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Flower Arranging Class with Flowers by Passion – Tanya Burr’s Wedding Florist

Stylerarebit.comI still can’t believe how many amazing opportunities have come along since writing this little blog and last week was another pinch me moment, for sure. The lovely people at Dartington Crystal invited me and a handful of other bloggers, for an evening of flower arranging and Champagne. Dreamy.

The night was held at Flowers by Passion, the incredible studio of master florist (and boho babe, look at that amazing jacket!) Johanne Wood, just outside of Bath. She was actually the florist for Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman’s wedding so you know she’s insanely talented. Her studio is in a converted barn, filled with vases, trinkets and an incredible selection of flowers. I feel like it would make the most divine inspiration for a kitchen also. I love the dresser in the corner, filled with gift bags and vases, it just had a lovely homely feel.

Stylerarebit.comJohanna talked us through the basics of arranging and we started sectioning off our vases with florist tape and picking our foliage. I went for the Florabundance Posy Vase from Dartington for my bouquet as I thought it had the most beautiful shape. Dartington are actually one of the last manufacturers of glassware in the UK and so it was lovely to be able to learn more about their craftsmanship. Once we got into arranging I realised I was probably the worst in the group, surrounded by very considered, neat arrangements mine was pretty wacky and all over the place. I quickly decided to adopt a keep adding roses till it looks good strategy and stuck with it. Who doesn’t love roses?

Dartington Crystal

Flowers by Passion