How To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

how-to-make-your-nail-polish-last-longer-style-rarebit-beauty-blogIf there’s one thing I wish I could have all the time it’s perfect nails. There’s nothing like fresh polish to make you look like you have it together, but it’s the one beauty thing that I just can’t keep up with. I find that as soon as I paint them they’re chipped again but I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m making some simple mistakes.

Last week nail polish brand Mavala invited me to their pop up shop for a manicure, to celebrate their 60th birthday. I felt like this would be the perfect opportunity to ask them a few questions about making your nail polish last longer. Turns out my manicurist Katie had loads of tips and I can safely say my manicure is still intact and I’m writing this post three days later.

how-to-make-your-nail-polish-last-longer-style-rarebit-beauty-blogIt’s all in the prep

This weirded me out a little bit but apparently your nails are pretty oily, so you’ll need to clean them before you apply your polish. This is because the oil can form a barrier between your nail and the polish which will make it way more prone to chipping. You can do this with some nail polish remover or warm water on a cotton pad before you start your manicure.

Always use a base and top coat

Yes, this one is so obvious, but do you actually do it? I’ve skipped the base coat so many times, only to find that it does make a big difference in how long my polish lasts. Mavala have a specific base coat which dries slightly sticky so that it holds onto the nail polish. The same goes for applying a top coat, as it will help to protect your nail varnish and will be an extra barrier against chips.


Cover the tips of your nails in top coat

When you apply your top coat you want to cover the tip of your nail as this is where chips are most likely to happen. You can turn your brush on the side for this and you need to make sure that you run it all the way across the top of your nail, so that it’s fully covered. This is such an easy step but it’ll make a big difference in protecting your polish.

Use a nail hardener

If you’re like me and have pealing nails then you’ll know how difficult it is to preserve your manicure. Weak nails are more prone to splitting and chipping, so you need them to be in the best condition possible if you want your polish to last. Katie applied the Mavala Scientifique K+ to my nails before my manicure which helps to harden and reinforce them so that they’re a lot stronger.


I hope you guys find these hacks really useful and that they’ll help you to hold onto your fresh nail polish for longer. I love my nails so much and I went for the accent ring finger that I think is such a cool look. I’ll also put a link to all of Mavala’s shades here incase you wanted to pick one up!


The Marine Spa At St. David’s Hotel


So a few weeks ago I turned 27 and not only was I stressing about getting old but also that I didn’t have any plans. I had booked some time off, but as it was a Tuesday I was pretty sure everyone else would be at work. So it was the luckiest coincidence that St. David’s Hotel reached out about reviewing their Marine Spa and totally saved me from a boring birthday.

The spa has been ranked one of the top 5 in the UK by Condé Nast Traveller, so I knew it was going to be amazing. I was also excited because I really love the hotel, the decor is beautiful and it has some of the best views over Cardiff Bay. I highly recommend grabbing a drink at the bar and sitting on the balcony if you don’t believe me!

As part of my day the team booked me in for a facial at 2pm so I decided to head to the pool for a few hours before, to make the most of my day pass. When I got to the front desk the girls gave me a key for my locker which was stocked up with my robe, towels, flip flops and some skincare goodies from the spa. How amazing is that? It was such a nice touch and it made me feel really welcome right from the get-go. It’s that insane attention to detail, from the moment you get there that makes the whole experience really special.


You need to try the hydrotherapy pools…

Once I was ready and feeling super glam in my spa dressing gown, I hit the pool. It’s in the most gorgeous location, right on the top of the hotel and overlooking the bay. There are two hydrotherapy pools, as well as an exercise pool and a sauna, alongside loads of lounge chairs for ultimate relaxation. I decided to head to the hydrotherapy pool with the fountains first as it had the best views. The water in these pools has been treated to replicate seawater so it’s rich in minerals and sea salts. These are really beneficial to your skin and help to plump, hydrate and detoxify while you relax. So not only do you feel better when you get out but you look amazing too.

You can literally lay in the hydrotherapy pool and watch the boats sail by, it’s like a movie and so relaxing. The way the two pools are laid out there’s loads of room too and plenty of privacy, so you don’t feel like you have to wait for a space. My favourite spot was in the main pool at the end as the seats are way bigger, you can lay down and totally relax. It was so peaceful and it was lovely to have a swim or just sit in the bubbles for a few hours and think about nothing.

After I was feeling totally zen, I decided to hit the sauna to give my skin a boost. There was loads of room which is perfect as I love laying down and letting the dry heat work its magic. It’s great for rejuvenating your skin and perfect if you’ve been to the gym as it’ll relax your muscles, ease joint pain and improve blood flow.


What treatment did you go for?

They have 10 treatment rooms upstairs, a relaxation room and spots to get your nails done for a total body pamper. I was booked in for the Ishga facial with a super relaxing neck and shoulder massage followed by a facial using their organic seaweed based products. The Ishga brand was actually founded in Scotland by a husband and wife team. They use organic seaweed to make skincare products which harness the anti-oxidant and healing powers of the seaweed. I was so excited to try this as I love discovering new brands and it was a great introduction.

My facial was amazing, the products were really gentle on my skin and it even included the mask where they pour the product onto your face. The products were mainly oil based and as my skin was quite dry it was a total godsend. My favourites in particular were the Regenerating Organic Face Serum and the Nourishing Facial Oil which you could easily work into your skincare routine. 


I need to go back…

This day was such a nice treat and it made me realise how important it is to take a break from reality. I’m actually thinking of becoming a member, as it’s really close to the office and would be a great way to unwind after a long day. If you’re feeling the same and would love a pamper then you can check out their spa menu here for a full list of treatments. It was a great experience and I’m so grateful, what a birthday to remember!


New In: Pixi Beauty Eye Reflections Shadow Palette

style-rarebit-blog-pixi-beauty-eye-shadow-palettes (

Makeup is something that I’m getting into more and more, especially eyeshadow! As much as a smokey eye used to really intimidate me, thanks to YouTube I’m getting way more confident with colour and have really started falling in love with eyeshadow. It’s also a good job because this month Pixi Beauty sent me their new Eye Reflections Shadow Palettes to test out and they’re just as gorgeous as expected.

These are great palettes for beginners like me and with 12 shades in each one you can create a ton of different looks. What I instantly loved about the palettes is that the shades are really wearable and there aren’t any wacky ones that you’ll never use. They’re also made of mineral powder so they’re easy to blend which makes it so much easier to create a smokey look. Both of the palettes include matte and shimmer shades too that you can mix to create a 3D effect on your lid.


There are 3 different Eye Reflections Shadow Palettes but they sent me the Reflex Light and Natural Beauty shades which are both really wearable. The palette on the left is Reflex Light which is a mix of light, shimmery nudes and deep browns that are perfect for green eyes. The other palette, Natural Beauty is a mix of warmer tones with golden yellows, reds and browns that are way more summery. All the powders have a glossy, buttery finish and look dewy and fresh on the skin without drying out.

style-rarebit-blog-pixi-beauty-eye-shadow-palettes (As well as the Eye Reflections Shadow Palettes, Pixi included a gorgeous brush set in my PR package to create some looks with. I can’t find a link to this set anywhere but they have some great brushes on their website here. The bristles are really soft and I always think it’s worth investing in your brushes to get the best application.

To create the look for the main picture of this post I used the shade Auburn Blaze (middle, third row) all over my lid and then popped Gold Foil (top right) in the centre. I think creating a smokey eye with two shades is so much easier and I loved the mix of terracotta with a golden yellow. I would love to know what you guys think of these palettes in the comments and if you have any questions just let me know!

style-rarebit-blog-pixi-beauty-eye-shadow-palettesstyle-rarebit-blog-pixi-beauty-eye-shadow-palettes (

Shop Here

Eye Reflections Shadow Palettes £24


How To Get Glowy Skin


You know how glowy and fresh your skin looks after a facial? That’s exactly what I aim for after doing these steps. Glowy skin is the epitome of beauty goals and achieving that fresh, dewy look is important if you want to pretend like you drink 2 liters of water a day and get eight hours sleep. Because honestly, who actually does that??


Exfoliating is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get glowy skin. This is because it speeds up the skin shedding process to remove dead cells and product buildup that’s clogging your pores. You can use a traditional exfoliator for this but I prefer to use a liquid/chemical one and my favourite is the Pixi Glow Tonic. It uses glycolic acid to exfoliate your skin and ginseng to improve circulation. It also has a huge cult following so you know it’s good and there’s no need to wash your face afterwards so it’s hassle free.


Dry skin will never look glowy so it’s really important that you’re regularly moisturising in the winter. It’s best to moisturise everyday, especially in the morning if your skin is looking a little dull. My go-to at the moment is the Vichy Mineral 89 Serum which is a gel based moisturiser. It’s really light but the effects last all day and it absorbs really quickly so it’s perfect under makeup.

how-to-fake-glowy-skinUse A Mask

If your skin is looking really dull and you need a quick fix then it’s definitely worth investing in a mask. I always keep a few sheet masks in my skincare stash in case of emergencies and I find they’re the best at de-puffing and making your skin look dewy. I have a few favourites that I always go back to including the Garnier Moisture Bomb which is REALLY hydrating, the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Sheet Mask which is basically an instant facial and also her Goddess Skin Clay Mask which brightens, tightens and reduces your pores.


Fake it till you make it honey and by fake it, I mean using a TON of highlighter. I remember at uni I went through several bottles of Benefit’s High Beam trying to hide how exhausted I was! Highlighters have come an awful long way since then though, so there’s really no excuse not to have one for emergencies. I was recently sent two from Topshop beauty and I’ve been really loving them for a quick fix. The first is their Glow Powder highlighter in Solstice which you can sweep over your cheek bones using a fan brush and the second is their liquid highlighter in Blaze which you can either dab on top of your makeup or mix into your foundation for a more serious glow.

how-to-fake-glowy-skinDrink Loads Of Water

I know it’s really obvious but this is the one thing that will help above all else. I always notice how dull my skin looks when I’m not drinking as much water, so if you know you need to look fresh tomorrow then get drinking. Water also helps to flush out toxins which is good for beating blemishes so it’s definitely worth it. Something that really helps with this is getting a water bottle, that way you can carry it around with you everywhere you go. There are loads of cute ones in Homesense if you’re on a budget but I’m currently coveting a fancy one from S’well.

how-to-fake-glowy-skinTry Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Balm

I’ve been using this for so long and as you can tell by how battered the bottle is, I really love this product! It gives you an instant supermodel glow and if I could afford to, I would cover my whole body in it. It’s not as glowy as a highlighter but is way more natural so I either apply it all over my face before makeup or mix it in with my foundation. It’s honestly worth the crazy price tag and it’s the absolute best thing to revive your skin.

how-to-fake-glowy-skinBronze & Blush

So, if all else fails or if you’ve simply run out of time then the quickest way to look more glowy is to bronze and blush. Even if you’re having a bad skin day it’s amazing how much difference a flush across the cheeks can make. Just start by using your bronzer on the high points of your face where the sun would naturally hit you and then use your blush to add a rosy glow to your cheeks.

These tips are so simple but they really help me when I’m feeling tired or when my skin needs a pick me up. These products are also cult classics so they’re worth investing in and will last you forever as they’re such good quality. If you liked this post i’ve also written one on the Pixi Beauty Toners which is worth a read if you love skincare. Beauty Gift Guide


Honestly, how is it December?

It feels like yesterday that we were trying to get through January and then all of a sudden 2018 has nearly disappeared. If you’re anything like me then you’ve likely been putting off Christmas shopping until the last minute and still have 20 people to buy for… eek! Which is why a good old fashion gift guide is definitely necessary. This week the lovely people at have sent me some of their best Christmas gift ideas and I’m so excited to share them with you. There’s something here for everyone and a few extra special products that I know you’re going to love.


If she’s beauty obsessed…

I don’t know a single girl on the planet who doesn’t love an Urban Decay palette and their new Naked Cherry edition is no exception. It has the prettiest mix of warm pinks and shimmery shades that are highly pigmented and buttery soft. The packaging is also really beautiful and includes a compact mirror and brush so that it’s really easy to create eye looks on the go. These shades are also particularly flattering on green or brown eyes so this is definitely something to consider if you’re still not sure!  

escentual-christmas-gift-guide-2018-style-rarebit-blog escentual-christmas-gift-guide-2018-style-rarebit-blog If she loves fragrance and killer heels…

If her shoe cupboard resembles the footwear department at Selfridges then it’s likely she loves all things Jimmy Choo! So, for something just as special as a new pair of heels the Fever fragrance would be perfect for her. It’s an oriental scent with top notes of lychee, plum and grapefruit, a heart of warm vanilla orchid and a base note of roasted tonka bean and sandalwood.  It’s a sweet and musky scent that’s perfect for any girly girl who loves getting dressed up. 


If she wouldn’t leave the house without lipstick….

I’ve been a huge fan of the brand Guerlain since I was a teenager not just because of their amazing makeup but for their packaging and branding. Just google their Champs-Élysées store in Paris and you’ll see what I mean… They’ve recently come up with a really good idea of refillable lipsticks to match with limited edition cases that would make a really special gift. The Rouge G Lipstick Case in Electric Gold is particularly Christmassy and paired with the Rouge G Lipstick Refill in No°22 Bright Red will create an instant classic that she’ll cherish forever.


If she’s a workaholic…

Vichy’s Mineral 89 Serum is perfect for anyone who takes the early commute to the office and needs something that will seamlessly fit into their skincare routine. It’s made with the highest concentration of their mineralising water and hyaluronic acid to plump up and freshen her skin while creating a barrier to protect from pollution. It’s also fast absorbing and won’t leave a sticky residue so she can apply her everyday makeup over the top really quickly.

 escentual-christmas-gift-guide-2018-style-rarebit-blog escentual-christmas-gift-guide-2018-style-rarebit-blog

If she loves a glam makeup look… 

If you’re wondering why that shimmer is sooooo shimmery it’s because the Make Up Forever Star Lit Diamond Powder is made with pure mother of pearl. Not even kidding! This is a highlighter that packs a major punch and is perfect for anyone who loves to go all out with their makeup. This pot is in the shade 106 – Grenny White and is probably the most versatile of the all shades as you can put it over the top of any eye shadow colour. You might want to pick her up a bottle of the Aqua Seal Waterproof Liquid Converter too so that she can waterproof the powder for maximum staying power.


If she travels a lot…

The worst part about travelling is trying to cram all your beauty products in with the truck load of shoes you need to get through a two day trip. Just me? So if you’re buying for someone who loves travelling it’s a good shout to pick her up something that’s multifunctional. The Ace That Face! Conceal, Contour, Bronze & Highlight Palette by Benefit would be perfect. It has everything she needs to get a flawless base but is small enough to fit in her luggage without taking up too much room. It includes their cult classic products the Boi-ing concealer, Watt’s Up! Highlighter and Hoola bronzer as well as a really useful step by step guide for applying all the products. 


If you’re shopping for him…

Men’s fragrance can be tricky to navigate, especially when you’re not sure on their taste or are trying to avoid anything too heavy. We see you Old Spice… So if you want something special that’s also fresh and wearable then the Dunhill London Century Eau de Parfum Spray would be a great option. It’s a fresh and spicy fragrance with top notes of citrus and mandarin, a heart of cardamom and neroli and a base of sandalwood and musk. This makes for the perfect balance of fresh and masculine without being too overpowering and the bottle definitely makes for a gorgeous gift too.


If she needs a pamper…

If you haven’t heard of Nuxe before it’s one of the best french skincare brands and their signature dry oil is a cult classic. This gorgeous gift box would be a great introduction to the brand and perfect for anyone in need of a pamper night in. It has everything she needs to get really glowy skin including a huge bottle of their Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil Spray, their scented shower oil, 48hr moisturising cream and a candle to add to the experience. The box is also really beautiful and would make a great gift for someone you really want to treat this Christmas.


If you’re as unorganised as me then I hope you found this gift guide useful. I can’t believe how close we are to Christmas but I’m also really excited to take some time off and spend it in my pyjamas! I hope you all have the best day and leave me a comment if you pick up anything from this guide. I would love to know what you guys think…

New In: Topshop Beauty


Soo, it’s been a little while and this post is way overdue but I’m happy to say that I’ve finally found some time to get writing! I have a lot to catch you guys up on including some cool blogger events like the launch of the new Topshop Beauty range. I’ve never tried anything from Topshop before so it was really exciting to get an invite. They’re new products are gorgeous and way more sophisticated than I thought they would be.

Topshop started phasing out their old products at the beginning of this year so that last month they could relaunch with a completely new vibe. The packaging has been redesigned, the products have been reformulated to last a lot longer and the whole range is completely cruelty free. It’s also a lot more sophisticated with super sleek packaging and makeup that’s wearable rather than bright and gimmicky.


As per usual I had zero willpower and picked up a few new pieces that I fell in love with. The first thing I chose was the Glow Powder Highlighter in the shade Solstice which is a really warm, glowy colour that I way prefer to white highlighters. Next I went for the Longwear Lip Pencil in Perimeter because a gal can never have too many and lastly the Matte Bronzing Powder in Mohawk because I’m running out of my Clinique one. It all came to around £40 which was so reasonable for three products and they’re all really long lasting and easy to use.

The biggest surprise about the new Topshop Beauty range is the quality and the packaging of the products, they feel really luxe and the formulas are amazing. They remind me of the Victoria Beckham collaboration with Estée Lauder and I feel like for the price they look way more expensive. There’s nothing better than a makeup brand that feels special but doesn’t cost a fortune and it’s the best way to treat yourself when you don’t want to spend loads! I’ll definitely be picking up some more pieces soon…

topshop-beauty-haul-review-style-rarebit-blog topshop-beauty-haul-review-style-rarebit-blogtopshop-beauty-haul-review-style-rarebit-blogtopshop-beauty-haul-review-style-rarebit-blog topshop-beauty-haul-review-style-rarebit-blogtopshop-beauty-haul-review-style-rarebit-blog topshop-beauty-haul-review-style-rarebit-blog topshop-beauty-haul-review-style-rarebit-blog topshop-beauty-haul-review-style-rarebit-blog

Everything You Need To Know About The Pixi Beauty Toners

pixi-beauty-toners-style-rarebit-fashion-blogOk, ok so I can’t believe I’m actually admitting this but for the first time ever I tried Pixi’s Glow Tonic this month. The shame I feel is real guys and as a self confessed skincare junkie I honestly have no excuse for not trying it sooner. Getting it in a blogger package was REALLY special though and I feel like the luckiest girl ever that I got to try all three of the Pixi toners in one go.

Rather than just writing my thoughts on them though I thought it would be WAY more useful to fill you guys in on each one in more detail. Skincare is bloody confusing as it is so I’m going to give you the main benefits and some quick tips to help you pick the right one for you.

How do you apply them?

Before we get into it I thought it might be good to squeeze this in just in case! To apply the Pixi toners I would blot them onto a cotton pad and then sweep them over your face, neck and chest. I also saw on the website that you should use around a 10p size worth of product.


The Rose Tonic

What is it: So I did a little research and figured out that the Rose Tonic is a rose hydrosol based toner which means the rose oil is suspended in water. This makes it really light and gentle so it’s great for hydrating your skin and calming any redness. The Rose Tonic also helps to balance pH levels and gently remove impurities to leave you with a clear and super refreshed complexion.

Main benefits: This is great for gently hydrating your skin while removing excess oil and dirt.

Pro tips: Rose water helps to remove excess oil so apply it before makeup to your t-zone for a mattifying effect.

When to use it: You can use this both in the morning and the evening but I prefer using it before applying my makeup in the morning. I just find that it calms any redness and preps my skin really well for foundation because it balances the oil levels.


The Glow Tonic

What is it: This is Pixi’s most well know product so it’s likely you’ve already heard of it but I’ll fill you in on what it’s for anyway. The Glow Tonic is a liquid exfoliator with the main ingredient being glycolic acid which helps to remove dead skin cells, treat discolouration and defend against early signs of ageing.  The formula also includes aloe vera, ginseng and horse chestnut to gently hydrate and improve circulation for a super glowy finish.

Main benefits: The Glow Tonic is perfect for everyday exfoliation to keep your skin looking fresh and glowy. Glycolic acid can help to reduce pigmentation over time too and reduce acne scarring.

Pro tips: You can use the Glow Tonic on your lips to gently exfoliate them if they’re really dry and on your elbows and knees to prep for fake tan application.

When to use it: You can use this both in the morning and the evening but I personally use it at night.

pixi-beauty-toners-style-rarebit-fashion-blogThe Retinol Tonic

What is it: Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A which is really good at reversing sun damage and signs of ageing. That’s why there’s such a buzz around it right now! Pixi’s version is also a time release retinol so it’s way less harsh and perfect for beginners.

Main benefits: Retinol is amazing at reducing fine lines, smoothing your complexion and boosting collagen production to firm your skin.

Pro tips: Use sunscreen in the day and retinol in the evening to banish wrinkles and give yourself a flawless complexion.

When to use it: Retinol breaks down when it’s exposed to the sun so it’s best to apply this in the evening after cleansing.


I hope you loved this post and found it really useful! For more skincare click here.

How To Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage With Neuro Style


Paul Mitchell’s Neuro Range with HeatCTRL

If your hair is as unruly as mine then you’ll know that skipping the straighteners is a way easier thing to say than actually do. To be honest I’m looking at my annoying cowlick right now and thinking it could do with a clamp down at 185° to pull it back into line.

If you’re heat styling as much as me though you definitely need to use a protector to help prevent damage, otherwise you could find your hair getting really dry or even worse snapping off. This is why I was so excited about the #stylingsociety delivery this month as it was full of Paul Mitchell’s Neuro range which is specifically for protecting your hair against heat. It features their HeatCTRL technology which is heat activated and helps to protect your hair while holding your style in place for longer.

I’ve been trying it out for a few weeks now and I really love these products so I thought I would show you my step by step routine. Once I started using them and prepping my hair properly for styling I noticed a huge change in the health of my hair so it’s definitely been worth making the switch. Here’s what you need to do…

heat-protect-paul-mitchell-neuro-review--style-rarebit-fashion-blogStep 1 – Shampoo and Conditioner

I need to start by saying that this is the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used for calming my frizzy hair. It felt so soft after getting out of the shower and way less dry than usual so I would definitely recommend it if your hair is on the wild side.

I start my routine with the Neuro Lather Shampoo which is really gentle and doesn’t strip my hair of too much oil. This is important as dry hair can be way more prone to heat damage so if you’re styling you don’t want to use anything too harsh. I also like to keep this concentrated at my roots and try not to wash the ends of my hair too much to keep them hydrated. I follow this with the Neuro Rinse Conditioner which I love as it’s really thick and creamy. I like to leave this on for around 10 minutes so that it really sinks into my hair and then I rinse it off but sometimes I repeat this step if my ends are looking really dry.

heat-protect-paul-mitchell-neuro-review--style-rarebit-fashion-blogStep 2 – Blowout Primer

Once I’m out of the shower I then prep my hair for blowdrying with the Neuro Blowout Primer which is a really thick styling balm. I find this is good at smoothing down my hair so that there are less flyaways and it makes it a lot more manageable. This is also a really heavy duty heat protectant which is perfect for blowdrying!

heat-protect-paul-mitchell-neuro-review--style-rarebit-fashion-blog Step 3 – Blow Dry

To blow dry my hair I use the Neuro Round Brush as it’s the best size for getting that healthy, bouncy look and the rubber handle makes it really easy to use. The vents on the brush also help to distribute the heat more evenly through your hair to speed up the process which is perfect if you’re in a rush or find it really tedious.

heat-protect-paul-mitchell-neuro-review--style-rarebit-fashion-blog Step 4 – Ion Hairspray

Before straightening or curling my hair I prep it with the Neuro Protect Ion Hairspray as it’s a heat protectant but also provides loads of hold. I normally apply this in sections as I’m styling my hair and I find that it makes curls especially last way longer than usual. It’s also just really convenient in a spray bottle and I like this for a quick top up when I need to restyle in between washes.

And that’s my heat protect styling routine complete! If you have any tips of your own or have tried out any of these products then let me know in the comments below. You can also click here for more haircare tips and my fave styling products.

The Acne Fighting Bubble Mask You Need To Try Out

7th-heaven-bubble-sheet-mask-review-style-rarebit-blogLast week I was sent the 7th Heaven Charcoal Detox Bubble Mask to review and to say I was intrigued was definitely an understatement. I LOVE face masks (if you watch my insta stories you’ll definitely know that already) but I’ve actually never tried a bubble mask before. This one is a little bit different though because it doesn’t come out of a pot it’s a sheet mask. Weird right? Which made me even more excited to try it.

As you can see from the pics this isn’t the most flattering face mask ever but what it lacks in good looks it makes up for in good ingredients. As soon as it arrived I had to put it to the test and have popped my thoughts below incase you wanted to try it out.


What it promises

The main ingredient in the 7th Heaven Charcoal Detox Bubble Mask is charcoal, which is the best ingredient for cleansing your pores and removing any excess oil that can lead to spots. It’s used in lots of acne fighting products and paired with the bubble effect of this mask it can really dig deep into your skin for a much clearer and fresher complexion. The mask also includes Star Anise which is a natural antioxidant that will help to soothe any breakouts and fight spot causing bacteria. It’s also good for making your skin look really glowy and fresh, which is always a good thing!


Easy to use?

There’s way more product on this mask compared to any other sheet mask I’ve tried and it’s quite hard to open without it getting everywhere. Once you’ve unfolded it though it’s super simple to line up and press onto your skin and it doesn’t slide around at all. In fact because there was so much product it held on really well, especially under my chin so my whole face could benefit from the mask. Once it’s on you just leave it for 5-10 minutes before pealing it off so it’s a really easy process altogether.


How does it feel?

I wasn’t sure what to expect but in terms of how it felt there wasn’t any tingling or stinging at all. The mask was really light and it felt gentle on my skin so I could barely feel it working. I also couldn’t feel it bubbling but I could hear it and it’s quite relaxing which is perfect if you’re having a pamper eve.

7th-heaven-bubble-sheet-mask-review-style-rarebit-blogHow did my skin look?

When I took the mask off my skin looked really dewy and fresh and it really helped to brighten my complexion. I also noticed that the skin in my t-zone looked a lot clearer and it helped to take down some redness I had from breakouts. I actually think this would be a good pick me up before a night out or a special occasion as my skin was so clear it gave me a good base for applying makeup.

7th-heaven-bubble-sheet-mask-review-style-rarebit-blogThe day after

For the sake of being really honest I wanted to mention that I did get a little spot on my nose the day after using this mask. I’m guessing that this is because the charcoal helped to draw out some of the junk that was deep in my pores so it’s definitely not a bad thing. I think that’s something to be careful of though whenever you use skin clearing products, especially if you have something planned the next day!

Tried this out? Let me know your thoughts and mask recommendations below, I’m always up for testing new skin care…

7th Heaven Charcoal Detox Bubble Mask

6 Benefits Of Using Paul Mitchell’s Marula Oil


Paul Mitchell’s cold pressed Marula Oil range has fast become my favourite for it’s amazing hair benefits and gorgeous packaging.  If you haven’t heard of Marula Oil before here is a little background. The oil is harvested from the nut of the Marula Tree which is farmed in southern and eastern Africa. It was traditionally used as skincare but it actually has amazing benefits for your hair too and has been proven to make it stronger and healthier.

After falling in love with the range I thought it would be cool to share the 6 main benefits of using Paul Mitchell’s Marula Oil, along with some cute pics.

1. Instantly silky hair

Marula Oil is very rich in fatty acids including omega 6 and 9 which sink into your strands to provide a serious boost of moisture. It also makes your hair 80% shinier than normal and provides 60% more antioxidants than Argan oil to keep your hair looking good.

paul-mitchell-marula-oil-benefits-blog-review-12. Say goodbye to split ends

Studies have shown that Marula Oil improves the condition of your hair and reduces split ends by 80% making your locks healthier and stronger.

3. It’s lightweight

Unlike a lot of natural oils, Marula is really light because of it’s molecular structure so it won’t weigh down your hair, making it perfect for finer hair types. It’s also great to use as a deep treatment if you have a dry scalp. You just need to work it in once a week to keep your skin nourished.

4. It’s amazing at fighting frizz

As it’s so moisturising and really sinks into your hair it’s amazing at preventing frizz and keeping your locks under control. I like to use it through the lengths of my hair and I find it really helps to keep it looking smoother for longer.


5. It’s also great for your skin

You can also use Marula Oil on your skin as it has antimicrobial properties which help to fight acne causing bacteria. It may sound really crazy to put oil on spot prone skin but it actually works. This is because the molecules in Marula Oil are way smaller and much closer in consistency to the oil your skin produces naturally so it’s non carcinogenic and won’t clog your pores.

6. Girl power

Paul Mitchell’s Marula Oil has created 7,000 fair paying, sustainable jobs for women in Africa and if that isn’t enough of a reason to put it on your hair I don’t know what is.

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