The Best Coffee Shops In Cardiff


If there’s only one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I’m totally obsessed, probably addicted and very much in love with coffee. I don’t think I’ve gone a single day without a cup since I was about 15, and I don’t plan on doing that soon either. Coffee is just a great excuse to catch up, take some time out or just get out of the house. As it’s such a big thing for me, I thought I would share a few of my favourite coffee shops in Cardiff, incase you wanted to try them out too.


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I love this coffee shop! It’s one of my absolute faves, it’s right in the centre and a great space to work or catch up. They have loads of tables and you have the choice of sitting inside or out in the arcade. It’s also quite dimly light which makes it feel cosy and if you love the coffee you can buy a bag of beans to take home.


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This quirky coffee shop on Queen Street has its own roastery and is perfect if you consider yourself a real coffee connoisseur.  They invited me for a blogger event over Christmas and their chai latte is particularly amazing. They use a special syrup from Jeeves & Jericho that makes it taste absolutely incredible.


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If you’re looking to take Instagram pictures then this is THE best place to go, as it was designed for getting likes. From the leafy wall, to the neon sign and the perfectly decorated doughnuts there are so many picture opportunities it’s unreal. Blanche is also vegan so if you have friends with different requirements it’s an easy place to go.


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This is a favourite of all the bloggers in Cardiff because it’s so Instagrammable outside, think Parisienne vibes. They also do great coffee, fancy milkshakes and food so it covers all bases. I particularly love going for breakfast though as they do the best egg and avocado on toast. It’s also in Castle Arcade, which is stunning as it has all its original features and an upper level with cute shops.


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Hard Lines gives me New York vibes and it’s definitely the coolest and most hipster of all the coffee shops. They have a stall in Cardiff market which is the one I go to the most and their coffee tastes really, really good. They also do a beetroot latte which is bright pink if you wanted to push the boat out.


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If you don’t have time to sit in then the Handlebar Barista will be your go-to guy. This super clever coffee cart is built onto a bike so it moves around the city, which is so perfect if you commute in the morning. As a heads up he’s often outside Queen Street Station!


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I’m so in love with this coffee shop, it’s beautiful inside, has great food and helps to support homeless people in Cardiff. It’s also just off Queen Street, on a really quiet street so it’s nice to get away from the busyness. They do really great cakes if you have a sweet tooth and have a great breakfast and lunch menu, including vegan and gluten free options.

If I’ve missed anywhere make sure to let me know in the comments, I’m always up for discovering new places. Any excuse for a coffee, right?


My New Year’s Resolutions 2019

How is it 2019? I swear it was only yesterday that we were stuck inside thanks to a snow storm but that was all the way back in March. It’s honestly blown my mind how quickly this year has gone and after the craziest month I’m very much ready for a fresh start.

This time last year there were a lot of boring resolutions on my list. Things like saving money, passing my driving test and finally plucking up the courage to get braces. They weren’t exciting but definitely necessary to help me get to where I wanted to be. As great as it was getting them done I really need some more excitement now though and I want this year to be the year I finally get working on some of my bigger ideas.

So with this in mind, I’ve again decided to write down my resolutions in the hope that it will cement them in my brain and I’ll make them happen!

Getting My Shit Together

I’m one of those people that has a new idea everyday but executing them is a challenge as I’m just so damn unorganised. This year I really want to get more of a routine down so that I can make more time to work on creative projects. I’ve bought a diary and I’ve been looking into apps that are good for planning and organisation to make it a little less painful!

Buying A Car

Soo if you know me in real life then you’ll 100% know about the 2 year saga of me learning to drive. It was such a nightmare and after I finally passed I couldn’t think of anything worse than getting back in a car. I have however finally got over it and myself and have started to love driving now that I can sit in the car on my own, haha! So this year I really want to buy my own and stop sharing my mums. I’m guessing that it’s going to be pretty awful considering my budget is £0 but it’ll be nice not to have to get public transport everywhere and to have a little more freedom.

Style Rarebit

I feel like I’ve been saying this for quite some time but my content has taken a bit of a random turn and I really need to get this blog back on track. I think once you start gaining traction as a blogger it’s hard not to get distracted by collaborations that aren’t related to your chosen niche. This has definitely been an issue for me this year and as much I’m really grateful for every opportunity I really want to get back to writing about fashion and personal style over anything else.


I haven’t volunteered since I was in high school and it was compulsory and as much as that’s probably the same for everyone, I feel a little ashamed about it. I think giving back is really important and something that I really want to help with is the homeless community in Cardiff. There are more people on the streets now than ever before and it seems to be a fast growing problem in the city. I’ve been looking into it and I’m going to sign up with one of the local charities this year to do some volunteering at the weekends, which I’m really excited about!


So cliche but I’ve been trying to fit exercise into my routine for so long and I always fail. I’m moving this week though and I’m hoping I’ll be able to walk to work which will make such a big difference. There’s also a really cute park and a pier close by which I can run around so there’s no excuses!

A Plan For The Future

I’ve never been much into planning but am more of a wing it and see how it goes kind of girl. That being said I’ve definitely realised the kind of life I want to live in the future and I really want to start making a concrete plan to help me get there. I know this is super vague but in my head it makes sense and I think taking some time out to explore my options career wise could be really beneficial this year.

And that’s it for my 2019 resolutions! God only knows if I will stick to these but I’m so glad I’ve written them down and have a blog post to refer to. I would love to know if you guys have any too and what your plans are? So let me know in the comments, I’m super nosey. Anyway, here’s to positive vibes and goal getting… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Making Coffee With 200 Degrees


So if you watched the second episode of vlogmas (I’ll pop it at the end of this post if you missed it) then you’ll know that last weekend I went to a blogger event at 200 Degrees. It’s a really cute little coffee shop on Queen Street and I’ve walked passed it so many times but have never been before.

The plan for the day was to try lots of coffee and learn a little more about the process of making it. The craziest thing is that despite drinking it all the time I didn’t actually know that much about it before last Sunday. I definitely didn’t know where it came from, like if it grew on trees? Which it does or that there’s a coffee fruit which apparently tastes like a soft peach. As much as I was embarrassed that I didn’t know this it was beyond fascinating to learn more about it and the history of coffee.


If you haven’t heard of 200 Degrees before it’s a relatively new coffee shop that started in Nottingham. It was founded by two bar owners who bought a coffee roaster for their garage when they couldn’t find a good coffee shop. They grew this into six stores, one of which is in Cardiff and they all have a really cool, rustic vibe. The name 200 Degrees comes from the temperature they roast their coffee at which is slightly lower than other places to give it a smoother taste. Fascinating, right?

We started off the day with the history of coffee and how it goes from bean to cup while trying their cappuccino (yes I’m basic and I love a cappuccino) it was amazing. We also had some cakes and sandwiches made by their chef Rhian which were so delicious and really beautiful. This would definitely be the best spot for a coffee and cake catch up with your friends!


Lastly we got to watch the beans being roasted in the machine which is in the middle of the shop. I’ve only ever seen a coffee shop with a roastery in Berlin but it gives it such a cool vibe and it was really interesting to learn about the process. When the coffee beans come in they’re a light green/grey colour and need to be roasted until they’re brown so that we can drink them. The beans take around 15 minutes to roast and it’s quite a sciency process to make sure they taste good at the end. When the beans come out they smell a lot like toast and it takes around two days for them to mature into the classic coffee taste. It’s crazy to think that all that time and effort goes into each cup!

I also forgot to mention that we tried out their chai latte which Alex recommended and it was insane. Definitely the best I’ve ever tasted and he put it down to the specific syrup they use which you can buy to take home. It’s by a company called Jeeves and Jericho and it’s their Spiced Bombay Chai syrup made with specifically sourced spices. It would make the best Christmas gift and I really need to get some so that I can make my own at home.

I’ve popped some more snaps of the store below but if you want to go and check it out yourself it’s at the end of Queen Street opposite the Capitol shopping centre. Let me know if you go and definitely try out the chai latte!

200-degrees-coffee-cardiff 200-degrees-coffee-cardiff 200-degrees-coffee-cardiff 200-degrees-coffee-cardiff 200-degrees-coffee-cardiff 200-degrees-coffee-cardiff 200-degrees-coffee-cardiff 200-degrees-coffee-cardiff 200-degrees-coffee-cardiff

Afternoon Tea At The Mulberry Bar

style-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorThe Celtic Manor is one of those amazing hotels that feels really special and fancy but manages to make you feel really comfortable and relaxed at the same time. Being a little further out of the city they’ve managed to provide everything for their guests you could ever imagine from a spa, to golf, ice skating and of course a gorgeous spot of afternoon tea, my fave.

Afternoon tea is held in the Mulberry Bar which is just to the right of the main restaurant. It has a bar, chandeliers, little booths and velvet chairs alongside the nicest marble tables that I’m going to have to start hunting for. It’s super glam and the best treat for a birthday or a very extra afternoon with your girlfriends. My Mum’s been really busy recently, as she’s just finished her masters so I thought it would be nice to bring her along with me as it was such a lovely treat.

style-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorWe were sat in the middle of room in these really high velvet chairs and were given a menu full of all the different teas we could choose from. Me, being super boring went for a pot of classic english breakfast but my mum decided to go for their Danish Pastry tea which smelt incredible! I’ve been meaning to track some down for christmas ever since. They had so many different flavours to choose from including chocolate brownie, apple strudel and spiced orange.

style-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorstyle-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorThe first course was probably my favourite and consisted of a verrine of cauliflower cheese in a little cup with a side of welsh rarebit. It tasted absolutely amazing, was really thick and creamy and was just classic autumn food that set the tone for a really cosy afternoon.

style-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorstyle-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorThe next course started with a slate of savoury treats that included roast beef in a Yorkshire pudding, a beetroot macaron with smoked salmon, parmesan shortbread with sundried tomato and pesto, warm leak and pork wellington with London sauce and a selection of classic afternoon tea sandwiches. There was so much food but it was a lovely treat to indulge in everything and try out all the flavours. My favourite was the parmesan shortbread as it was really light and fresh but I thought the macaroons were really clever too.

style-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorstyle-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorstyle-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorNext it was time for some cocktails! There are two on the menu to choose from and they were both designed exclusively for the afternoon tea so it felt really special to get to try them. I went for the Tea Collins which is made with raspberry liquorice, lavender tea, Gordon’s gin, Beefeater gin, sugar syrup and lemon juice. It was a really refreshing cocktail with more of a bitter taste and as I’m a lover of g&t’s it was perfect for me. My mum went for the other cocktail which was called the Jaffa Cake and it’s essentially a jaffa cake in liquid form. It’s made with chase orange gin, marmalade vodka, Cointreau, white cacao liqeur, fresh orange juice and a spoonful of marmalade. The rim of the glass is also dipped in chocolate to create a way more grown up and decadent version of our favourite snack.

style-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorstyle-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorstyle-rarebit-blog-afternoon-tea-at-the-mulberry-bar-celtic-manorThe last course was the most important as it was time for the sweet stuff, cake! They were so pretty and each one was handcrafted into the most beautiful designs that were almost too pretty to eat. Almost. They included an elderflower and champagne delice with strawberry foam and meringue (cute pink ball), candied hazelnut choux puff with vanilla and praline creme, then a green tea, apple and ginger tartlet (this was my favourite!) and lastly a white chocolate and shortbread truffle cake. This is also followed by two scones with jam and cream in classic afternoon tea style. We couldn’t manage these though so we took them home for my little brother and he gave rave reviews.

The afternoon was such a lovely treat and it would make for a special gift, especially as Christmas is coming up. I think it would be perfect to take a group of friends too, there was loads of food and it’s a memorable place to spend a special occasion. I couldn’t be more grateful that I got to try this out and me and my mum absolutely loved it. If we only we could do this everyday eh…


For more information on Afternoon Tea at The Mulberry Bar click here.

Photographs – Sarah Barnes

Boux Avenue Blogger Event & Bra Fitting


Have you ever had a bra fitting? Because up until last week I hadn’t either but gorgeous lingerie brand Boux Avenue really kindly invited me to their Cardiff store to do just that. I went along with some of my favourite welsh bloggers and it was like one big girly night in. It was honestly one of the best events I’ve been to in a really long time, the girls in the store were really sweet, there were drinks, makeup and hair stylists and loads of gorgeous lingerie to try on, so perfect!


I was actually really nervous about the bra fitting part as it’s something I’ve always put off. I think, like a lot of women I would rather guess than get my bra out in front of someone but after last week I so regret not doing it sooner. It was so quick and easy and Liv who helped me with my Boux Avenue bra fit knew so much and gave me a lot of really good advice about what to look out for.

I actually decided to film my bra fit for my YouTube channel (vlog below) because I know how many of us are intimidated and I thought it would be good to show what really happens. I was actually wearing a back size that was two sizes too big and a cup size that was two sizes too small which I was adamant was my size for YEARS. I can’t believe how long I was kidding myself and also how much bigger my boobs look now that I’m finally wearing the right size!


Now that I’ve been once I would definitely go back and pick up some more pieces as it was just such a lovely experience. The bras are so pretty, there are so many different options and trying them on in the french chic style changing rooms felt so glam. They also gave me a discount code for you guys to use in the Cardiff store, CARDIFF10 for £10 off when you spend £50 so there’s even more of an excuse to treat yourself!

boux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blog boux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blogboux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blogboux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blogboux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blog boux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blog boux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blog boux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blog boux-avenue-blogger-event-and-bra-fit-style-rarebit-fashion-blog

I was offered free cellulite treatments twice and I turned them down, here’s why…

topshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebittopshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebitI’m very insecure, always have been and changing my body, in theory, sounds like a dream come true. So you would think after being offered free cellulite treatments as a PR gift it would be my lucky day. But in reality it was just a day that I got really freaked out.

If I’m being super honest then yes, I would love to be pretty. I look at before and after pics all the time and think oh my god a few tucks and I could be like Bella Hadid. It’s so tempting when you see all these celebrities, who are plumped and injectected with every silicone California has to offer. However it doesn’t always go the way you want it too (let’s not even talk about Botched) and for me risking my health just wouldn’t be worth it.

topshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebitThe first time I was offered a treatment it was some kind of fat freezing thing that they wanted to use on my thighs. I was beyond excited when I got the email to have supermodel legs (YASS) but then I started to think about what it would mean for me to promote that on my blog. Plastic surgery is a really personal thing and I wasn’t sure how I felt about sharing something like that. I’ve always been a little insecure of my legs but what if I made someone else insecure by writing this post? It just didn’t feel right and as I wasn’t 100% I decided not to go ahead.

The second time I was offered a ‘non invasive’ treatment for cellulite. This ‘non invasive’ (LOL) treatment involved cutting my skin away from my fat so that it would lay flat and remove the appearance of the bumps. I’ll be honest this time around I was actually considering it and excited at the prospect of having cellulite free legs. Before I replied to the email I thought I should do some research though and holy crap I’m so glad I did.

topshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebittopshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebit I actually found a video a lady had made on YouTube after getting her treatment. From her knees all the way up to the top of her butt she was bruised liked nothing I’d ever seen before. There were painful black and purple marks everywhere and not only that but she had puncture wounds. I ended up finding another article by a journalist who had the treatment too. She said that although her skin was smooth she had to sit on one of those cushions you get when you have piles for MONTHS. All of a sudden my cellulite didn’t look quite so bad.

For something that doesn’t affect my life on a daily basis I just didn’t feel it was worth sitting on a poop cushion at work. Also, if it bugged me that much you’d think I would have tried exercises, creams and potions to tackle the problem first, which I haven’t either. I’ve just sat on it. On a serious note, seeing that woman’s legs made me realise how stupid the Kardashian inspired world we live in can be sometimes. That we would suffer major trauma for the sake of smoother skin for up to 3 years is absolutely insane. I could also tie this in with how infuriated I was at Kim Kardashians reaction to her cellulite pictures. As if the most beautiful women in the world is crying over it, then how are the rest of us supposed to feel?

topshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebitAnother big worry for me was with taking treatments as a PR gift as I wasn’t sure what would happen if something went wrong. If I hadn’t actually paid for my treatment would I still be able to get aftercare? What if I couldn’t afford it? The whole thing just felt super risky.

I’m not saying I’m against this kind of thing, AT ALL and I hope that’s not how this post comes across. I just feel that in a time when surgery is constantly on tv and social media we need to be taking it a lot more seriously. Yes I know, such a bore but if I encourage one woman to think twice or do some more research then I think it’s worth writing.


Top : Topshop

Jeans : Topshop

Sandals : M&S similar here 

Bag : Ebay similar here

Photography : Sarah Barnes

Warrior Women Events: Spiritual Supper Club

warrior-women-events-cardiff-blogLast month I headed to the Warrior Women Events supper club at The Little Man Coffee Co to celebrate and learn about all things spiritual. This months supper club theme was ‘spirituality’ and covered everything from mindfulness, to sound baths and awakenings that was perfect for beginners and zen masters alike.

Warrior Women Events was set up by Amy Holland, the super talented woman behind I Can Cards and Single Parents Wellbeing as a place for women to meet, socialise and listen to incredible speakers on topics that matter to them.

warrior-women-events-cardiff-blogThe first speaker was Anita Davies, who’s life story is nothing short of film worthy. She’s a former judo champion, development officer for Cardiff Institute for the Blind and is currently campaigning to become an AM for the Ogmore constituency. She also has two children and her son is training to compete in the Paralympics for the under 18s wheelchair table tennis team. Anita was born with anaridia, a very rare condition and was registered blind age 3 which makes her achievements even more impressive. Her determination to keep going and achieve her goals was so inspirational and a testament to the fact that you really can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

warrior-women-events-cardiff-blogThe second speaker was Carolyn Coles who is the founder of Innersmile, which offers workshops, events, retreats and individual therapies. This is going to sound weird but I loved her vibe instantly. She was so confident and so self assured in the best way and it was really inspiring to see a woman who just totally owned herself. She spoke about how she found and explored her spirituality openly and honestly and I think for a lot of people in the room it took away any insecurities they might have had about exploring it for themselves.

I’m not sure if this is a story I should tell but something happened after she spoke that I feel has a lot of resonance. Carolyn ended her talk by playing some instruments for us including a gong and bowls (not sure of their real name!) while we sat, eyes shut and just relaxed. I think it’s a similar practise to a sound bath, which I’m now looking into, as it was absolutely amazing! You could literally feel the noise they were making and I’ve never heard anything like it before. While this was happening a very drunk man decided to stand right outside the window behind her and laugh hysterically the entire time. Obviously this is really rude and so disrespectful but the way she handled it was so amazing. Carolyn literally carried on completely oblivious, no matter how loud or obnoxious he was being and stayed completely calm. I feel like this is exactly why spirituality is so important. Think of that drunk guy as all the negativity in your life and just imagine, that like Carolyn you could go on and not let it phase you, bring you down or interrupt your life in any way. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but I felt like that was a big deal.

warrior-women-events-cardiff-blog warrior-women-events-cardiff-blogNext we took a quick break for food which was served by The Vegetarian Studio, an Indian restaurant based in Cardiff. They’ve won 29 food awards including best vegetarian restaurant in Wales and best family dining experience, I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of them before! I’m definitely going there once I get these braces off as the food was so good.

We ended the evening with a mindfulness session lead by Amy and Kamalagita who is a Community Mindfulness Lead for Mindfulness in Action, a film-maker, writer and teacher. Mindfulness is something that I’m really getting into and it’s helped me a lot to find some calm when I’m feeling super stressy. We tried it out at work and I know that it can be a bit daunting at first to just think and zone out but once you get the knack of it you really start to let go and relax. If you want to try it out Kamalagita recommended the HeadSpace app which I’ve used too and is perfect for beginners. She also said that you can practise mindfulness for as long as you like, even if it’s only a few minutes on the train and you’ll still find it beneficial, so there’s no pressure.

warrior-women-events-cardiff-blogI’m so grateful that I made it to this supper club and got to meet such a lovely group of women. Chatting to everyone on my table about why they came really helped to illustrate just how important events like this are. When you’re working, you’re a mum, a business owner or all three it’s so important to take time out and invest in yourself. I would definitely recommend going to the next event! It’s on the 14th of June, the topic is Intellectual and the guest speakers include Aimee Bateman the CEO of Career Cake, transformational coach Carrie Jones and female rights campaigner Sarah Rees.

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Advice For Bloggers Who Work Full Time

style-rarebit-cardiff-fashion-blog-Advice-For-Bloggers-Who-Work-Full-TimeFor the past three years I’ve been blogging and working side by side and although I’m not the most consistent I’ve managed to make it work for me and to grow my platform. I always get asked how I find the time and from the outside I guess it looks like a lot of work, on top of already going to work. The thing is, when you love something and it’s your fave hobby it’s really easy to make time. You just have to remember not to put pressure on it! I’ve been chatting about this with a few people recently and I thought it might be useful to share some of the tips that have really helped me out.

Take advantage of creativity: It goes without saying that I’m not always in the mood to work on my blog. There are days when I’ll get 100 ideas and other days where I just run out of juice but that’s totally normal. What I’ve found really helpful though is making the most of the good days and just getting all those ideas written down. Even if you roughly start a post it’s great to have an idea to come back to, rather than starting from nothing when you’re feeling uninspired.

Get a rough schedule: It definitely helps me to have a rough goal of how many posts I want to get up each week. I normally aim for two blog posts and to upload one picture on Insta everyday as I feel like that’s achievable. Being clearer about how often you want to post will make it easier to plan your time and get organised when it comes to blogging.

Get a bank of pics: I’ve milked my Berlin pictures so much but it’s actually been crazy useful to have them to fall back on. If you’re going on holiday or have a shoot planned try and make the most of your time and get as many snaps as possible. You can always go back to them in a few weeks but it’s worth having a back up for when you don’t have time to get out and take pics.


Never compare yourself: I have no doubt that if I was working on this blog full time it would be a completely different platform. When there are so many bloggers with the best cameras and the most expensive bags, who do this as their main job it can be really hard not to feel deflated. You just need to remind yourself (very regularly if you’re like me) that your blog is your space and as long as you’re enjoying it, then it really doesn’t matter what other people think or what they’re doing.

Ask your friends for pics: If you’re out with your friends or fam and you like what you’re wearing then just ask them to take some quick snaps. It might seem a bit awkward but the more pictures you take the less cringe you’ll feel, promise!

Don’t be hard on yourself!: If you don’t post, don’t stress about it. That’s literally the worst thing you can do because you’ll start to feel like it’s a chore. Just take some time, live your life and come back to your blog when you’re inspired and ready to write.

I hope you found these tips useful and are feeling a little less stressed about fitting in time to blog. If you have any advice of your own pop it in the comments, I would love to hear what works for you guys!





Lush Spa Cardiff Blogger Event



This is going to sound so lame but being invited to a Lush event made me feel like I’m officially a blogger…

Lush is the brand most associated with blogging, in my opinion anyways and I remember one of the first YouTube videos I ever watched was a Zoella lush haul. It doesn’t take long to understand why either as the packaging, cool names and beautiful stores are all Instagram picture perfect.

I’m going to be honest and say that for a long time I didn’t think Lush was for me and from a distance I thought it was literally just gimmicky bath bombs and not much else. I was SOOOO wrong though. Lush is actually pretty revolutionary in terms of their ingredients and products and the fact that it’s completely vegetarian, ethical, anti-animal testing and all handmade makes it even more amazing.

The new Lush Spa in Cardiff is probably the best place to go and try out the brand too. The shop is insane and has every kind of product, even perfume which I was so surprised at! The staff in there are also amazing and I honestly don’t know how the girl showing me around could remember so much. It was like having my own personal dermatologist for an hour.

lush-spa-cardiff lush-spa-cardiff  lush-spa-cardiff lush-spa-cardiff

The best part of the night was going up to the spa. It was like being at an exclusive country retreat…


I’ve never seen a spa like this before! It looks so homely and it feels really welcoming rather than clean and clinical. This vibe actually makes it a lot less intimidating. Some spas are so white washed it’s overwhelming but the warm colour scheme and county furniture make you feel instantly relaxed.

They showed us around the main ‘living room’ area first where you can have a hand or head massage and pick the oils and balms for your treatment. We then went into the treatment room with two beds (if you want to make it a gals trip!) and a bath. I need to find out what that treatment is because when in your life does anyone else run you a bath?!?! So worth paying for.

I think the Spa experiences are a little pricey but definitely worth it. I’ll pop the link to the shop page here so you can find out more on that. The best thing about it though? It’s totally sound proof. So you can really escape the city without even having to leave the city!





Looking after my adult braces with Brushbox


So a few weeks ago I took the plunge and did something I’ve been dreaming of doing for about 3 years. I got adult braces. Yes, I did have braces as a teenager but no I didn’t wear my retainer (sorry mum) and my bottom teeth had snapped right back to messy. It wasn’t a decision I took lightly and I actually went to see about 3 dentists before making it happen but I’m so glad it’s done.

I’m now a month into my treatment which will last about 6 months and having to seriously step up my oral hygiene routine as sorry to be gross, but pretty much everything I eat gets stuck in them! It was amazing that at the same time I had an email from BrushBox asking if I wanted to try out their subscription service. Serendipity is real people!


Brushbox is basically like Birchbox but for your teeth, such an amazing idea right?! They send you a tooth brush, tooth paste, tongue scrubber and floss every month to keep your teeth super fresh and your bathroom cabinet topped up. And yes you should be using all of these things! You can also change up what you want, so just a tooth brush or the whole package and for up to 4 people.  I’m just excited at the prospect of never running out of toothpaste again! Especially for as little as £2.50 a month, there’s no excuse not to sign up.

My favourite thing of all has to be the bamboo tooth brush, it looks and feels so chic and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that aesthetically pleasing down the toothpaste isle at Boots. As I’m having to brush my teeth so much more now it’s really lovely to have luxurious feeling products to use that work for me. I think for anyone who wants to improve their oral hygiene and keep their teeth in good shape this box is a must.

brushbox-subscription-review-3 The lovely gals at Brushbox have given me a code for you guys to use too,  if you fancy signing up! It’s for 50% off your first month which is amazing, just enter CHRISTY50 at the checkout.