Nars Foundation and Concealer Review


I’ve been desperately in need of a new foundation recently, I’ve been using a cream to powder but I felt like as the weathers been getting colder it was just drying out my skin. So after reading a review on another blog I decided to head to Nars and picked up their Sheer Glow foundation. Honestly the buzz around this is so well deserved, I used to use it when I was about 17 and I’m really not sure why I ever stopped as I certainly haven’t found anything better since.

There are six light foundation shades in the Sheer Glow range, I went for the second lightest shade Mont Blanc (Light2). I’ve found this is probably the best colour match to my skin in any foundation I’ve ever used and it doesn’t oxidise either which can be annoying when you’re as pale as me. The coverage is perfect, you can build it up as much as you need to but even a light layer conceals my redness and blemishes without looking cakey or dry. The finish isn’t oily and it feels very soft and silky, keeping my skin hydrated without being greasy, a feeling which lasts all day.

I normally make it a necessity to buy a foundation with SPF but the lack of which is what gives the foundation a beautifully light weight, no makeup feel on the skin and it’s easy to find a primer or moisturiser with sun protection if you need it. It also blends really easily and I find it glides on perfectly just using your hands so if you’re not into using brushes or sponges this would be a great choice.


While at the counter I decided to get one of the concealer sticks too as the one I’m using at the moment keeps drying in big orange clumps (fabulous) and is also quite hard to blend. I am literally in love with this one already though, it’s got a luxuriously creamy consistency and blends effortlessly over blemishes without looking cakey or clinging to dry patches. I went for the shade Chantilly (Light1) which is the lightest but there are 10 shades in the range so it’s really easy to get a great match. I found that throughout a full day I barely needed to touch up and the finish stayed nice and smooth so even when I did it still built up the coverage beautifully. I love Nars packaging anyway but this little stick is particularly great as it’s the perfect handbag size and the angle of the product makes it really easy to apply. I also used it under my eyes and it didn’t crease or go clumpy either and is just as long wearing as the foundation. I can’t believe I ever lived without these two and I think they are definitely going to be a makeup bag staple from this point on so if you’re in the market for either I would give these a go.


Some current beauty favourites….

One of the reasons I started reading blogs was to learn more about makeup and so I thought it would be nice to share my current favourites in the hope that other people can find a product they love to. These are just a small collection but are things I use on a regular basis as well as repurchasing often. If you’ve used any of them before or have any of your own recommendations or reviews please feel free to comment below, I always love getting other people’s opinions and tips on beauty!


  1. High Beam by Benefit – This for me has become something of a necessity, I just don’t feel like my makeup is done without it. During my degree I had sleepless months in the run up to deadlines and even in my zombie state this really did wonders in brightening my skin and making me look a little more awake. It is quite a thick formula in comparison to other highlighters but it does blend really well and I find it’s quite long lasting.
  2. Golden Lilac Blush by Bourjois – After seeing this on several other blogs I decided to try it out, I’ve never bought anything from Bourjois before but I’ve really fallen for this product. It smells amazing, I would actually say it’s quite a good budget version of the Chanel blush and it isn’t too pigmented so it’s nice and easy to apply and build up the colour as you need it.
  3. Graphic Expression Face & Blush Powder – If you are very pale, like me, I would highly recommend this as a subtle powder for the day. It’s predominantly bronzer with a little blush and just gives a really nice healthy glow to the face without being streaky as well as evening out the skin tone.
  4. Eau Dynamisante by Clarins – I think the reason I love this so much is because the first time I discovered it was while on holiday so it’s just one of those fragrances that has great memories for me. It’s quite a strong scent with lemon, patchouli, white tea, ginseng and petit grain but it smells luxurious and is very long lasting. It also doubles as a treatment oil, promising to boost vitality, firmness and freshness so make sure you spray directly onto your skin for maximum effect.
  5. 8 Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden – So I’m pretty sure if you’re interested in beauty you will have heard about this by now but if not this is probably one of the most intense moisturising and repairing creams available. The thick formula can be applied anywhere to dry or tired skin for instant hydration and I also find it works really well on scars or scratches to help speed up recovery. The original cream is very thick and has quite a strong scent however there is an entire range including my favourites the lip balm and hand and nail cream which have much lighter formulas.
  6. Skin Perfector by L’orèal – I discovered this back when it first came out and I haven’t been able to live without it since. It’s very easy to blend and smoothes out the skin tone without feeling as heavy as a foundation and gives a nice dewy finish to the face. (This also works really well with number 1. High Beam)


7. Nude Beige by Models Own – I’m very much into nude and grey nail polishes at the moment and this one is my favourite shades so far. I find NailsInc has a really nice finish, you do have to apply two coats but it seems to last a little longer than some other high street polishes and they have a great range of shades.

8. Transparent Finishing Powder by MAC – I have very oily skin, particularly in the T zone and this is great for a long lasting matte finish. You only need to use a tiny amount and it also helps to set your foundation for longer lasting wear.

9. Salonnière by Jenny Packham – This was part of a collaboration she did with boots at Christmas last year and I fell in love with the entire range. All her products have a very glamourous, old Hollywood feel and come in beautiful packaging and gorgeous makeup bags. She’s doing another range this year and has bought out some new lipsticks which I would highly recommend, they have a very smooth finish without being too glossy and don’t dry out the lips.

10. Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm by Palmers – Excuse the very battered packaging! But this has been very well loved. A really great, highly moisturising lip balm with SPF15… no brainer.

11. Ever Matte Foundation by Clarins – Again very well loved. This has been great for me over the summer in my battle to stay matte and avoid melting in the crazy heat. It has a kind of cream to powder consistency and so is a little harder to blend but the finish is great and it works well for oily and spot prone skin.

12. Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara by Estee Lauder – I don’t like big, clumpy mascara brushes as I have quite sensitive eyes so this is the perfect one for me. It’s more lengthening than thickening which I like and the brush is very thin and light which makes getting into the corners much easier. My second pet hate with mascaras is not being able to take them off, I hate having panda eye residue that I can’t remove but I always find Estee Lauder mascaras come off really easily with eye makeup remover despite being really long lasting which is why they are my go to.