fashion intern

Things Learnt: Interning in Fashion Social Media

So I’ve been interning in Social Media for about a month now and I wanted to share some basic tips that might help a few people out. Even though my internship is with a fashion brand, I’m thinkin’ you could use these for your blog/business and they would still be useful anyways.Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 21.36.29

  1. IT’S NEVER TOO MUCH. I honestly thought there was a magic number of posts per day that you could not surpass but apparently that just ain’t true. The philosophy is, the more you post, the more your on people’s feed and the more your on their mind. Repetition is key, especially for brand recognition.
  2. JUMP ON THE TRENDS. Posting about current news articles and trends are a great way to get on people’s radar and be relevant.
  3. GLOBAL SCHEDULE. Schedule tweets for international readers to make sure your getting on their feed to. Check the countries where your readers/customers are from and make sure you schedule something at their peak time.
  4. KNOW YOUR STYLE AND STICK TO IT. All your social media should be in the same writing and graphic style, this maximises brand recognition and is what makes a page look more professional.
  5. PROOF READ. Spelling mistakes are embarrassing and so is 1000 people commenting to let you know after you posted it. Cringe!
  6. PICTURES SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Include as many images along with your posts as possible. It helps to convey your message quicker and is more attention grabbing.