Winter Outfit Inspiration – Casual Sock Boots


Just before Christmas I had an email from JD Williams asking if I wanted to collaborate on a post and I was SO excited. Initially I was thinking of writing about party shoes (glittery heels included) and putting together some outfit inspo for you guys but then I stumbled onto the ankle boots section and completely forgot all about that. I’m a little bit obsessed when it comes to boots, in fact I already have way too many but there’s just something about a classic boot that’s so versatile, so they always seem like a good investment. These boots are from the Violeta range by Mango and are a casual nod to the sock boot trend that is very much hanging around. Just way more comfy than the stiletto kind! I love how chic they are too and really pull together this everyday outfit with very minimal effort.



“I think this outfit is very reflective of that too. This is everyday me, not too dressy. It’s just comfort paired with great accessories.”

Just before the new year I felt like I was loosing my creative juice a little bit and I’ve also been struggling to find time (as always) to create new content for this blog. Sometimes getting caught up in comparing yourself to other people can really kill your vibe too but I’m finally learning to zone that out and remember why I started Style Rarebit in the first place. Because I love blogging!

I think this outfit is very reflective of that. This is everyday me, not too dressy. Just comfort paired with great accessories which is pretty much my go to philosophy when it comes to getting dressed. I think we would all agree that the number one goal is to look totally polished without having to make much effort at all. This look is essentially jeans and a jumper but tying a satin ribbon around my waist and dressing it up with a blazer is the perfect way to cheat looking like you’ve made loads of effort. I think that’s why the boots work so well too, being structured they are the perfect day boot if you want to look put together. They also look super expensive and the unusual heel (that metallic is everything!) means they add extra interest if you’re wearing plain clothes. They’re also on sale right now so even more of an incentive to pick them up… I love them with my mom jeans too as they’re tight on the ankle they sit really well underneath and give the illusion that my legs are slimmer.

If you take nothing else from this post just get to investing in some good boots this season that will totally dress up a zero effort look. Maybe even two pairs?

Shop boots here

Photographs by Sarah Barnes






Flower Shopping

stylerarebit.comstylerarebit.com My mum is a photographer (incase you didn’t know already, she takes all my outfit pictures) and has been working with the Flower Lodge for a while now. Just last week she brought home a huge bunch of Ranunculus (google them THEY ARE GORGEOUS) and it’s what gave me the idea to take some pictures there today. It’s the most beautiful shop in Rhiwbina and if your visiting I recommend having a look at their new gift range of candles and diffusers which are so lovely. A quick scroll through these pictures should inspire you enough to take a trip, so many amazing colours!

My look today is pretty much my go to outfit as of late. These gingham trousers, in terms of cost per wear, are probably about 1p. Too comfy to take off. I know that this is the season where I should be breaking out the colours but I like wearing monochrome and great basics and it’s nice to be comfy. Sometimes you just want to throw on what makes you feel good.

stylerarebit.com stylerarebit.com stylerarebit.com stylerarebit.com stylerarebit.com stylerarebit.comstylerarebit.comstylerarebit.com stylerarebit.com stylerarebit.com stylerarebit.com


TOP // H&M





Here’s to 25

Here I am, finally recovered from my neck fiasco and feeling super pumped to blog. I have so much to show you, it really is amazing how much internet shopping you can get done on your sick bed. I’ve also just turned 25 and so I’ve got lots of beautiful presents and party stories to share too.

Equally it has rained so much in Cardiff this week it hasn’t been the weather for celebrating. I know it rains all the time here but it really, really rained… a lot. Therefore my outfits this week have been pretty casual and layered up and that’s kind of my everyday vibe at the moment. I really like wearing a hoodie underneath a smart jacket and heels, I like that it gives things a street wear feel and takes it away from looking too dressy. A hood also keeps my hair dry and my eyeliner smudge free, winner.






Embroidery : The High Street Edit

This is the biggest trend of the season and its emblazoned on pretty much everything. The heavy floral embroidery has trickled down from the catwalk and is the easiest way to bring your wardrobe up to date. In light of this I’ve picked a few affordable pieces from the high street to get you inspired.



stylerarebit.com1. Bomber Jacket £99 Biba

2. Embroidered Scarf £39.99 H&M

3. Bag 22.99 New Look

4. Body suit by Glamorous £26 Topshop

5. Velvet bomber £69 Topshop

stylerarebit.com1. Embroidered shirt £59.99 Mango

2. Jacket £60 Monki

3. Embroidered Dress £85 Asos

stylerarebit.com1.Khaki Embroidered Jacket £28 Tu Clothing

2. Denim Jacket £44 HOF

3. High Neck Top £40 Oasis

4. Jeans £68 Topshop

Seeing Double Denim

stylerarebit.com stylerarebit.comDouble denim is the one fashion faux pas I just can’t seem to figure out. Is it ok, is it not ok? Is it ok if you mix different colours? Who knows… who cares.

I think now that I’m getting older (practically ancient here at 24) I seem to care a lot less for trends and more for what I actually want to wear. When your younger all you want to do is look the same as everyone else but as you get older you want to be more of an individual. It becomes less about being cool and more about dressing for your lifestyle and exploring your personal sense of fashion.

I feel like the older you get the more comfortable you feel in your own skin anyway and who cares what people say? If that fluro 80s jumpsuit or pair of mustard yellow cords are calling your name, you go for it.

stylerarebit.com stylerarebit.com stylerarebit.comstylerarebit.com

Shirt: H&M Menswear

Jeans: Mango

Shoes: Zara

The Johnny Sack Camel Coat

Before I found this coat, I had been binge watching ‘The Sopranos’ for quite a while. If there’s one person I love from that show it’s Johnny Sack and if you watch it, you’ll know he has a pretty killer camel coat.

Now this coat is not Johnny Sack status but it’s cool enough for me (a small town, non mobster gal). Since the day I found it I haven’t taken it off and I probably never will.

StyleRarebit.com          StyleRarebit.comStyleRarebit.com Camera Obscura (5 of 24)-2

Coat: Vintage

Polo: Uniqlo

Jeans: Mango

Bag H&M


I let me boyfriend dress me for a week and this is what happened.

Inspired by an article about a girl who let her Dad dress her for a week I decided to ask my boyfriend to do the same and see what happens. A little social experiment I guess. I’m always seeing crappy articles about what to wear on dates so why not get him to pick the looks in the first place?

Granted I thought this would just be a little fun but I think I stressed him to the max with this idea as I decided to do it over Valentines’s weekend. Picking that outfit was a lot of pressure…bannerIf I was to describe this experience I would say it was nerve-wracking, challenging but most of all incredibly fun! Honestly, when I was selecting the items of clothes I found myself pacing around the room; comparing tops with jeans, looking for colour clashes and so on. I really found my inner fashionista! I had full control of the outfits which for Christy must’ve been terrifying. A few times her eyes would widen with fear as I’d be debating the outfit, which would indicate that maybe I should reconsider my decision. Overall I think I did okay… maybe I didn’t but I genuinely enjoyed it!!”

Tip: Fella’s there’s a reason your girl takes her time getting ready.
Let them take as long as they want!”- Rory (The Boyfriend)



Christy : I’m just working from home today and we have dinner with my grandparents in the evening. I like these outfits, they’re not that different from what I normally wear and I feel super comfy. They made me realise that he actually takes notice of my outfits and what I like to wear. I maybe would have glammed it up a bit more for dinner but that’s just me. Overall 7/10

Rory: I was really nervous about choosing one outfit and for the very first day of the project I had to choose two! I picked these two outfits as I know she likes to be comfy but always smart. The main difference you can notice immediately are her black thigh boots which she adores. I was quite proud of my decisions for this day. Personally I rate this 8/10


Christy: I’m at work today, I work for a fashion brand but the office is casual. However I need to commute for a few hours to get there. I like the top half of this outfit, the skirt with the black roll neck is really cute. Even though I would normally wear a longer coat with this skirt I don’t mind the fur either. The shoes though I would not have chosen, I think it’s just too many textures and they are a little bit too high for the walk to work. Same goes for the bag, just a lot going on today. Not all bad, a solid 5/10

Rory: I wanted to take advantage of the variety of clothes I had to choose from. However, I have a sneaky feeling I probably committed some sort of fashion crime. I just have no idea which one! You can see I had control over the jewellery as well. Not sure if I did well here! 4/10 


Christy: I’m just hanging out getting work done in the day/ sorting out my eyebrows but we have a Valentines dinner in the eve. I love the day look, this is classic me. Jeans, top, boots, killer coat. It was perfect for the day I had planned and a look I would have chosen for myself. The outfit for dinner was lovely too. As much as it stressed him out choosing a dress for our first Valentines dinner, I was glad he chose something he liked. I know he loves this dress and he did a great job with the accessories to. Keeping it classic is always the way, 10/10

Rory: Ok, this day had some serious pressure added to it. It was our first Valentines day and I had to choose the outfit! Can I have some sympathy please!? I always make a conscious effort to observe her outfits when we go out so I know most of her dresses & coat combo’s where she always looks incredible. Dare I say it, I may be cocky here but I think I nailed it. However, I’m at the mercy of the fashion police. Just, be kind please… 10/10



Christy: Happy Valentines! We’re going for Sunday lunch together at the Ty Mawr, my fave. This is a perfect lunch look, I’m obsessed with this top and it’s nice and simple. I felt glam. 10/10

Rory: So after my favourite evening ever! We planned to have lunch so I went for brighter colours than the previous days just to mix it up. The weather was on our side also! I know Christy loves her cashmere camel coat plus, I think I like it more…

Just a pair of black jeans, black shoe boots & her white floaty blouse. Christy’s really good at being fabulous whilst being comfortable. 9/10


Christy: I’m back at the office today, so this is a perfect casual look. I’m not 100% on denim and fur, I think the shirt might be too casual but then I think maybe I do like it. I love it though, he spent ages trying to find it for me so it has a lot of sentimental value. I just normally like to tuck it in to something so I still have waist definition but even so 8/10

Rory: I bought her this denim shirt a while back so I thought I’d use it in this project. She’s working in her office in Abergavenny today so I went for smart/casual. It was really cold on this day so I added the fur gillet to the outfit just for its heat value.

I can tell from what I’ve written for the days so far that I have once again, found my inner fashionista as stated above! Apologise! 7/10


Christy: It’s back to work again and afterwards I’m going out for dinner. I actually love the boots with this coat, the proportions work really well. I don’t think the jeans work so much and there’s a lot of different colours but it’s really quite a nice day outfit and perfect for what I had planned. 7/10

Rory: I’m actually surprised at myself when I hadn’t selected Christy’s grey boots which I believe are from Ted & Muffy. She got them before at the end of last year and thats where the thigh boot love began. I liked the coat too. Again, fashion police apologies in advance… 6/10


Christy: So it’s a gals day full of coffee dates and blog meetings. Literally love this look, perfectly comfortable but I still feel cool and smart enough to go to meetings and see my friends. 9/10

Rory: I really rate this cardigan and I know Christy’s favourite colour is black so as it was a very casual day for her I thought I would use that as the main idea for the whole outfit. I think for what she was doing today I would score myself a 8/10

12645041_472123559660479_964211933145423217_nChristy: I think he did a perfect job this week, I’m so grateful he made it through the stress to choose some really good outfits. It was good for me to step out of my comfort zone and give up the control to someone else. I like that I didn’t have to worry about dressing up for him and I had a less stressful week as it was one less thing for me to think about. He’s certainly proved that he takes notice of what I wear and feel good in and he did a really good job.

Rory: I have learned from this experience that fashion can be really hard work. I now empathise with girls when it comes to getting ready for any sort of activity. Whether you’re travelling to work, attending a coffee date, an evening of knocking back wine or even a day of working from home. I’ve noticed each outfit takes as much effort as the other. I’m actually really impressed with Christy’s styles and I now understand why she’s never on time!

In summary, I’m glad I’m a guy!

Current Favourites


I’ve been loving a lot of things over the holiday break (mince pies, maybe a bit too much) but I thought I would post a few beauty and fashion related things that I couldn’t have been without over Christmas.

The Black Beanie: I never, ever, ever thought I would wear one of these but I’m literally obsessed with it now. I decided to add a little veil in the vein hope of being Jil Sander cool and oh my god is this thing warm.

Jo Malone, Damask Rose & Oud: One of my all time favourite fragrances and my second bottle thanks to a super generous boyfriend. It’s just the most glam smell and it lasts forever.

Marc Jacobs Watch: Again a la boyfriend, what a sweetie. This is so gorgeous and midnight blue goes with EVERYTHING. I also turn up on time to things now.

Hoop Earrings: I feel like a gypsy fortune teller and for some reason that feels fabulous…

Cups to Go: It’s so much easier to venture into the cold with something to distract yourself, like fresh juice… or mulled wine. And it saves you money, tres amazing.

Marc Jacobs Decadence: It literally smells like a big bank account. It’s a perfume that looks like a little bag. No brainer.


Beanie Girl


StyleRarebit.com2016 is the year I have big plans for StyleRarebit.com and what better way to start than with an outfit post (my fave). I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I started this project and I’m beyond grateful for the support I’ve had.  It’s been an amazing journey so far and I’ve learnt a lot, well enough to get me a new job even and some really sweet friends. Doing this blog has given me the confidence to push myself further and create better content for the site. I hope you enjoy reading SR as much as I love writing it and that this year brings good vibes all round, Happy 2016!


Sarah Barnes Photography (2 of 6)




Sarah Barnes Photography (5 of 14)

Sarah Barnes Photography (6 of 6)

Sarah Barnes Photography (6 of 14)

Sarah Barnes Photography (8 of 14)




B E A N I E : H&M

C O A T : Shein

B A C K P A C K : Finery

B O O T S : Moda In Pelle















Sunshine Stripes

Haven’t posted an outfit post in so long it’s now Summer, where is this year going?

I have been enjoying the sunshine a little too much, it’s not in abundance in Cardiff so when we get some good weather, it’s important to make the most of it! If honest though I find it hard to get dressed for the heat when 90% of my wardrobe is black. But here’s an attempt anyways.

Hope your all enjoying the sunshine 🌞StyleRarebit.com





Top: Thrifted

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Moda in Pelle