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The Acne Fighting Bubble Mask You Need To Try Out

7th-heaven-bubble-sheet-mask-review-style-rarebit-blogLast week I was sent the 7th Heaven Charcoal Detox Bubble Mask to review and to say I was intrigued was definitely an understatement. I LOVE face masks (if you watch my insta stories you’ll definitely know that already) but I’ve actually never tried a bubble mask before. This one is a little bit different though because it doesn’t come out of a pot it’s a sheet mask. Weird right? Which made me even more excited to try it.

As you can see from the pics this isn’t the most flattering face mask ever but what it lacks in good looks it makes up for in good ingredients. As soon as it arrived I had to put it to the test and have popped my thoughts below incase you wanted to try it out.


What it promises

The main ingredient in the 7th Heaven Charcoal Detox Bubble Mask is charcoal, which is the best ingredient for cleansing your pores and removing any excess oil that can lead to spots. It’s used in lots of acne fighting products and paired with the bubble effect of this mask it can really dig deep into your skin for a much clearer and fresher complexion. The mask also includes Star Anise which is a natural antioxidant that will help to soothe any breakouts and fight spot causing bacteria. It’s also good for making your skin look really glowy and fresh, which is always a good thing!


Easy to use?

There’s way more product on this mask compared to any other sheet mask I’ve tried and it’s quite hard to open without it getting everywhere. Once you’ve unfolded it though it’s super simple to line up and press onto your skin and it doesn’t slide around at all. In fact because there was so much product it held on really well, especially under my chin so my whole face could benefit from the mask. Once it’s on you just leave it for 5-10 minutes before pealing it off so it’s a really easy process altogether.


How does it feel?

I wasn’t sure what to expect but in terms of how it felt there wasn’t any tingling or stinging at all. The mask was really light and it felt gentle on my skin so I could barely feel it working. I also couldn’t feel it bubbling but I could hear it and it’s quite relaxing which is perfect if you’re having a pamper eve.

7th-heaven-bubble-sheet-mask-review-style-rarebit-blogHow did my skin look?

When I took the mask off my skin looked really dewy and fresh and it really helped to brighten my complexion. I also noticed that the skin in my t-zone looked a lot clearer and it helped to take down some redness I had from breakouts. I actually think this would be a good pick me up before a night out or a special occasion as my skin was so clear it gave me a good base for applying makeup.

7th-heaven-bubble-sheet-mask-review-style-rarebit-blogThe day after

For the sake of being really honest I wanted to mention that I did get a little spot on my nose the day after using this mask. I’m guessing that this is because the charcoal helped to draw out some of the junk that was deep in my pores so it’s definitely not a bad thing. I think that’s something to be careful of though whenever you use skin clearing products, especially if you have something planned the next day!

Tried this out? Let me know your thoughts and mask recommendations below, I’m always up for testing new skin care…

7th Heaven Charcoal Detox Bubble Mask


Testing Out Discount Make Up With Tofs

tofs-discount-makeup-style-rarebit-fashion-blogThis week I was sent some new discount beauty launches that are going into Tofs stores as of last Friday. They offer 70% off big brands like Rimmel, OPI, Elizabeth Arden and Clarins but today I’m going to show you a few pieces from DMM makeup that are really pretty.

tofs-discount-makeup-style-rarebit-fashion-blogThe first thing is the Mineral Makeup compact. It’s a light, pressed powder that evens out your skin tone and provides light to mid coverage. As it incorporates colour correcting shades including mint for redness and lavender to brighten your skin it’s a really nice way of freshening up and mattifying your face during the day.  This compact is £5 so it’s totally affordable and great if you want something to just throw in your handbag for touch ups.

tofs-discount-makeup-style-rarebit-fashion-blogNext I tried out the 3D Fibre Lashes duo which isn’t like any other mascara I’ve ever seen. You basically apply the gel formula first and then take the fibres (fluffy wand) and apply them over the top so that they stick to your lashes. The result is really soft and fluttery and I found that the gel really helped to separate my lashes to avoid any clumps. I’ve popped a little before and after below and I think they gave me loads of lift and separation which is what I normally look for in a mascara.

tofs-discount-makeup-style-rarebit-fashion-blogtofs-discount-makeup-style-rarebit-fashion-blogLastly I tried the HD Fibre Brows powder which is also £5. When I first opened it I was surprised that it had a doe foot applicator but I think that’s just to help you pack on the fibres. They literally look like little brown hairs and have the most insane staying power that gives you a really natural finish. Again I’ve put a little before and after below just using the HD Fibre Brows. I think it would look even better if I went in again with a pencil and neatened up the edges but it’s totally up to you what look you go for. You can see how natural and soft the finish is though and it’s really good for the price!


If you want to test out any of these or just pick up some discount makeup then click here to find your nearest Tofs store.

I was offered free cellulite treatments twice and I turned them down, here’s why…

topshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebittopshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebitI’m very insecure, always have been and changing my body, in theory, sounds like a dream come true. So you would think after being offered free cellulite treatments as a PR gift it would be my lucky day. But in reality it was just a day that I got really freaked out.

If I’m being super honest then yes, I would love to be pretty. I look at before and after pics all the time and think oh my god a few tucks and I could be like Bella Hadid. It’s so tempting when you see all these celebrities, who are plumped and injectected with every silicone California has to offer. However it doesn’t always go the way you want it too (let’s not even talk about Botched) and for me risking my health just wouldn’t be worth it.

topshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebitThe first time I was offered a treatment it was some kind of fat freezing thing that they wanted to use on my thighs. I was beyond excited when I got the email to have supermodel legs (YASS) but then I started to think about what it would mean for me to promote that on my blog. Plastic surgery is a really personal thing and I wasn’t sure how I felt about sharing something like that. I’ve always been a little insecure of my legs but what if I made someone else insecure by writing this post? It just didn’t feel right and as I wasn’t 100% I decided not to go ahead.

The second time I was offered a ‘non invasive’ treatment for cellulite. This ‘non invasive’ (LOL) treatment involved cutting my skin away from my fat so that it would lay flat and remove the appearance of the bumps. I’ll be honest this time around I was actually considering it and excited at the prospect of having cellulite free legs. Before I replied to the email I thought I should do some research though and holy crap I’m so glad I did.

topshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebittopshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebit I actually found a video a lady had made on YouTube after getting her treatment. From her knees all the way up to the top of her butt she was bruised liked nothing I’d ever seen before. There were painful black and purple marks everywhere and not only that but she had puncture wounds. I ended up finding another article by a journalist who had the treatment too. She said that although her skin was smooth she had to sit on one of those cushions you get when you have piles for MONTHS. All of a sudden my cellulite didn’t look quite so bad.

For something that doesn’t affect my life on a daily basis I just didn’t feel it was worth sitting on a poop cushion at work. Also, if it bugged me that much you’d think I would have tried exercises, creams and potions to tackle the problem first, which I haven’t either. I’ve just sat on it. On a serious note, seeing that woman’s legs made me realise how stupid the Kardashian inspired world we live in can be sometimes. That we would suffer major trauma for the sake of smoother skin for up to 3 years is absolutely insane. I could also tie this in with how infuriated I was at Kim Kardashians reaction to her cellulite pictures. As if the most beautiful women in the world is crying over it, then how are the rest of us supposed to feel?

topshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebitAnother big worry for me was with taking treatments as a PR gift as I wasn’t sure what would happen if something went wrong. If I hadn’t actually paid for my treatment would I still be able to get aftercare? What if I couldn’t afford it? The whole thing just felt super risky.

I’m not saying I’m against this kind of thing, AT ALL and I hope that’s not how this post comes across. I just feel that in a time when surgery is constantly on tv and social media we need to be taking it a lot more seriously. Yes I know, such a bore but if I encourage one woman to think twice or do some more research then I think it’s worth writing.


Top : Topshop

Jeans : Topshop

Sandals : M&S similar here 

Bag : Ebay similar here

Photography : Sarah Barnes

Dior Addict Lacquer Plump Review

Dior-Addict-Lacquer-Plump-Review-style-rarebit-beauty-blogFor me to recommend a lip product is a very big deal. Firstly because I don’t have much in the lip department and secondly because lipsticks aren’t my coveted beauty product of choice. It’s very impressive then that my favourite beauty purchase of this year so far is the Dior Addict Lacquer Plump in the shade Lovely-D. It’s THE most useful, flattering and wearable lip product I’ve ever owned and from the balmy consistency to the long lasting moisture I don’t think I’ll be giving it up anytime soon.

Unlike traditional lip plumping glosses this doesn’t sting or dry out your lips at all but plumps them with hydration instead. Dior actually promises a 78% increase in the moisture levels of your lips and I would totally agree that it delivers. I know that this all sounds too good to be true but trust me. This is in no way sponsored, it’s just genuinely changed my life face.

Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup described it as “an oil-in-water emulsion infused with pigments and enriched with a natural-origin hibiscus extract for a plumping effect and hyaluronic acid for moisturization.” And it’s exactly that. I honestly can’t explain how nourishing it feels and if I apply it in the morning it keeps my lips moisturised for the rest of the day.



The colour pay off is incredible for something so moisturising too. At the blogger launch I tried the shade Midnight Star which is a deep blue and it was so pigmented. Even though they’re balmy you get exactly the same richness of colour than you would from your regular lipstick. The applicator is also really great at delivering the right amount of product so you never have to worry about going overboard. As I’ve picked up a really natural shade I don’t even use a mirror when putting it on now!

Another thing I love about the Lacquer Plump is that it stains so the colour pays off for hours even after the glossy effect has worn off. It’s perfect for work as it means I still have some colour on my lips at the end of the day and don’t have to worry about carrying products around with me either.

The only downside is the price, as obviously being from Dior it’s pretty expensive at £28.50. I would recommend picking up a shade you can wear everyday like I did to really make the most of it. However for a product that works this well and makes such a difference I don’t feel like it’s completely unjustified. I’ve actually been coveting the shade D-Fancy too which is a gorgeously rich, dark red and would be perfect the evening. One more can’t hurt right?

Dior-Addict-Lacquer-Plump-Review-style-rarebit-beauty-blog Dior-Addict-Lacquer-Plump-Review-style-rarebit-beauty-blog

I also reviewed the Lacquer Plump over on my youtube channel so I thought I would pop the video here if you fancy a watch…

4 Dry Shampoos For Fine Hair

the-best-dry-shampoos-for-fine-hair-style-rarebit-beauty-blogWhen it comes to beauty I’m actually really, really lazy. Especially with my hair because I’m hating it at the moment, so the sooner I can hide it in a messy bun the better! It figures then that dry shampoo would be my go to product, as prolonging the gap between washes and getting some extra volume is exactly what I need. I thought it would be cool to share my 4 faves on here to inspire some of you who are just as lazy as me and to hopefully make your hair care routines a little bit easier.

Batiste  or Batiste Divine Dark 

Batiste is the original and it’s so heavy duty, it’s like the power lifter of the dry shampoo world. I find that it keeps my hair looking fresh even on the worst days and gives me an unbelievable amount of volume and texture. It’s very thick which can be a blessing and a curse but you just need to really work it in and brush it out properly. I also wanted to include the Divine Dark version that I’ve been using recently as I find it way easier to blend and I don’t get any annoying white patches either. You do have to be careful though as I had a smudge of brown on the side of my face one day last week but at least I didn’t look like I was going grey. Not sure what’s worse?

 4-dry-shampoos-for-fine-hair-style-rarebit-fashion-blogCoLab Original Dry Shampoo

I love this one because a. it’s invisible and b. I’m totally obsessed with anything Ruth Crilly does, she’s amazing. It comes in the nicest packaging too and each one has a different fragrance so they kind of double up as a hair perfume, making it perfect for reviving your locks in between washes. This one has a bergamot and rose scent which is really pretty and works with my regular perfume so it’s become my go to. The formula is also completely transparent so it’s perfect for taking around with you and for touch ups as there’s no risk of stubborn residue. I was also lucky enough to go to the launch party of this a while ago which you can read about here.

Paul Mitchell Dry Wash

This is a new discovery and one of my most used products last year. I don’t know how but it always makes my hair look freshly washed and sucks up the excess oil without drying it out at all. It’s so light and there’s no residue so my hair looks really fresh and is easy to style.

I hope you like these! If you try any of them let me know and leave me your recommendations in the comments box, I’m always up for trying new hair products!



Pixi MakeUp Haul

IMG_3472So recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to chat with Amanda Bell from Pixi, about all things makeup and skincare. She gave me some seriously good advice about what products I should and shouldn’t be using and the main beauty trends for this season.

Pixi is a very natural brand and some of the products are vegan, so it’s perfect for sensitive or troublesome skin. As a brand they celebrate natural beauty and all the products are packed with botanicals and nutrients to enhance your skin.

Starting from the top, the Natural Brow Duo is a 2-in-1 one gel and pencil, which makes sculpting the perfect brows easy. The angled pencil helps you to get amazing definition and the tinted gel holds all your hard work in place. It’s a great makeup bag staple, that would work for anyone, especially if you haven’t used anything for your brows before.

Moving onto the Brow Brightener, this gel is essentially a highlighter for your eyebrows. The expert tip is to sweep this on when you’ve overdrawn them to redefine the hairs, creating a more natural finish.

This last one I’ve been using everyday and I’m in love with it. The Brow Tamer is a lightweight gel that really works to hold your eyebrows in place. It has a lightweight, natural finish and it doesn’t feel drying or crispy like some of the other’s I’ve tried.

This Endless Silky Eye Pen is serious holy grail territory. The formula is beyond incredible. It’s soft, creamy and easy to blend but it’s also really long-lasting. It has amazing colour payoff to, so you don’t have to work at it back and for to get a good result.

A gorgeous finishing touch, the Lengthy Fiber Mascara is perfect for super long and defined lashes. It’s fragrance and paraben free so if, like me, you have sensitive eyes, it’s a perfect choice. You can see the stretch fibers really building your lashes and the brush is gorgeously delicate too.

A bit of a buzz product right now, the Black Lacquer Lash Primer is your first step for building amazing lashes. It plumps protects and strengthens for a perfect base to build your mascara on. I also love that it’s black, white eyelash primers can be such a nightmare and it means you don’t have to worry about covering anything.

How cute is this packaging! I’m in love with the Shea Butter Lip Balm. It’s such a soft, creamy formula and it keeps my lips moisturised long after I’ve used it. Amanda suggested blending this on my cheeks as a blusher too and it works really well.

Lastly the Lip Contour Liner in soft nude. I love that this is twist up as I go through lip liner so quickly and this makes my life so much easier. It’s a really lovely, light weight formula and it’s not heavy or drying on your lips at all. You can use this as a filler for fine lines around the lips too, so it does have a really nourishing, plumping quality that works perfectly under lipstick.

So many beautiful products! I’ve really loved trying these.