Nails Inc Ultimate Accessory Set


Im obsessed with nails… glitter, claws, falsies all of it, I literally can’t get enough. I’ve been wearing falsies for the last few months but after getting this set for christmas I made a conscious decision to go back au naturel to give my nails a break. I feel like these polishes have definitely made my nails stronger and healthier. Particularly the Kensington Caviar 45 second top coat, which I would recommend you buy on it’s own as a staple nail product! I normally get frustrated with polish as it chips so quickly but these last a lot longer than most and the coverage is good even after one coat.

n3I’ve been loving the red shade Tate with the glitter top coat Derby Gate and the nude St. Ann’s Lane with a little accent of the King’s Lane foil polish. I’ll for sure be purchasing some of these in the full size once I make it through the minis.