‘Women’s Vintage Clothing’ category to find pieces from your favourite era.

ebay-vintage-shopping-hacks-style-rarebitShop By Size

I love shopping for vintage blazers but if they’re too big the shoulders can look a bit crazy so I always include my size in the search. This helps to eliminate all the pieces that would be too big or small for me so that I’m only looking at garments that fit. That being said I don’t mind them being slightly oversized so I search ‘vintage blazer 8, 10, 12’ which brings up all the items in the sizes I’m looking for.

Consider Alterations

If you find something that’s one of a kind but it’s not in your size then it’s 100% worth investing in alterations. Some vintage pieces are so timeless and going to a tailor is a great way to get them updated. It may be a little pricey, but if you’re going to wear it forever then it’s a good investment.


Remember The Brands You Love

I’ve made a list on my phone of all the vintage brands I love, especially the ones that I know are great quality, to help narrow down my search. Some of my faves are Escada, St. Michael and Louis Feraud but there are some great brands that I forget about so it’s always worth noting them down.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For More Pictures

As a lot of the listings on eBay are by regular people and not shops some of the listings may not have the best pictures. I’ve asked loads of times for people to send me more and 90% of the time they reply because they want to sell their item.  Don’t be afraid to ask for close ups or specific angles either so that you know exactly what it looks like.

Or For Measurements

One of the hardest things about shopping online in general is finding clothes that fit but vintage clothes can be particularly tricky. There’s quite a few listings with vague sizes too like ‘medium’ which doesn’t really mean anything, so I’d definitely ask the seller for measurements. This is especially good for high waisted, vintage jeans or skirts that you want to sit really tight around your waist.

Save Your Searches And Favourite Sellers

There’s this really great feature on eBay where you can save your favourite sellers and searches. This is so useful as all your categories and shipping preferences will be saved too. I use this a lot for my favourite brands or if I’m looking for a specific thing as I can just click on my favourite search and it’ll bring up all the new items. It also works for eBay sellers, so if you find a great vintage shop you can save it to your profile too.


Get The App

This is dangerous but also amazing and I’ve found some of my most loved pieces on the train home from work. The eBay app is way easier than shopping on the desktop version and it also means you can bid on items when you’re not at home. It’s also free so there’s no excuses.

These are the basics and as much as they’re really simple tips I hope they’ll help you guys to find some great vintage pieces. I love shopping on eBay and I also love that it’s totally sustainable and saving lots of clothes from landfill. Which makes me feel way better about spending too much money… whoops!

The dress I’m wearing in this post is vintage Mondi and the belt is vintage Escada both from eBay. My bag is vintage Dior, which was a hand-me-down from my grandmother but I’m sure you could find one on eBay too!


How To Wear Corduroy In 2018

how-to-wear-cord-style-rarebit-fashion-blogLast weekend I went to London for my mum’s photography exhibition and it was right around the corner from this shop called YMC. The whole way there my mum was questioning my rust coloured, corduroy jacket so you can imagine how smug I was that the whole shop window was rust corduroy. There were coats, trousers, dungarees and even a matching cap for total cord overkill.

Despite my new found outfit confidence, corduroy isn’t something I ever thought I would wear or ever thought would be in fashion. I used to work at M&S and the only people who bought cord were men in their 80s for gardening purposes. Chic. This season though it’s officially a ‘thing’ and in particular rust coloured cord jackets which i’m totally on board with. Now don’t get me wrong, this definitely isn’t the first trend I’ve slagged off and am now wearing but like the fashion slave I am, I’m so glad I went for it.

how-to-wear-cord-style-rarebit-fashion-bloghow-to-wear-cord-style-rarebit-fashion-bloghow-to-wear-cord-style-rarebit-fashion-bloghow-to-wear-cord-style-rarebit-fashion-blogIf I’ve convinced you to add some cord pieces to your wardrobe then I’ve got a few tips to share to make the fabric look as flattering as possible. The biggest issue is that it’s really thick and wearing the wrong shape can make you look a bit frumpy. It’s important to find a silhouette that suits you but I’d suggest going for something that either draws in your waist or elongates your frame.

If you’re going for trousers a high waisted pair that are slightly cropped would be the most flattering as they’ll help to give you more of an hourglass shape and your legs some definition. For jackets pick something cropped or one like mine that you can draw in or wear open. No matter what you go for just make sure that it fits really well and doesn’t add bulk to areas that you’d rather your clothes skim over.

how-to-wear-cord-style-rarebit-fashion-blogIn terms of colour I don’t think there are any rules. Rust is a major trend but something bright and colourful could look just as cool so it’s worth being creative. One thing I will say though is to avoid cord that looks really shiny or that’s stretchy as it’s often the sign of a way cheaper material and it never looks as good in pics.

My cord rules aside, let’s not take it too seriously. There’s always that one trend every season that divides people but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it out or experiment with it. On the plus side you could always raid your grampy’s wardrobe for a cool piece if you don’t think it’s worth investing in, am I right?…


Afternoon Tea At The Mulberry Bar

style-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorThe Celtic Manor is one of those amazing hotels that feels really special and fancy but manages to make you feel really comfortable and relaxed at the same time. Being a little further out of the city they’ve managed to provide everything for their guests you could ever imagine from a spa, to golf, ice skating and of course a gorgeous spot of afternoon tea, my fave.

Afternoon tea is held in the Mulberry Bar which is just to the right of the main restaurant. It has a bar, chandeliers, little booths and velvet chairs alongside the nicest marble tables that I’m going to have to start hunting for. It’s super glam and the best treat for a birthday or a very extra afternoon with your girlfriends. My Mum’s been really busy recently, as she’s just finished her masters so I thought it would be nice to bring her along with me as it was such a lovely treat.

style-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorWe were sat in the middle of room in these really high velvet chairs and were given a menu full of all the different teas we could choose from. Me, being super boring went for a pot of classic english breakfast but my mum decided to go for their Danish Pastry tea which smelt incredible! I’ve been meaning to track some down for christmas ever since. They had so many different flavours to choose from including chocolate brownie, apple strudel and spiced orange.

style-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorstyle-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorThe first course was probably my favourite and consisted of a verrine of cauliflower cheese in a little cup with a side of welsh rarebit. It tasted absolutely amazing, was really thick and creamy and was just classic autumn food that set the tone for a really cosy afternoon.

style-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorstyle-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorThe next course started with a slate of savoury treats that included roast beef in a Yorkshire pudding, a beetroot macaron with smoked salmon, parmesan shortbread with sundried tomato and pesto, warm leak and pork wellington with London sauce and a selection of classic afternoon tea sandwiches. There was so much food but it was a lovely treat to indulge in everything and try out all the flavours. My favourite was the parmesan shortbread as it was really light and fresh but I thought the macaroons were really clever too.

style-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorstyle-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorstyle-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorNext it was time for some cocktails! There are two on the menu to choose from and they were both designed exclusively for the afternoon tea so it felt really special to get to try them. I went for the Tea Collins which is made with raspberry liquorice, lavender tea, Gordon’s gin, Beefeater gin, sugar syrup and lemon juice. It was a really refreshing cocktail with more of a bitter taste and as I’m a lover of g&t’s it was perfect for me. My mum went for the other cocktail which was called the Jaffa Cake and it’s essentially a jaffa cake in liquid form. It’s made with chase orange gin, marmalade vodka, Cointreau, white cacao liqeur, fresh orange juice and a spoonful of marmalade. The rim of the glass is also dipped in chocolate to create a way more grown up and decadent version of our favourite snack.

style-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorstyle-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorstyle-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorThe last course was the most important as it was time for the sweet stuff, cake! They were so pretty and each one was handcrafted into the most beautiful designs that were almost too pretty to eat. Almost. They included an elderflower and champagne delice with strawberry foam and meringue (cute pink ball), candied hazelnut choux puff with vanilla and praline creme, then a green tea, apple and ginger tartlet (this was my favourite!) and lastly a white chocolate and shortbread truffle cake. This is also followed by two scones with jam and cream in classic afternoon tea style. We couldn’t manage these though so we took them home for my little brother and he gave rave reviews.

The afternoon was such a lovely treat and it would make for a special gift, especially as Christmas is coming up. I think it would be perfect to take a group of friends too, there was loads of food and it’s a memorable place to spend a special occasion. I couldn’t be more grateful that I got to try this out and me and my mum absolutely loved it. If we only we could do this everyday eh…


For more information on Afternoon Tea at The Mulberry Bar click here.

Photographs – Sarah Barnes

The Acne Fighting Bubble Mask You Need To Try Out

7th-heaven-bubble-sheet-mask-review-style-rarebit-blogLast week I was sent the 7th Heaven Charcoal Detox Bubble Mask to review and to say I was intrigued was definitely an understatement. I LOVE face masks (if you watch my insta stories you’ll definitely know that already) but I’ve actually never tried a bubble mask before. This one is a little bit different though because it doesn’t come out of a pot it’s a sheet mask. Weird right? Which made me even more excited to try it.

As you can see from the pics this isn’t the most flattering face mask ever but what it lacks in good looks it makes up for in good ingredients. As soon as it arrived I had to put it to the test and have popped my thoughts below incase you wanted to try it out.


What it promises

The main ingredient in the 7th Heaven Charcoal Detox Bubble Mask is charcoal, which is the best ingredient for cleansing your pores and removing any excess oil that can lead to spots. It’s used in lots of acne fighting products and paired with the bubble effect of this mask it can really dig deep into your skin for a much clearer and fresher complexion. The mask also includes Star Anise which is a natural antioxidant that will help to soothe any breakouts and fight spot causing bacteria. It’s also good for making your skin look really glowy and fresh, which is always a good thing!


Easy to use?

There’s way more product on this mask compared to any other sheet mask I’ve tried and it’s quite hard to open without it getting everywhere. Once you’ve unfolded it though it’s super simple to line up and press onto your skin and it doesn’t slide around at all. In fact because there was so much product it held on really well, especially under my chin so my whole face could benefit from the mask. Once it’s on you just leave it for 5-10 minutes before pealing it off so it’s a really easy process altogether.


How does it feel?

I wasn’t sure what to expect but in terms of how it felt there wasn’t any tingling or stinging at all. The mask was really light and it felt gentle on my skin so I could barely feel it working. I also couldn’t feel it bubbling but I could hear it and it’s quite relaxing which is perfect if you’re having a pamper eve.

7th-heaven-bubble-sheet-mask-review-style-rarebit-blogHow did my skin look?

When I took the mask off my skin looked really dewy and fresh and it really helped to brighten my complexion. I also noticed that the skin in my t-zone looked a lot clearer and it helped to take down some redness I had from breakouts. I actually think this would be a good pick me up before a night out or a special occasion as my skin was so clear it gave me a good base for applying makeup.

7th-heaven-bubble-sheet-mask-review-style-rarebit-blogThe day after

For the sake of being really honest I wanted to mention that I did get a little spot on my nose the day after using this mask. I’m guessing that this is because the charcoal helped to draw out some of the junk that was deep in my pores so it’s definitely not a bad thing. I think that’s something to be careful of though whenever you use skin clearing products, especially if you have something planned the next day!

Tried this out? Let me know your thoughts and mask recommendations below, I’m always up for testing new skin care…

7th Heaven Charcoal Detox Bubble Mask

My New Favourite Accessory | A Unique Wood Watch by JORD

jord-unique-wood-watches-style-rarebit-fashion-blogSo watches, for me, are a very new obsession but something that I’ve started getting more and more into since meeting my boyfriend. Before I met him I only had one watch in my collection but it’s grown to be a lot bigger and the most recent piece is really special.


Jord is a brand I’ve heard about a lot through other bloggers so when they reached out about collaborating on a competition I was really excited. Their unique wood watches really stand out and I love that they’re creating something totally different with a material that isn’t normally associated with timepieces.

The watch I’m wearing in this post is from their Cassia series which is inspired by vintage timepieces, as you can tell by the roman numerals around the face. What I particularly love about it is that the glass is domed and the face is concave which makes it look pearlescent when it reflects the light, which is really pretty. I also liked the Cassia because it looks more like a piece of jewellery. The dainty strips of gold running through the band are a lot more feminine than the other styles and work really well with a lot of my jewellery.

jord-unique-wood-watches-style-rarebit-fashion-blog jord-unique-wood-watches-style-rarebit-fashion-blog

I went for the Zebra and Ivory colourway as I loved the really crisp face with the stripy wood but there are 3 other colours in the Cassia series to choose from. There’s a black one, rose gold and blue so you’ll be able to find something that works for your colour scheme. I also really liked the Frankie watch which is made of rich, purpleheart and plum wood and is such a stand out style so I thought I would include a link to that for you guys to look at too.

jord-unique-wood-watches-style-rarebit-fashion-blog jord-unique-wood-watches-style-rarebit-fashion-blog

I also really wanted to mention the custom sizing service that Jord watches offer. After unboxing my watch I could take it out and wear it straight away rather than taking it to someone to remove the extra links which was so helpful. All I had to do was type in my measurements while ordering and the whole process was sorted out for me. They also offer personalised engraving too so it would be a great gift for someone, especially as Christmas is creeping up so quickly.

This month I’m teaming up with Jord to give you guys the chance to win a $100 gift card. If you’d like to enter I’ll pop the link HERE where you can add all your details. You’ll also get a 10% off code just for entering so it’s worth it even if you don’t win the grand prize. The competition finishes on the 16th of September so you’ll need to enter asap if you want to be included. I’ve also filmed an unboxing video if you wanted to check that out too which I’ve popped below, best of luck guys!

Shop Men’s Watches

Shop Women’s Watches


jord-unique-wood-watches-style-rarebit-fashion-blog jord-unique-wood-watches-style-rarebit-fashion-blog

Wooden Wrist Watch

Boux Avenue Blogger Event & Bra Fitting


Have you ever had a bra fitting? Because up until last week I hadn’t either but gorgeous lingerie brand Boux Avenue really kindly invited me to their Cardiff store to do just that. I went along with some of my favourite welsh bloggers and it was like one big girly night in. It was honestly one of the best events I’ve been to in a really long time, the girls in the store were really sweet, there were drinks, makeup and hair stylists and loads of gorgeous lingerie to try on, so perfect!


I was actually really nervous about the bra fitting part as it’s something I’ve always put off. I think, like a lot of women I would rather guess than get my bra out in front of someone but after last week I so regret not doing it sooner. It was so quick and easy and Liv who helped me with my Boux Avenue bra fit knew so much and gave me a lot of really good advice about what to look out for.

I actually decided to film my bra fit for my YouTube channel (vlog below) because I know how many of us are intimidated and I thought it would be good to show what really happens. I was actually wearing a back size that was two sizes too big and a cup size that was two sizes too small which I was adamant was my size for YEARS. I can’t believe how long I was kidding myself and also how much bigger my boobs look now that I’m finally wearing the right size!


Now that I’ve been once I would definitely go back and pick up some more pieces as it was just such a lovely experience. The bras are so pretty, there are so many different options and trying them on in the french chic style changing rooms felt so glam. They also gave me a discount code for you guys to use in the Cardiff store, CARDIFF10 for £10 off when you spend £50 so there’s even more of an excuse to treat yourself!

boux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blog boux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blogboux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blogboux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blogboux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blog boux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blog boux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blog boux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blog boux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blog

Sale Shopping Hacks You Need To Know

sale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blogI’m a pretty hardcore sale shopper which is mainly because a. I’m so broke and b. I kind of like the thrill of it. Ever since I started buying my own clothes I’ve been addicted to getting a good find and with all that experience you bet I’ve discovered the best sale shopping hacks. It pretty much comes down to having a good eye and a lot of patience but aside from that this is what you need to know…

Take a look at your wardrobe first: Sale prices can seriously convince you that you need a canary yellow pair of trousers in your life but trust me, you don’t. It’s really easy to get swayed by a good deal but looking at what’s in your wardrobe first will help to to curve your spending in a more useful direction. Start by noting what you wear the most, what you never wear and anything that you need more of and then try to keep that in mind as you shop.

Shop mid week: Most sales start mid week so if you want to get the first pick then this is the best time to go. It’s also way quieter than at the weekends and it’ll be way more relaxed than trying to push through the crowds on a Saturday.

Set aside some time: It’s pretty impossible to have a good rummage in 20 minutes so if you want to get the best out of the sale you’ll need a few hours. Most of my fave purchases have been found hidden at the back of a rail so it’s worth taking the time to pick through the clothes and not have to rush.

sale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blogTry on everything: Ok, ok I know this is really obvious but if there’s one sale shopping hack you need to follow it’s this one. Not trying on clothes is why so many of us have unworn items hanging in the wardrobe and it’s such a waste of money and space. Hitting the changing room is also the best way to experiment with pieces you wouldn’t normally go for and try something new.

Wear a dress and slip on shoes: Just to make the above way easier.

Order online and pick up in store: The best way to sale shop if you want to guarantee your size is by going online as soon as the prices drop. Don’t get it delivered to your house though as it’s way better to get free delivery in store. That way you can have a rummage through the rest of the sale and try on anything that wasn’t online at the same time. Then when you’re done you can return or exchange items in store too so the whole process is really easy.

Try the expensive shops: The sale is the best time to invest in something you wouldn’t normally be able to afford, especially pieces that will last a long time like a coat or a handbag. The biggest sales are always in June and January so it’s worth holding off on big purchases until then.

sale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blogBe wary of trends: It’s cool to find on trend pieces in the sale but just be wary of things you won’t be able to wear for long. Chances are, if it’s discounted then it’s already on it’s way out and probably isn’t worth it.

Sign up to mailing lists: If you want to know when the sale starts then you’re going to have to get on the mailing lists. I know it can be really annoying but it’s a good way to get discounts inbetween sales too that you would normally miss out on.

If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be: Sometimes you can hang around and wait for something to go in the sale and then before you know it, it’s gone. I know it’s frustrating but it’s just not worth getting annoyed about. There’s loads of good stuff to be found and maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

sale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blog sale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blogsale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blogsale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blogsale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blogsale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blogsale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blog

Sale shopping hacks you need to know…

Dress // Zara 

Earrings // H&M

Shoes // M&S similar here

Photographs // Sarah Barnes

Wishtrend’s Mandelic Acid is here to give you flawless skin…

wishtrend-mandelic-acid-review-style-rarebit-fashion-blogWishtrend reached out to me a few months ago and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water. As it promised to brighten up my complexion and reduce pigmentation I was more than happy to try it. Turns out this is the secret ingredient I’ve been waiting for my whole life as I’ve finally found an acid that doesn’t irritate my skin. It does however still give me all the benefits of something a little bit stronger. Here’s everything you need to know…


What is Mandelic Acid?

Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that exfoliates your skin in the same way as salicylic or glycolic. It also accelerates skin cell turnover and with that reduces fine lines and improves skin tone, texture, pigmentation and acne scarring. Mandelic acid is also anti-inflammatory so it helps to keep break outs under control as well as taking down any redness.  Not only that but it’s way more gentle than salicylic as it’s molecules are bigger so it doesn’t penetrate your skin as deeply. Sounds perfect right? So if you have sensitive or acne prone skin this is going to be amazing for you.

How do you use it?

I apply Wishtrend’s Mandelic Acid to clean skin using a cotton pad and gently pat it on without being too rough. I don’t tend to use it in the morning, but if you do just make sure to apply an SPF afterwards as it can make you more sensitive to the sun.


Mandelic Acid, Beta-Glucan, Panthenol, Centella Asiatica Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate.

Recommended skin types?

It’s perfect for sensitive skin types as it causes less irritation because of it’s bigger molecular structure. The skin prep water also includes Panthenol which is perfect for dry skin and it’s also great if you’re prone to acne or have scarring/pigmentation.

wishtrend-mandelic-acid-review-style-rarebit-fashion-blogWhy I love Wishtrend’s Mandelic Acid?

The first time I tried this I put a small amount on my skin before going to bed as I was worried about how I would react. I haven’t tried a lot of acid products before and my skin doesn’t like salicylic so I wasn’t convinced that it would work for me.

The next day I woke up looking insanely fresh and with way less pigmentation and redness but without a single bit of irritation. I feel like it really helped to clean up the texture of my skin too, it was way softer which gave me a better base for applying makeup. I also feel like my skin looks a lot fresher and brighter after using this. I’m not sure if that’s just because it softens the pigmentation but I definitely thought I looked healthier!

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Testing Out Discount Make Up With Tofs

tofs-discount-makeup-style-rarebit-fashion-blogThis week I was sent some new discount beauty launches that are going into Tofs stores as of last Friday. They offer 70% off big brands like Rimmel, OPI, Elizabeth Arden and Clarins but today I’m going to show you a few pieces from DMM makeup that are really pretty.

tofs-discount-makeup-style-rarebit-fashion-blogThe first thing is the Mineral Makeup compact. It’s a light, pressed powder that evens out your skin tone and provides light to mid coverage. As it incorporates colour correcting shades including mint for redness and lavender to brighten your skin it’s a really nice way of freshening up and mattifying your face during the day.  This compact is £5 so it’s totally affordable and great if you want something to just throw in your handbag for touch ups.

tofs-discount-makeup-style-rarebit-fashion-blogNext I tried out the 3D Fibre Lashes duo which isn’t like any other mascara I’ve ever seen. You basically apply the gel formula first and then take the fibres (fluffy wand) and apply them over the top so that they stick to your lashes. The result is really soft and fluttery and I found that the gel really helped to separate my lashes to avoid any clumps. I’ve popped a little before and after below and I think they gave me loads of lift and separation which is what I normally look for in a mascara.

tofs-discount-makeup-style-rarebit-fashion-blogtofs-discount-makeup-style-rarebit-fashion-blogLastly I tried the HD Fibre Brows powder which is also £5. When I first opened it I was surprised that it had a doe foot applicator but I think that’s just to help you pack on the fibres. They literally look like little brown hairs and have the most insane staying power that gives you a really natural finish. Again I’ve put a little before and after below just using the HD Fibre Brows. I think it would look even better if I went in again with a pencil and neatened up the edges but it’s totally up to you what look you go for. You can see how natural and soft the finish is though and it’s really good for the price!


If you want to test out any of these or just pick up some discount makeup then click here to find your nearest Tofs store.