Warrior Women Events: Spiritual Supper Club

warrior-women-events-cardiff-blogLast month I headed to the Warrior Women Events supper club at The Little Man Coffee Co to celebrate and learn about all things spiritual. This months supper club theme was ‘spirituality’ and covered everything from mindfulness, to sound baths and awakenings that was perfect for beginners and zen masters alike.

Warrior Women Events was set up by Amy Holland, the super talented woman behind I Can Cards and Single Parents Wellbeing as a place for women to meet, socialise and listen to incredible speakers on topics that matter to them.

warrior-women-events-cardiff-blogThe first speaker was Anita Davies, who’s life story is nothing short of film worthy. She’s a former judo champion, development officer for Cardiff Institute for the Blind and is currently campaigning to become an AM for the Ogmore constituency. She also has two children and her son is training to compete in the Paralympics for the under 18s wheelchair table tennis team. Anita was born with anaridia, a very rare condition and was registered blind age 3 which makes her achievements even more impressive. Her determination to keep going and achieve her goals was so inspirational and a testament to the fact that you really can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

warrior-women-events-cardiff-blogThe second speaker was Carolyn Coles who is the founder of Innersmile, which offers workshops, events, retreats and individual therapies. This is going to sound weird but I loved her vibe instantly. She was so confident and so self assured in the best way and it was really inspiring to see a woman who just totally owned herself. She spoke about how she found and explored her spirituality openly and honestly and I think for a lot of people in the room it took away any insecurities they might have had about exploring it for themselves.

I’m not sure if this is a story I should tell but something happened after she spoke that I feel has a lot of resonance. Carolyn ended her talk by playing some instruments for us including a gong and bowls (not sure of their real name!) while we sat, eyes shut and just relaxed. I think it’s a similar practise to a sound bath, which I’m now looking into, as it was absolutely amazing! You could literally feel the noise they were making and I’ve never heard anything like it before. While this was happening a very drunk man decided to stand right outside the window behind her and laugh hysterically the entire time. Obviously this is really rude and so disrespectful but the way she handled it was so amazing. Carolyn literally carried on completely oblivious, no matter how loud or obnoxious he was being and stayed completely calm. I feel like this is exactly why spirituality is so important. Think of that drunk guy as all the negativity in your life and just imagine, that like Carolyn you could go on and not let it phase you, bring you down or interrupt your life in any way. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but I felt like that was a big deal.

warrior-women-events-cardiff-blog warrior-women-events-cardiff-blogNext we took a quick break for food which was served by The Vegetarian Studio, an Indian restaurant based in Cardiff. They’ve won 29 food awards including best vegetarian restaurant in Wales and best family dining experience, I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of them before! I’m definitely going there once I get these braces off as the food was so good.

We ended the evening with a mindfulness session lead by Amy and Kamalagita who is a Community Mindfulness Lead for Mindfulness in Action, a film-maker, writer and teacher. Mindfulness is something that I’m really getting into and it’s helped me a lot to find some calm when I’m feeling super stressy. We tried it out at work and I know that it can be a bit daunting at first to just think and zone out but once you get the knack of it you really start to let go and relax. If you want to try it out Kamalagita recommended the HeadSpace app which I’ve used too and is perfect for beginners. She also said that you can practise mindfulness for as long as you like, even if it’s only a few minutes on the train and you’ll still find it beneficial, so there’s no pressure.

warrior-women-events-cardiff-blogI’m so grateful that I made it to this supper club and got to meet such a lovely group of women. Chatting to everyone on my table about why they came really helped to illustrate just how important events like this are. When you’re working, you’re a mum, a business owner or all three it’s so important to take time out and invest in yourself. I would definitely recommend going to the next event! It’s on the 14th of June, the topic is Intellectual and the guest speakers include Aimee Bateman the CEO of Career Cake, transformational coach Carrie Jones and female rights campaigner Sarah Rees.

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