Savage Beauty: The Masterpieces of McQueen

mcq1I’m so tired! But also really excited about this so I hope what I write makes sense. This was honestly one of the most insane experiences of my entire life. Last Friday night, me and my mum went to London for a 3am showing of the sellout exhibition Savage Beauty. It chronicles a lifetime of work by designer Alexander McQueen from his graduate collections, to shows for Givenchy and his own line.mcq7It was beautifully categorised and the music helped to add a strange atmosphere to the exhibition giving the space a sinister feel like many of McQueen’s collections. The experience was a little bit unnerving but breathtaking at the same time and thoroughly conveyed the persona of the designer.mcq8

I seriously wish I had enough money to buy couture clothes like this!








Chalkie Davies at Cardiff Museum

So today I went to see a Chalkie Davies photography exhibition in Cardiff. Davies was a photographer for NME and shot some of the most famous and influential musicians of the 70s and 80s. Working only in black and white film, his pictures have a lovely grainy quality to them and are often posed in unique locations. Many of the photographs on display are unseen, a test devised by Davies years ago to see whether his pictures would still be culturally relevant, decades after they were taken.

I thought I would share some examples of his work on here and if your in Cardiff you have till September 6th to check them out first hand.c1 c2 c5 c4 c3