Design Work



I got a really sweet response last time I shared an illustration and people asked to see more. So here’s more! This is one from my Pre-Collection project looking at 60s space age. Hope you like it.




jacketSo I didn’t have a post planned for this eve but I thought it might be nice to share a little bit more of my design work. I decided to go with this illustration I did for one of my uni projects as part of my final collection. It’s a mix of line drawing, collage, spray paint and watercolour… a lot going on! I have to say I’m not one of the most confident/ accomplished drawers (is that word?) but I just tried to make sure my illustrations conveyed the themes of my collections as best as I could. Hope you like!



Final Major Project Shoot

I finished University back in the summer but it already feels like a lifetime ago. I did Fashion at UCA and I had a really great three years, met some truly lovely people and learnt an awful lot about sewing… and myself. I’ve spent so much time looking at my work recently and I thought it would be nice to share a little glimpse on StyleRarebit as I haven’t shared any on here yet. These photographs are from my FMP collection which was inspired by old WeeGee photographs and the Folies Bergere in Paris mixed with┬ásome pretty heavy duty embellishment. If you like what you see I have a little more at and I’m always grateful for feedback. Happy viewing!