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IMG_3472So recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to chat with Amanda Bell from Pixi, about all things makeup and skincare. She gave me some seriously good advice about what products I should and shouldn’t be using and the main beauty trends for this season.

Pixi is a very natural brand and some of the products are vegan, so it’s perfect for sensitive or troublesome skin. As a brand they celebrate natural beauty and all the products are packed with botanicals and nutrients to enhance your skin.

Starting from the top, the Natural Brow Duo is a 2-in-1 one gel and pencil, which makes sculpting the perfect brows easy. The angled pencil helps you to get amazing definition and the tinted gel holds all your hard work in place. It’s a great makeup bag staple, that would work for anyone, especially if you haven’t used anything for your brows before.

Moving onto the Brow Brightener, this gel is essentially a highlighter for your eyebrows. The expert tip is to sweep this on when you’ve overdrawn them to redefine the hairs, creating a more natural finish.

This last one I’ve been using everyday and I’m in love with it. The Brow Tamer is a lightweight gel that really works to hold your eyebrows in place. It has a lightweight, natural finish and it doesn’t feel drying or crispy like some of the other’s I’ve tried.

This Endless Silky Eye Pen is serious holy grail territory. The formula is beyond incredible. It’s soft, creamy and easy to blend but it’s also really long-lasting. It has amazing colour payoff to, so you don’t have to work at it back and for to get a good result.

A gorgeous finishing touch, the Lengthy Fiber Mascara is perfect for super long and defined lashes. It’s fragrance and paraben free so if, like me, you have sensitive eyes, it’s a perfect choice. You can see the stretch fibers really building your lashes and the brush is gorgeously delicate too.

A bit of a buzz product right now, the Black Lacquer Lash Primer is your first step for building amazing lashes. It plumps protects and strengthens for a perfect base to build your mascara on. I also love that it’s black, white eyelash primers can be such a nightmare and it means you don’t have to worry about covering anything.

How cute is this packaging! I’m in love with the Shea Butter Lip Balm. It’s such a soft, creamy formula and it keeps my lips moisturised long after I’ve used it. Amanda suggested blending this on my cheeks as a blusher too and it works really well.

Lastly the Lip Contour Liner in soft nude. I love that this is twist up as I go through lip liner so quickly and this makes my life so much easier. It’s a really lovely, light weight formula and it’s not heavy or drying on your lips at all. You can use this as a filler for fine lines around the lips too, so it does have a really nourishing, plumping quality that works perfectly under lipstick.

So many beautiful products! I’ve really loved trying these.