Officially Obsessed with Pro Nails

Since starting Style Rarebit I’ve discovered a lot of new brands that have really upped my beauty game. Going to events for product launches and companies that I haven’t heard of before is so exciting and satisfying when you come across something good. Especially when it’s a beauty product that solves a lot of problems. Like flaky nail problems for example.

ProNails is one of the biggest nail brands in Europe and has recently developed a new way of applying Gel Polish called SoPolish Care, Protect & Peel. They invited me and my fellow welsh bloggers to try it out and learn more about the brand. If you didn’t see it on my Instagram story it’s basically a concept that was inspired by a Compeed blister plaster which works by putting a film over your nails before the application. The idea is that when you peel off the Gel, your nail will have been protected underneath. They also apply their Vital Nail Serum under the film so that your nail will be shinier and healthier after removing it than before the treatment. I decided to go for the super 70s shade above, which clashed really badly with the dress I was wearing in number 88 I’ve Got Your Back. I thought it was really pretty with my skin tone but still nice and bright for summer. The finished effect was really smooth and shiny like a normal gel and didn’t feel heavy or tough on my nails at all. They didn’t last me as long as I wanted them to but with my job I knew that would happen. However some of my fellow bloggers are still posting pictures of theirs now 2 weeks later and they look perfection.

stylerarebit.comI thought I would post some pictures of the normal nail polishes that I received in my goody bag too so you can see what the ‘at home’ quality is like. I’ve been really obsessed with the polishes above and they are making a big difference to the condition of my nails. I use the Active Hardener (purple) to prime which is a great base and the Gloss it Up topcoat over the colour which stops chipping. I’ve noticed that my polish last a few days longer using these two than normal which is really impressive for me.

In the photo below I’m wearing the Pro Nails Polish no.58 Rouge Amour with the two polishes above to prime and finish. I’m not the best at painting nails but you can see how shiny they are and how bold the colour is. I can’t wait for a salon to open in Cardiff soon though so I can get the gels done again!

See more ProNails products and find a salon here



The Netflix Apartment

stylerarebit.comIt’s taken me the longest time to write this post, which is bizarre considering how amazing it is that I was actually invited. Getting an invite to a Netflix party is up there as one of the best invites I’ve had since starting Style Rarebit. I guess I wanted to wait a while though so that I could catch up on some of the new shows and let you know what I’ve been enjoying too.

This event was at the St.Davids Hotel which is gorgeous and the few times I’ve had dinner there it’s been amazing too. They fed us the nicest canopaes, macaroons and  champagne to keep us chatting and me and Zoe did our best job to taste test every single one. The night was all about sharing our favourite Netflix shows and discussing the things that we can’t wait to see more episodes of. We also got a sneak preview of some of the new ones that were coming out including 13 Reasons Why (which hadn’t been released yet) and my favourite Mind Hunter which is out later this year. You can watch the trailer here and if you like crime dramas you will love this. So lets talk about the things I’ve been watching.  I’ve managed to narrow it down to four shows which are all good for different reasons. The first being American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson. This real life crime was one of the most awful, bizarre and gripping cases in history and has been an amazing show to watch.  This show really told the story and had the most incredible performances from Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr. which will keep you watching for hours. The second is the Marvel series DareDevilI’ll be honest I didn’t think I would get into it but I’m currently on season 2 and loving it. I watched all of Jessica Jones (because Krysten Ritter is my absolute favourite) and this is equally dark and more gory taking out the cringe factor of it being a comic book hero show.

The third is Girlboss the adaption of the book by Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso. To be honest I watched half of the first episode and had to turn it off and it was only because all my friends loved it so much that I persevered. Trust me though it does actually pick up by episode 2/3 and you’ll start to fall in love with the self destructing, narsisitic and annoyingly cool Sophia before you know it. Lastly and this might not be for everyone but Schitt’s Creek is a new comedy offering from Eugene Levy. It’s about a rich family who loose everything and have to live in Shitt’s Creek, the only thing that wasn’t worth taking by the debt collectors. It’s silly, easy watching and it’s been entertaining me in the mornings for a week now. If you’ve watched any of these or have any good shows for me to start let me know, I’m always up for a good binge.


Here’s to 25

Here I am, finally recovered from my neck fiasco and feeling super pumped to blog. I have so much to show you, it really is amazing how much internet shopping you can get done on your sick bed. I’ve also just turned 25 and so I’ve got lots of beautiful presents and party stories to share too.

Equally it has rained so much in Cardiff this week it hasn’t been the weather for celebrating. I know it rains all the time here but it really, really rained… a lot. Therefore my outfits this week have been pretty casual and layered up and that’s kind of my everyday vibe at the moment. I really like wearing a hoodie underneath a smart jacket and heels, I like that it gives things a street wear feel and takes it away from looking too dressy. A hood also keeps my hair dry and my eyeliner smudge free, winner.






Sale Haul and Try on Video

Style Rarebit 2017

Well hello there. Here I am! First outfit post of 2017 and the first of many more to come. For me this year marks a big change, I’ve spent far too long thinking about how I want my life to be. This is the year where I just have to go and get it, stop thinking and start doing.

Like a lot of people my age, I felt the slump after finishing university so frustrating. You’re no longer being creative on a daily basis and the reality of having to work jobs you hate sets in. Equally I know that a normal 9 to 5 is not for me and even though I’m not sure exactly where I want to go, I know that this blog is my favourite hobby. I’m going to try this year to make this more of a priority and really start pushing it as a medium to be more creative and broaden my horizons (I bloody hate that expression but you know what I mean). I think surrounding myself with people who want the same as me will only help to push us all in the right direction.

I love my blog and I love the opportunities, people and knowledge that it’s brought to me so far. I’m starting to branch out a little bit too with YouTube and doing more projects with brands, which is an amazing learning curve. I am more excited, positive and motivated for StyleRarebit than ever before and I hope you are too. Here’s to more stripy trousers and me rambling on video, whoop whoop!






New Year’s Resolutions 2017

Here we are folks, it’s 2017!! I feel so excited for this year, I’m not sure why, I just have a feeling that it’s going to be a good one.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to achieve in these coming months and I think making resolutions is such a positive way to start. Why not set out to get what you want? and kick this coming year’s butt.

Resolution 1: Be more positive! Not gonna lie, I sometimes get a tad bit negative and it’s really not good for me, nor the people around me. This year I just want to focus on the good and be grateful for everything, the secret is real!

Resolution 2: Get strong I don’t feel at my best right now and I know that exercising is what my body really needs. I’m thinking of maybe signing up to a run or going to some classes to get me back on the right track. I always feel amazing after a workout and I got trainers for Christmas too, so no excuses!

Resolution 3: Grow StyleRarebit This blog is my favourite hobby ever but this year I want to push myself and grow it into something I can be really proud of. My main focus is creating better quality content and more of it. This is going to be my number one priority.

Resolution 4: Making Pyjamas I’ve been wanting to start a luxury pyjama line for about a year now and I’m still surrounded by toiles and fabrics. I’ll be starting small but I definitely want to have some pieces up online and be sewing more regularly by the end of this year.

Resolution 5: Do something out of the ordinary I really want to start doing a few things a year that are a bit more exciting and different. A zip wire is number one on my list but maybe trying some extreme sports or learning a new skill would be cool too.

I hope you liked these and that they inspired you to create your own. If you have any good ones please leave them in the comments below, I would love to hear what you have planned for 2017.

Happy New Year! x

The best ways to start your day…


Starting your day right is a good way to stay positive, productive and focused. Good vibes people! So here’s a little list of ideas to get you moving in the right direction. I’m not saying I stick to these all the time because you know what, life happens! But I certainly notice a difference when I do. So…

  1. Eat breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day and it gives you energy to do all those fabulous things you have planned. However it’s good to choose food you love eating… forcing down a bowl of soggy bran flakes is not a good start.
  2. Read! Engaging things that your interested in or that inspire you. If you have a long commute to work, there really is no excuse!
  3. Catch up. Finish all the little things you didn’t have time to do yesterday. Whether that’s replying to emails, messages or whatever else. It’s good to feel accomplished early in the morning.
  4. Take your time. Rushing out of the house in 10 minutes is not going to put you in a good mood and chances are you’ll forget things too. It’s far less stressful to get a good nights sleep, wake up early and take your time getting ready for the day.
  5. Exercise! The last thing you want to do in the morning but a good way to feel really energised. I’m not suggesting a 10mile run but just a short workout that gets your heart pumping. You could also do something like yoga or pilates for a more relaxing start. It’s nice to get it over with too, rather than working a full day and having to find the energy later!
  6. Set a nice alarm tone. Who wants to wake up to the sound of a nuclear fire alarm? NO ONE.
  7. Get motivational! Read some good quotes and get inspired. It’s always beneficial to feel positive and there are so many twitter/instagram accounts you can follow for this.
  8. Be nice to other people. Being mindful towards other people means everyone will have a better morning, not just you.

If you liked these tips or have any advice of your own please leave a comment below! Would love to hear your ideas.

The Johnny Sack Camel Coat

Before I found this coat, I had been binge watching ‘The Sopranos’ for quite a while. If there’s one person I love from that show it’s Johnny Sack and if you watch it, you’ll know he has a pretty killer camel coat.

Now this coat is not Johnny Sack status but it’s cool enough for me (a small town, non mobster gal). Since the day I found it I haven’t taken it off and I probably never will. Camera Obscura (5 of 24)-2

Coat: Vintage

Polo: Uniqlo

Jeans: Mango

Bag H&M


Pixi MakeUp Haul

IMG_3472So recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to chat with Amanda Bell from Pixi, about all things makeup and skincare. She gave me some seriously good advice about what products I should and shouldn’t be using and the main beauty trends for this season.

Pixi is a very natural brand and some of the products are vegan, so it’s perfect for sensitive or troublesome skin. As a brand they celebrate natural beauty and all the products are packed with botanicals and nutrients to enhance your skin.

Starting from the top, the Natural Brow Duo is a 2-in-1 one gel and pencil, which makes sculpting the perfect brows easy. The angled pencil helps you to get amazing definition and the tinted gel holds all your hard work in place. It’s a great makeup bag staple, that would work for anyone, especially if you haven’t used anything for your brows before.

Moving onto the Brow Brightener, this gel is essentially a highlighter for your eyebrows. The expert tip is to sweep this on when you’ve overdrawn them to redefine the hairs, creating a more natural finish.

This last one I’ve been using everyday and I’m in love with it. The Brow Tamer is a lightweight gel that really works to hold your eyebrows in place. It has a lightweight, natural finish and it doesn’t feel drying or crispy like some of the other’s I’ve tried.

This Endless Silky Eye Pen is serious holy grail territory. The formula is beyond incredible. It’s soft, creamy and easy to blend but it’s also really long-lasting. It has amazing colour payoff to, so you don’t have to work at it back and for to get a good result.

A gorgeous finishing touch, the Lengthy Fiber Mascara is perfect for super long and defined lashes. It’s fragrance and paraben free so if, like me, you have sensitive eyes, it’s a perfect choice. You can see the stretch fibers really building your lashes and the brush is gorgeously delicate too.

A bit of a buzz product right now, the Black Lacquer Lash Primer is your first step for building amazing lashes. It plumps protects and strengthens for a perfect base to build your mascara on. I also love that it’s black, white eyelash primers can be such a nightmare and it means you don’t have to worry about covering anything.

How cute is this packaging! I’m in love with the Shea Butter Lip Balm. It’s such a soft, creamy formula and it keeps my lips moisturised long after I’ve used it. Amanda suggested blending this on my cheeks as a blusher too and it works really well.

Lastly the Lip Contour Liner in soft nude. I love that this is twist up as I go through lip liner so quickly and this makes my life so much easier. It’s a really lovely, light weight formula and it’s not heavy or drying on your lips at all. You can use this as a filler for fine lines around the lips too, so it does have a really nourishing, plumping quality that works perfectly under lipstick.

So many beautiful products! I’ve really loved trying these.


I let me boyfriend dress me for a week and this is what happened.

Inspired by an article about a girl who let her Dad dress her for a week I decided to ask my boyfriend to do the same and see what happens. A little social experiment I guess. I’m always seeing crappy articles about what to wear on dates so why not get him to pick the looks in the first place?

Granted I thought this would just be a little fun but I think I stressed him to the max with this idea as I decided to do it over Valentines’s weekend. Picking that outfit was a lot of pressure…bannerIf I was to describe this experience I would say it was nerve-wracking, challenging but most of all incredibly fun! Honestly, when I was selecting the items of clothes I found myself pacing around the room; comparing tops with jeans, looking for colour clashes and so on. I really found my inner fashionista! I had full control of the outfits which for Christy must’ve been terrifying. A few times her eyes would widen with fear as I’d be debating the outfit, which would indicate that maybe I should reconsider my decision. Overall I think I did okay… maybe I didn’t but I genuinely enjoyed it!!”

Tip: Fella’s there’s a reason your girl takes her time getting ready.
Let them take as long as they want!”- Rory (The Boyfriend)



Christy : I’m just working from home today and we have dinner with my grandparents in the evening. I like these outfits, they’re not that different from what I normally wear and I feel super comfy. They made me realise that he actually takes notice of my outfits and what I like to wear. I maybe would have glammed it up a bit more for dinner but that’s just me. Overall 7/10

Rory: I was really nervous about choosing one outfit and for the very first day of the project I had to choose two! I picked these two outfits as I know she likes to be comfy but always smart. The main difference you can notice immediately are her black thigh boots which she adores. I was quite proud of my decisions for this day. Personally I rate this 8/10


Christy: I’m at work today, I work for a fashion brand but the office is casual. However I need to commute for a few hours to get there. I like the top half of this outfit, the skirt with the black roll neck is really cute. Even though I would normally wear a longer coat with this skirt I don’t mind the fur either. The shoes though I would not have chosen, I think it’s just too many textures and they are a little bit too high for the walk to work. Same goes for the bag, just a lot going on today. Not all bad, a solid 5/10

Rory: I wanted to take advantage of the variety of clothes I had to choose from. However, I have a sneaky feeling I probably committed some sort of fashion crime. I just have no idea which one! You can see I had control over the jewellery as well. Not sure if I did well here! 4/10 


Christy: I’m just hanging out getting work done in the day/ sorting out my eyebrows but we have a Valentines dinner in the eve. I love the day look, this is classic me. Jeans, top, boots, killer coat. It was perfect for the day I had planned and a look I would have chosen for myself. The outfit for dinner was lovely too. As much as it stressed him out choosing a dress for our first Valentines dinner, I was glad he chose something he liked. I know he loves this dress and he did a great job with the accessories to. Keeping it classic is always the way, 10/10

Rory: Ok, this day had some serious pressure added to it. It was our first Valentines day and I had to choose the outfit! Can I have some sympathy please!? I always make a conscious effort to observe her outfits when we go out so I know most of her dresses & coat combo’s where she always looks incredible. Dare I say it, I may be cocky here but I think I nailed it. However, I’m at the mercy of the fashion police. Just, be kind please… 10/10



Christy: Happy Valentines! We’re going for Sunday lunch together at the Ty Mawr, my fave. This is a perfect lunch look, I’m obsessed with this top and it’s nice and simple. I felt glam. 10/10

Rory: So after my favourite evening ever! We planned to have lunch so I went for brighter colours than the previous days just to mix it up. The weather was on our side also! I know Christy loves her cashmere camel coat plus, I think I like it more…

Just a pair of black jeans, black shoe boots & her white floaty blouse. Christy’s really good at being fabulous whilst being comfortable. 9/10


Christy: I’m back at the office today, so this is a perfect casual look. I’m not 100% on denim and fur, I think the shirt might be too casual but then I think maybe I do like it. I love it though, he spent ages trying to find it for me so it has a lot of sentimental value. I just normally like to tuck it in to something so I still have waist definition but even so 8/10

Rory: I bought her this denim shirt a while back so I thought I’d use it in this project. She’s working in her office in Abergavenny today so I went for smart/casual. It was really cold on this day so I added the fur gillet to the outfit just for its heat value.

I can tell from what I’ve written for the days so far that I have once again, found my inner fashionista as stated above! Apologise! 7/10


Christy: It’s back to work again and afterwards I’m going out for dinner. I actually love the boots with this coat, the proportions work really well. I don’t think the jeans work so much and there’s a lot of different colours but it’s really quite a nice day outfit and perfect for what I had planned. 7/10

Rory: I’m actually surprised at myself when I hadn’t selected Christy’s grey boots which I believe are from Ted & Muffy. She got them before at the end of last year and thats where the thigh boot love began. I liked the coat too. Again, fashion police apologies in advance… 6/10


Christy: So it’s a gals day full of coffee dates and blog meetings. Literally love this look, perfectly comfortable but I still feel cool and smart enough to go to meetings and see my friends. 9/10

Rory: I really rate this cardigan and I know Christy’s favourite colour is black so as it was a very casual day for her I thought I would use that as the main idea for the whole outfit. I think for what she was doing today I would score myself a 8/10

12645041_472123559660479_964211933145423217_nChristy: I think he did a perfect job this week, I’m so grateful he made it through the stress to choose some really good outfits. It was good for me to step out of my comfort zone and give up the control to someone else. I like that I didn’t have to worry about dressing up for him and I had a less stressful week as it was one less thing for me to think about. He’s certainly proved that he takes notice of what I wear and feel good in and he did a really good job.

Rory: I have learned from this experience that fashion can be really hard work. I now empathise with girls when it comes to getting ready for any sort of activity. Whether you’re travelling to work, attending a coffee date, an evening of knocking back wine or even a day of working from home. I’ve noticed each outfit takes as much effort as the other. I’m actually really impressed with Christy’s styles and I now understand why she’s never on time!

In summary, I’m glad I’m a guy!