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My New Favourite Accessory | A Unique Wood Watch by JORD

jord-unique-wood-watches-style-rarebit-fashion-blogSo watches, for me, are a very new obsession but something that I’ve started getting more and more into since meeting my boyfriend. Before I met him I only had one watch in my collection but it’s grown to be a lot bigger and the most recent piece is really special.


Jord is a brand I’ve heard about a lot through other bloggers so when they reached out about collaborating on a competition I was really excited. Their unique wood watches really stand out and I love that they’re creating something totally different with a material that isn’t normally associated with timepieces.

The watch I’m wearing in this post is from their Cassia series which is inspired by vintage timepieces, as you can tell by the roman numerals around the face. What I particularly love about it is that the glass is domed and the face is concave which makes it look pearlescent when it reflects the light, which is really pretty. I also liked the Cassia because it looks more like a piece of jewellery. The dainty strips of gold running through the band are a lot more feminine than the other styles and work really well with a lot of my jewellery.

jord-unique-wood-watches-style-rarebit-fashion-blog jord-unique-wood-watches-style-rarebit-fashion-blog

I went for the Zebra and Ivory colourway as I loved the really crisp face with the stripy wood but there are 3 other colours in the Cassia series to choose from. There’s a black one, rose gold and blue so you’ll be able to find something that works for your colour scheme. I also really liked the Frankie watch which is made of rich, purpleheart and plum wood and is such a stand out style so I thought I would include a link to that for you guys to look at too.

jord-unique-wood-watches-style-rarebit-fashion-blog jord-unique-wood-watches-style-rarebit-fashion-blog

I also really wanted to mention the custom sizing service that Jord watches offer. After unboxing my watch I could take it out and wear it straight away rather than taking it to someone to remove the extra links which was so helpful. All I had to do was type in my measurements while ordering and the whole process was sorted out for me. They also offer personalised engraving too so it would be a great gift for someone, especially as Christmas is creeping up so quickly.

This month I’m teaming up with Jord to give you guys the chance to win a $100 gift card. If you’d like to enter I’ll pop the link HERE where you can add all your details. You’ll also get a 10% off code just for entering so it’s worth it even if you don’t win the grand prize. The competition finishes on the 16th of September so you’ll need to enter asap if you want to be included. I’ve also filmed an unboxing video if you wanted to check that out too which I’ve popped below, best of luck guys!

Shop Men’s Watches

Shop Women’s Watches


jord-unique-wood-watches-style-rarebit-fashion-blog jord-unique-wood-watches-style-rarebit-fashion-blog

Wooden Wrist Watch


Sale Shopping Hacks You Need To Know

sale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blogI’m a pretty hardcore sale shopper which is mainly because a. I’m so broke and b. I kind of like the thrill of it. Ever since I started buying my own clothes I’ve been addicted to getting a good find and with all that experience you bet I’ve discovered the best sale shopping hacks. It pretty much comes down to having a good eye and a lot of patience but aside from that this is what you need to know…

Take a look at your wardrobe first: Sale prices can seriously convince you that you need a canary yellow pair of trousers in your life but trust me, you don’t. It’s really easy to get swayed by a good deal but looking at what’s in your wardrobe first will help to to curve your spending in a more useful direction. Start by noting what you wear the most, what you never wear and anything that you need more of and then try to keep that in mind as you shop.

Shop mid week: Most sales start mid week so if you want to get the first pick then this is the best time to go. It’s also way quieter than at the weekends and it’ll be way more relaxed than trying to push through the crowds on a Saturday.

Set aside some time: It’s pretty impossible to have a good rummage in 20 minutes so if you want to get the best out of the sale you’ll need a few hours. Most of my fave purchases have been found hidden at the back of a rail so it’s worth taking the time to pick through the clothes and not have to rush.

sale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blogTry on everything: Ok, ok I know this is really obvious but if there’s one sale shopping hack you need to follow it’s this one. Not trying on clothes is why so many of us have unworn items hanging in the wardrobe and it’s such a waste of money and space. Hitting the changing room is also the best way to experiment with pieces you wouldn’t normally go for and try something new.

Wear a dress and slip on shoes: Just to make the above way easier.

Order online and pick up in store: The best way to sale shop if you want to guarantee your size is by going online as soon as the prices drop. Don’t get it delivered to your house though as it’s way better to get free delivery in store. That way you can have a rummage through the rest of the sale and try on anything that wasn’t online at the same time. Then when you’re done you can return or exchange items in store too so the whole process is really easy.

Try the expensive shops: The sale is the best time to invest in something you wouldn’t normally be able to afford, especially pieces that will last a long time like a coat or a handbag. The biggest sales are always in June and January so it’s worth holding off on big purchases until then.

sale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blogBe wary of trends: It’s cool to find on trend pieces in the sale but just be wary of things you won’t be able to wear for long. Chances are, if it’s discounted then it’s already on it’s way out and probably isn’t worth it.

Sign up to mailing lists: If you want to know when the sale starts then you’re going to have to get on the mailing lists. I know it can be really annoying but it’s a good way to get discounts inbetween sales too that you would normally miss out on.

If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be: Sometimes you can hang around and wait for something to go in the sale and then before you know it, it’s gone. I know it’s frustrating but it’s just not worth getting annoyed about. There’s loads of good stuff to be found and maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

sale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blog sale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blogsale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blogsale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blogsale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blogsale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blogsale-shopping-hacks-style-rarebit-fashion-blog

Sale shopping hacks you need to know…

Dress // Zara 

Earrings // H&M

Shoes // M&S similar here

Photographs // Sarah Barnes

Topshop Denim Dress Of Dreams

topshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebitAfter a fun but busy day at the Polo yesterday (pictures coming soon!) I’m more than ready for a blog writing session in my PJ’s today.  This week I’m back with another look from Topshop Cardiff and it’s this gorgeous denim dress with a polka dot blouse layered underneath. It has a zip at the front so you just put it on like a jacket, which I love as it’s way easier than having it at the back. I also love pieces like this that you can layer up as it gives you more options for when it’s not as warm. I paired it with my sock boots, also from Topshop that I just can’t stop wearing at the moment. I think they’re about to fall apart but they’ve been so useful. I definitely need to find a replacement soon!

topshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebittopshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebittopshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebittopshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebit  click to shop: dress / blouse 

Topshop Stripy Jumpsuit

topshop-outfit-fashion-blogger-style-rarebit-jumpsuitClick to shop // Topshop Stripy Jumpsuit

Honestly I think May is my all time favourite month of the year. After two bank holiday weekends and a mini trip to Tenby in between, I don’t feel like I’ve spent much time at my real job recently. I have, however managed to squeeze in lots of work on this blog, including some pics of my gorgeous stripy jumpsuit from Topshop Cardiff. It’s the comfiest but also most trend focused way to update your wardrobe right now and those horizontal stripes do a lot to hide how much I’ve been eating recently.


Florals linen for spring…. groundbreaking…”

If you guys follow Monikh on Instagram then I’m guessing you’re just as obsessed with linen as I am. Obviously it’s something that comes back around every summer but it’s getting a very minimal update right now and those muted tones are hard to resist.  I’m especially loving all the two pieces along with absolutely everything from Mango this season. There’s something about picking up a staple piece that makes you feel a lot less guilty too. Kind of.

The jumpsuit also ticks another major trend with these brown buttons, which is why I feel like it’s a good all rounder. They’re absolutely everywhere! I’ve layered it with a tee for this blog post and my go-to platforms but I’d love to know how you guys would wear it. Let me know your thoughts, I’m always on the lookout for new styling ideas…


A Chat With Delicious Monster Tea

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you’ll know that I used to interview welsh designers pretty regularly. So far I’ve chatted to some of my creative faves including Swag and Tassel and Xandra Jane and I’m so excited that I’m finally getting around to writing some more.

I first spotted Delicious Monster Tea on Instagram after seeing Claire’s t-shirts everywhere and I haven’t stopped following since. From the pink colour scheme to the super cheeky slogans (my personal fave is “thick thighs, thin patience”) there’s nothing not to love. Now that she’s taking the venture full time I thought it was the perfect opportunity to sit down and talk all things embroidery.


I LOVE the name Delicious Monster Tea, where did it come from?

I wish I had a good answer to this question!! The idea came from the giant monstera plant we have in the lounge (Latin name: monstera deliciosa). I’m not sure where the tea bit came from, but basically it means absolutely nothing!

The slogans on your tees always make me giggle, what was the first one you embroidered?

The first one I did was a “ladyboss” one on a white tee from Primark, and then I want on a spree embroidering everything I owned!


You quit your 9-5! Yass! Living the dream! What’s instore for your brand now that you have so much extra time on your hands?

I can finally start ticking things off my to do list!! I have a few weeks left at work, but I am so stupidly ridiculously excited to finally make a start on the things that have been itching in my brain over the past year. Top of the list are vest tops, embroidery workshops and some DIY blogs.

You’re so active online and I love your Insta stories! How has social media helped to grow your business?

Thank you! I didn’t have any form of social media before I started the business, so it has been a very steep learning curve, and there are often days when I think “what the fuck have I got left to say?!” I haven’t quite figured out Facebook, but I’ve fallen in love with Insta and have ended up meeting so many people from the grid in real life. To be totally honest, my business wouldn’t exist without social media. About 90% of customers currently come from Instagram. I worry that I rely on it too much (there’s a lot of fear mongering at the moment about “what will happen when Instagram dies?”), so on my list for the next few months is to get out and about in the real world, shouting about Delicious Monster Tea.

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You’re one of my favourite girl bosses in Wales, are there any others who inspire you?

OH, SO MANY!! Again, Instagram is a great tool for finding small businesses and learning from them. (a group of women in business in South Wales, run by @theroamingcaravanco and @sadlerjones) has introduced me to so many great women who are doing their own thing and absolutely smashing it. There are too many to list, but my favourites at the moment are: @potyertitsawayluv (boobs and ceramics), @jazmoodie (embroidered nudes), @tayneetinsley (gorgeous illustration of lovely naked ladies)…..there’s definitely a theme there!


Follow Delicious Monster Tea!

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Topshop Cardiff Haul SS18


Hey everyone, hope you’ve all had the best weekend! I’ve pretty much spent mine the same way I always do… drinking coffee, eating too much and taking blog pics, so good! I’ve also been trying to get back into youtube and create a few more videos for my channel. This weeks is a Topshop haul and I’m beyond obsessed with these pieces. They’re all perfect for the summer and really affordable so they’re great for updating your wardrobe on a budget! Let me know what you think…

I Can’t Believe This Coat Was £20

cardiff-fashion-blogger-style-rarebit-pink-coatLast month on my way to the Hotel Indigo launch I had some time to kill and went in search of a mirror that I could touch up my make in. Turns out my makeup was fine but the Zara coat I was wearing definitely wasn’t. Basically my work bag is leather and I think where it had been raining the dye had run all over my shoulder. It was like a big muddy handprint all down one side of me and as much as I’m hoping that happened on the way there, I was probably sat at work all day looking pretty trampy. So it’s very lucky that I found this pink New Look coat because it’s in exactly the same colour and made for an easy switch. It was also only £20 in the sale which is beyond incredible and I literally haven’t taken it off since. My favourite thing though? That it’s fully lined!! I haven’t seen a lined coat on the high street in forever and it’s my pet peeve…

cardiff-fashion-blogger-style-rarebit-pink-coatcardiff-fashion-blogger-style-rarebit-pink-coat   cardiff-fashion-blogger-style-rarebit-pink-coatcardiff-fashion-blogger-style-rarebit-pink-coat

coat – new look // t shirt – h&m // dress – toyshop // boots –  toyshop // bag – autography

photography // sarah barnes





Paul Mitchell Modern Marble Express Ion Smooth+ Review

PAUL-MITCHELL-MODERN-MARBLE-EXPRESS-ION-SMOOTH+-REVIEW-style-rarebit-blog (1 of 3)I received these Paul Mitchell Modern Marble Express Ion Smooth+ straighteners a few weeks ago and I’ve meaning to get this review up ever since! As someone who’s had the same pink (don’t judge me) GHDs since I was in high school it’s really exciting to have something new to play with. Especially when they’re this photogenic! Here are my thoughts…


When I first saw that they were a little bit wider I was wondering if I would be able to get right to my roots but you definitely can. The size is perfect for mid to long length hair and you can easily create super soft waves with the plates too. They’re also designed for professional use so the cord is 9foot long which is so useful!

The Heat

I love that these come with an adjustable heat dial as it means you can set the temperature to whatever you like and watch it count up so you know when they’re hot. I keep it at 180° as that’s the perfect temp for styling. I mean I’m no scientist but I’m pretty sure that’s the temperature at which the structure of your hair changes but it won’t cause any damage. The ceramic plates have even heat distribution too so there won’t be any hotter sections that could cause damage.


With the white and gold colour scheme, marble effect and minimal look these were sooo made for Instagram. I’ve never seen a pair of hair straighteners like this before and it think it’s really cool to have a pair that are different. You can also pick up a black version which has slimmer plates in the same effect, definitely worth checking out!

The Brush

I have a few of the Paul Mitchell 413 sculpting brushes and I honestly couldn’t recommend them more, they’re super gentle, really lightweight and come in a big range of colours. This one came with the straighteners and has the same marble pattern which is the fanciest thing ever, so matchy-matchy. I like that the bristles are really far apart too so that my hair doesn’t get caught or snap.

Damage control 

I actually find these leave my hair looking way healthier than any other straighteners I’ve tried. Sometimes it can feel super crispy afterwards and a little bit thin but with these my hair is smoothed over without loosing any volume. The temperature control is amazing too as if you have finer hair you can set it as low as you need to.

Want to see how these work in real time? I’ve popped my youtube review below…


Advice For Bloggers Who Work Full Time

style-rarebit-cardiff-fashion-blog-Advice-For-Bloggers-Who-Work-Full-TimeFor the past three years I’ve been blogging and working side by side and although I’m not the most consistent I’ve managed to make it work for me and to grow my platform. I always get asked how I find the time and from the outside I guess it looks like a lot of work, on top of already going to work. The thing is, when you love something and it’s your fave hobby it’s really easy to make time. You just have to remember not to put pressure on it! I’ve been chatting about this with a few people recently and I thought it might be useful to share some of the tips that have really helped me out.

Take advantage of creativity: It goes without saying that I’m not always in the mood to work on my blog. There are days when I’ll get 100 ideas and other days where I just run out of juice but that’s totally normal. What I’ve found really helpful though is making the most of the good days and just getting all those ideas written down. Even if you roughly start a post it’s great to have an idea to come back to, rather than starting from nothing when you’re feeling uninspired.

Get a rough schedule: It definitely helps me to have a rough goal of how many posts I want to get up each week. I normally aim for two blog posts and to upload one picture on Insta everyday as I feel like that’s achievable. Being clearer about how often you want to post will make it easier to plan your time and get organised when it comes to blogging.

Get a bank of pics: I’ve milked my Berlin pictures so much but it’s actually been crazy useful to have them to fall back on. If you’re going on holiday or have a shoot planned try and make the most of your time and get as many snaps as possible. You can always go back to them in a few weeks but it’s worth having a back up for when you don’t have time to get out and take pics.


Never compare yourself: I have no doubt that if I was working on this blog full time it would be a completely different platform. When there are so many bloggers with the best cameras and the most expensive bags, who do this as their main job it can be really hard not to feel deflated. You just need to remind yourself (very regularly if you’re like me) that your blog is your space and as long as you’re enjoying it, then it really doesn’t matter what other people think or what they’re doing.

Ask your friends for pics: If you’re out with your friends or fam and you like what you’re wearing then just ask them to take some quick snaps. It might seem a bit awkward but the more pictures you take the less cringe you’ll feel, promise!

Don’t be hard on yourself!: If you don’t post, don’t stress about it. That’s literally the worst thing you can do because you’ll start to feel like it’s a chore. Just take some time, live your life and come back to your blog when you’re inspired and ready to write.

I hope you found these tips useful and are feeling a little less stressed about fitting in time to blog. If you have any advice of your own pop it in the comments, I would love to hear what works for you guys!





A Fashion Bloggers Guide to Buying Second Hand Designer on Ebay

A-Fashion-Bloggers-Guide-to-Buying-Second-Hand-Designer-on-EbayFinding a bargain piece on eBay makes me feel like I’ve won the fashion lottery, every time it happens. It’s almost as good as picking up a Furla bag in a charity shop for £3.50 because none of the grannies who work there know what it is. These purchases don’t happen everyday but when they do, it feels bloody amazing. As I’ve had my fair share of lucky finds and an eBay account for nearly 10years (I started early), I thought it would be cool to write up a fashion bloggers guide to buying second hand designer on eBay, to help my readers out too.

Do your research: It’s good to know what you’re looking for and to have some background knowledge on the particular item or designer first. Often fakes are really easy to spot but you don’t what to get ripped off paying more than retail either, so your best bet is to get clued up way before you hit eBay.

Focus on one brand/item at a time: Just looking at shoes or bags as a whole will take you months to sift through so you need to get specific about what you want. For example, if you love the Phillip Lim bags searching ‘Phillip Lim bag’ would be good but it’s better to know the exact item e.g. ‘Phillip Lim Pashli bag’ as this will bring you the best results.

Look for real pictures: This may sound like a weird thing to say but if the listing has stock images from a website and it’s not a retailer, then chances are it’s not the item you’re ACTUALLY buying. Especially if the description says it’s second hand, you know it’s not going to be in mint condition. Ask the seller for snaps of the exact item and if they don’t want to send them to you, then it’s likely it’s dodgy.

A-Fashion-Bloggers-Guide-to-Buying-Second-Hand-Designer-on-EbaySave it: Ebay has a function where you can save your favourite searches and sellers for later, so that you can keep checking for new listings. Say you’re searching for a ‘Furla Metropolis Bag’ save your search including location (if you don’t want to pay for shipping for example you can set it to UK only), the maximum price, colour etc. and then check on it once a week for anything new or any discounts. You can also follow your favourite sellers which is good if you find someone who loves the same designer as you and likes to clear out their wardrobe often!

Be prepared to wait: I once watched a Kenzo bag for months. At the beginning the price was £300 and I kept on watching until she reduced it to £60. Often if people really want to get rid of something you can offer them a bit less too and by waiting you’ll figure out if it’s something you still really want.

Don’t be shy about contacting the seller: Designer items are always going to be a little bit more expensive and therefore more risky to buy. If you need some extra info or reassurance the option is there for you to contact the seller and you should use this function as much as you need to. Whether thats for more pictures, to see a proof of purchase or just for piece of mind, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Avoiding Fakes: Obviously this will depend on what you’re buying but there are a few tell tale signs that something isn’t quite what it seems. One of the most popular scams is listing fakes with just a picture of the bag (so you recognise it) but the seller won’t put the brand name in the title to avoid getting caught my eBay. This is because if a fake bag were to be listed under the name of a real one, e.g. “Gucci Dionysus” and eBay saw that it was a fake not only would they take it town but the seller would lose their account. As long as you search your specific item, you’ll likely avoid this but it’s good to be aware. This doesn’t mean that all items listed are real though, so you still need to be really careful. If you’ve done your research and still aren’t sure then you might want to try out using a authenticator service online. You can send them the link to the item and they’ll give you their professional opinion on whether or not it’s legit. This isn’t free but if you’re making a bigger purchase, it’s 100% worth it. Designers like Chanel or Hermes are sold for crazy prices on the second hand market but are also copied on a mass scale so it may be hard for you to tell the difference.

Chanel bags cost more than £5: If the price is too good to be true then it’s probably fake, as much as a bargain purchase can happen it’s very rare and if something looks shady, it probably is. Don’t be lured in and always do your research. I recently picked up a Karl Lagerfeld bag for £40 which is a bargain but not crazy unbelievable, if I found a Chanel for this price though I would know it was dodgy.

Open a case: If you purchase something and it arrives not as described, in bad condition or you think it’s fake then you can open a case with eBay and they’ll help you to resolve the problem. This is obviously worse case scenario but it’s worth knowing that you’re covered just in case.

If it’s the real deal but you don’t like it, you’re not getting a refund: Something else worth mentioning is that eBay doesn’t work like ASOS. There’s no free returns and you can’t just send it back if you don’t like it. Provided everything is legit and it’s as described the seller probably won’t take a return, so just make sure you really want it or would be prepared to sell it on before you buy.

I hope you liked these tips and that you found them useful! Let me know if you have any tricks of your own or if you try these out and pick something up. I’ve also written a post on other places to buy second hand designer online here if you’re interested.