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Advice For Bloggers Who Work Full Time

style-rarebit-cardiff-fashion-blog-Advice-For-Bloggers-Who-Work-Full-TimeFor the past three years I’ve been blogging and working side by side and although I’m not the most consistent I’ve managed to make it work for me and to grow my platform. I always get asked how I find the time and from the outside I guess it looks like a lot of work, on top of already going to work. The thing is, when you love something and it’s your fave hobby it’s really easy to make time. You just have to remember not to put pressure on it! I’ve been chatting about this with a few people recently and I thought it might be useful to share some of the tips that have really helped me out.

Take advantage of creativity: It goes without saying that I’m not always in the mood to work on my blog. There are days when I’ll get 100 ideas and other days where I just run out of juice but that’s totally normal. What I’ve found really helpful though is making the most of the good days and just getting all those ideas written down. Even if you roughly start a post it’s great to have an idea to come back to, rather than starting from nothing when you’re feeling uninspired.

Get a rough schedule: It definitely helps me to have a rough goal of how many posts I want to get up each week. I normally aim for two blog posts and to upload one picture on Insta everyday as I feel like that’s achievable. Being clearer about how often you want to post will make it easier to plan your time and get organised when it comes to blogging.

Get a bank of pics: I’ve milked my Berlin pictures so much but it’s actually been crazy useful to have them to fall back on. If you’re going on holiday or have a shoot planned try and make the most of your time and get as many snaps as possible. You can always go back to them in a few weeks but it’s worth having a back up for when you don’t have time to get out and take pics.


Never compare yourself: I have no doubt that if I was working on this blog full time it would be a completely different platform. When there are so many bloggers with the best cameras and the most expensive bags, who do this as their main job it can be really hard not to feel deflated. You just need to remind yourself (very regularly if you’re like me) that your blog is your space and as long as you’re enjoying it, then it really doesn’t matter what other people think or what they’re doing.

Ask your friends for pics: If you’re out with your friends or fam and you like what you’re wearing then just ask them to take some quick snaps. It might seem a bit awkward but the more pictures you take the less cringe you’ll feel, promise!

Don’t be hard on yourself!: If you don’t post, don’t stress about it. That’s literally the worst thing you can do because you’ll start to feel like it’s a chore. Just take some time, live your life and come back to your blog when you’re inspired and ready to write.

I hope you found these tips useful and are feeling a little less stressed about fitting in time to blog. If you have any advice of your own pop it in the comments, I would love to hear what works for you guys!