Make Up for Men with @RossiLewis25

I’m very lucky to have some super talented friends, one of them being the insta famous Ross, who’s outfit posts and selfies have attracted an army of followers. He asked me to help him film a video he was working on for a PR company about Cardiff and we decided to shoot some stuff for my blog while we were there too.

We talk about makeup and beauty a lot when we catch up and most recently about male beauty bloggers. While I follow most of these guys and love their tutorials, they always seem to be aimed more at a female audience. I still don’t see why there aren’t ‘Everyday’ or ‘Evening’ makeup tutorials for guys? Because plenty of guys are investing in make up and plenty of guys on daytime TV are wearing it too. So we decided to set up and film Ross doing his two key looks, one natural day look and a contoured one for evening. These are both looks that Ross would wear, he uses amazing products and the results are really natural, wearable and perfected.

Look 1

A natural, everyday look for a flawless and dewy finish.

Ross Lewis

Look 2

A more advanced look, using different concealer shades to add definition to the cheeks and jaw line.

Ross LewisFind Ross on instagram @RossiLewis25



A scent rediscovered – YSL Parisienne

yslOn a recent beauty clear out I found a bottle of YSL Parisienne hiding in a makeup bag and after not using it for a long time I have fallen in love with it all over again. I don’t normally like very sweet floral scents but the violet, blackberry, peonies and damask rose is blended with sandalwood and musk for a much deeper and richer scent. It smells very glamorous but in an understated way and the scent last forever. It’s definitely a classic even if it hasn’t been around for too long and I love the packaging, so if your looking for a new scent I would highly recommend.