5 Transitional Outfit Tips

transitional-styling-tips-style-rarebit-fashion-blogThere are two types of people in this world. Summer people and winter people and I am definitely the latter. As soon as it gets a little colder I start planning my winter wardrobe, stockpiling pumpkin spice everything and looking out for Christmas presents. I just love this time of year, mainly because I spend so much time with my family and friends and because it always brings the best memories.

Before I go totally super fan on the winter months I need to state the obvious in that autumn hasn’t even started yet. For the last few weeks we’ve been in that awkward, transitional limbo where it’s not hot but it’s not quite cold either. This is definitely the hardest time to figure out what to wear and one of the things you guys asked for some tips on via my Instagram stories. As a fashion blogger I have a few go-to transitional outfit tips. They’re not really complicated but rather some basic rules that help me make the most of the awkward weather. I’ve popped my faves below and I hope you find them useful!

1. Layer up

This is the most obvious one but layers are the easiest way to warm up your summer outfit and make it more weather appropriate. Even popping a tee under a strappy dress can make a huge difference so it’s definitely worth it now that it’s getting colder. I particularly love polo necks and thin knits for this but even a sweatshirt that you can tie round your waist would be perfect.


2. Swap your bag

In the summer it was all about raffia bags in light woven fabrics but as the weather gets colder they can definitely start to look out of place. Now is the perfect time to reach for your leather or more textured bags that will help to bring your outfit up to date with the weather.

3. Swap sandals for boots

Changing your footwear can make such a difference, especially if your summer shoes are really light and dainty. A heavier shoe or boot can look amazing with a floral dress and give it a more boyish feel which works perfectly for this time of year.


4. Wear a hat

Hats keep you so warm which is why they’re so useful in the run up to autumn. Popping a baker boy hat on with a floral dress makes for a great transitional outfit and will help to make your look way less beachy. It’s also a great time to invest in a hat that will see you through the new season, so make sure to choose something timeless that will work with your winter style.

5. Jacket and coats

I love a blazer and I think they’re perfect for the in between months as they’re not as warm as a coat but will help to make your outfits look way less summery. A classic, tailored blazer with some gold buttons is normally my go-to and I’ll pair this with a mini dress and some boots. It makes for the easiest transitional outfit and the same goes for a lightweight trench coat as it’s totally timeless and works with pretty much everything.

I hope you liked these transitional outfit tips and if you have any of your own make sure to let me know in the comments. In the mean time click here to catch up on the AW18 catwalk trends.


Hat – Moda In Pelle similar here

Jumper – Vintage Elle similar here

Skirt – Stradivarius

Boots – Mango similar here

Bag – Sophie Hulme

Watch – Obaku

Photography – Sarah Barnes



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