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Korean Skincare – BRTC Sheet Masks

IMG_5473-Edit-2IMG_5401-2 As soon as my friend told me TK Maxx had Korean skincare I ran there to pick some up.  BRTC is a derma technology cosmetic brand that specialises in skin care. The masks may be the most well known of their products but they also offer serums, creams and cleansers with the same benefits. However, these were what I was most excited to try and I’m so glad I found them. After watching Lisa Eldridge’s Korean hauls it’s my dream to go on a shopping trip there… one day!

IMG_5410-2 IMG_5417-Edit-2IMG_5436-Edit-2-Edit-2   The first mask I used was the nourishing sheep mask, which looks completely terrifying. I swear on everyone else it looked so cute but I put it on my face and I was like holy cow that is horrifying. However it smells incredible, very much like grapefruit and is lovely and cooling on the skin. When you first take it out of the packet it feels like theres a lot of product on the mask but once it’s on your face it starts to soak in really quickly. It felt instantly soothing and I had no irritation or sensitivity at all, which is rare for my skin when using masks.

IMG_5455-Edit-2The next one I tried was the anti-ageing Empress Mask, this didn’t smell as natural/scented as the first one but felt more like a serum. It really plumped and lifted my skin and gave me a nice glowy finish. I feel like this would be the perfect pre-night out/special day mask as it gave me a good starting point to put on my makeup.

IMG_5465-Edit-2The last mask I tried was the Temptation mask which was my favourite design. This one was really nourishing and had a similar smell/texture to the sheep mask. It gave me dewy, moisturised finish and really helped to get rid of any dry, red patches on my skin. All the masks feel really light and even though they give great results they’re not harsh or heavy either. I would also say, for me anyway, they seemed to give much better results than traditional face masks.


If you’ve tried these masks or any other BRTC products I would love to hear your thoughts below. I will definitely be picking up some more of these soon and might even try out some of their other products if I can get my hands on them!




Fake Tan vs. Pale and Interesting

self_tanning When I was 15 I was like a female Oompa Loompa. I tanned all the time and I tanned very badly. Yup, streaks, palms of hands, soles of feet, darker elbows and knees, you name the tanning fail I did it. This is no doubt due to the fact, that rather than use a tan for pale to medium skin, I went for the darkest shade possible. And not with a mitt folks, with my bare hands. Oh the shame. The awful orange shame.

As you can imagine, I grew out of this phase when I realised I looked like a barbecue chicken. I haven’t tanned much in the last few years, but even if I do I stick to a gradual to avoid any embarrassing mishaps. Don’t get me wrong, I like a little golden glow, but there’s nothing less hot than looking like tan mom (no offence tan mom).

However I did get told recently I looked a little grey (or ashy in beauty blogger terms), not sure if it was a joke but I reached for the bottle regardless. Being on the translucent end of the pale scale, fake tan is just an easy way of making me look more alive, or just like I have blood flow or something. Especially on those ghostlier days.

So in light of my recent foray back into the world of tango, I complied a few pros and cons of the orange stuff for your reading pleasure.

PRO PALE – You don’t have to worry about contaminating your bed sheets/ clothes/ family members/ pets with your tan stains.

PRO TAN – A subtle tan makes you look a little bit fresher faced. Very pale skin is associated with being ill, not insulting myself, just a fact.

PRO PALE – Once it’s developed there’s no going back. Those streaky orange lines are with you for a few days at least, even with exfoliating. Super.

PRO TAN – It’s slimming, and I swear to god thats scientifically proven.

PRO PALE – You don’t have to waste your money on smelling like rotten vegetables.

PRO TAN – Your always bare leg ready. With the exfoliating prep and moisturising formula, you don’t have to worry about finding  a pair of granny-esque tan tights.

PRO PALE – Whats wrong with being pale? This is my skin, I was born with this. Casper is fabulous and so am I.

PRO TAN – It’s the safest way to get bronze when compared with other methods, such as roasting yourself on the beach or in a sun bed.

PRO PALE – If your skin colour is consistent you don’t have to worry about swapping and mixing foundations to get a matching shade. logoFORWEB900PX

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