I was offered free cellulite treatments twice and I turned them down, here’s why…

topshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebittopshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebitI’m very insecure, always have been and changing my body, in theory, sounds like a dream come true. So you would think after being offered free cellulite treatments as a PR gift it would be my lucky day. But in reality it was just a day that I got really freaked out.

If I’m being super honest then yes, I would love to be pretty. I look at before and after pics all the time and think oh my god a few tucks and I could be like Bella Hadid. It’s so tempting when you see all these celebrities, who are plumped and injectected with every silicone California has to offer. However it doesn’t always go the way you want it too (let’s not even talk about Botched) and for me risking my health just wouldn’t be worth it.

topshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebitThe first time I was offered a treatment it was some kind of fat freezing thing that they wanted to use on my thighs. I was beyond excited when I got the email to have supermodel legs (YASS) but then I started to think about what it would mean for me to promote that on my blog. Plastic surgery is a really personal thing and I wasn’t sure how I felt about sharing something like that. I’ve always been a little insecure of my legs but what if I made someone else insecure by writing this post? It just didn’t feel right and as I wasn’t 100% I decided not to go ahead.

The second time I was offered a ‘non invasive’ treatment for cellulite. This ‘non invasive’ (LOL) treatment involved cutting my skin away from my fat so that it would lay flat and remove the appearance of the bumps. I’ll be honest this time around I was actually considering it and excited at the prospect of having cellulite free legs. Before I replied to the email I thought I should do some research though and holy crap I’m so glad I did.

topshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebittopshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebit I actually found a video a lady had made on YouTube after getting her treatment. From her knees all the way up to the top of her butt she was bruised liked nothing I’d ever seen before. There were painful black and purple marks everywhere and not only that but she had puncture wounds. I ended up finding another article by a journalist who had the treatment too. She said that although her skin was smooth she had to sit on one of those cushions you get when you have piles for MONTHS. All of a sudden my cellulite didn’t look quite so bad.

For something that doesn’t affect my life on a daily basis I just didn’t feel it was worth sitting on a poop cushion at work. Also, if it bugged me that much you’d think I would have tried exercises, creams and potions to tackle the problem first, which I haven’t either. I’ve just sat on it. On a serious note, seeing that woman’s legs made me realise how stupid the Kardashian inspired world we live in can be sometimes. That we would suffer major trauma for the sake of smoother skin for up to 3 years is absolutely insane. I could also tie this in with how infuriated I was at Kim Kardashians reaction to her cellulite pictures. As if the most beautiful women in the world is crying over it, then how are the rest of us supposed to feel?

topshop-denim-dress-fashion-blogger-style-rarebitAnother big worry for me was with taking treatments as a PR gift as I wasn’t sure what would happen if something went wrong. If I hadn’t actually paid for my treatment would I still be able to get aftercare? What if I couldn’t afford it? The whole thing just felt super risky.

I’m not saying I’m against this kind of thing, AT ALL and I hope that’s not how this post comes across. I just feel that in a time when surgery is constantly on tv and social media we need to be taking it a lot more seriously. Yes I know, such a bore but if I encourage one woman to think twice or do some more research then I think it’s worth writing.


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