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Flower Shopping

stylerarebit.comstylerarebit.com My mum is a photographer (incase you didn’t know already, she takes all my outfit pictures) and has been working with the Flower Lodge for a while now. Just last week she brought home a huge bunch of Ranunculus (google them THEY ARE GORGEOUS) and it’s what gave me the idea to take some pictures there today. It’s the most beautiful shop in Rhiwbina and if your visiting I recommend having a look at their new gift range of candles and diffusers which are so lovely. A quick scroll through these pictures should inspire you enough to take a trip, so many amazing colours!

My look today is pretty much my go to outfit as of late. These gingham trousers, in terms of cost per wear, are probably about 1p. Too comfy to take off. I know that this is the season where I should be breaking out the colours but I like wearing monochrome and great basics and it’s nice to be comfy. Sometimes you just want to throw on what makes you feel good.

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TOP // H&M






Seeing Double Denim

stylerarebit.com stylerarebit.comDouble denim is the one fashion faux pas I just can’t seem to figure out. Is it ok, is it not ok? Is it ok if you mix different colours? Who knows… who cares.

I think now that I’m getting older (practically ancient here at 24) I seem to care a lot less for trends and more for what I actually want to wear. When your younger all you want to do is look the same as everyone else but as you get older you want to be more of an individual. It becomes less about being cool and more about dressing for your lifestyle and exploring your personal sense of fashion.

I feel like the older you get the more comfortable you feel in your own skin anyway and who cares what people say? If that fluro 80s jumpsuit or pair of mustard yellow cords are calling your name, you go for it.

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Shirt: H&M Menswear

Jeans: Mango

Shoes: Zara