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How To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

how-to-make-your-nail-polish-last-longer-style-rarebit-beauty-blogIf there’s one thing I wish I could have all the time it’s perfect nails. There’s nothing like fresh polish to make you look like you have it together, but it’s the one beauty thing that I just can’t keep up with. I find that as soon as I paint them they’re chipped again but I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m making some simple mistakes.

Last week nail polish brand Mavala invited me to their pop up shop for a manicure, to celebrate their 60th birthday. I felt like this would be the perfect opportunity to ask them a few questions about making your nail polish last longer. Turns out my manicurist Katie had loads of tips and I can safely say my manicure is still intact and I’m writing this post three days later.

how-to-make-your-nail-polish-last-longer-style-rarebit-beauty-blogIt’s all in the prep

This weirded me out a little bit but apparently your nails are pretty oily, so you’ll need to clean them before you apply your polish. This is because the oil can form a barrier between your nail and the polish which will make it way more prone to chipping. You can do this with some nail polish remover or warm water on a cotton pad before you start your manicure.

Always use a base and top coat

Yes, this one is so obvious, but do you actually do it? I’ve skipped the base coat so many times, only to find that it does make a big difference in how long my polish lasts. Mavala have a specific base coat which dries slightly sticky so that it holds onto the nail polish. The same goes for applying a top coat, as it will help to protect your nail varnish and will be an extra barrier against chips.


Cover the tips of your nails in top coat

When you apply your top coat you want to cover the tip of your nail as this is where chips are most likely to happen. You can turn your brush on the side for this and you need to make sure that you run it all the way across the top of your nail, so that it’s fully covered. This is such an easy step but it’ll make a big difference in protecting your polish.

Use a nail hardener

If you’re like me and have pealing nails then you’ll know how difficult it is to preserve your manicure. Weak nails are more prone to splitting and chipping, so you need them to be in the best condition possible if you want your polish to last. Katie applied the Mavala Scientifique K+ to my nails before my manicure which helps to harden and reinforce them so that they’re a lot stronger.


I hope you guys find these hacks really useful and that they’ll help you to hold onto your fresh nail polish for longer. I love my nails so much and I went for the accent ring finger that I think is such a cool look. I’ll also put a link to all of Mavala’s shades here incase you wanted to pick one up!


Officially Obsessed with Pro Nails

Since starting Style Rarebit I’ve discovered a lot of new brands that have really upped my beauty game. Going to events for product launches and companies that I haven’t heard of before is so exciting and satisfying when you come across something good. Especially when it’s a beauty product that solves a lot of problems. Like flaky nail problems for example.

ProNails is one of the biggest nail brands in Europe and has recently developed a new way of applying Gel Polish called SoPolish Care, Protect & Peel. They invited me and my fellow welsh bloggers to try it out and learn more about the brand. If you didn’t see it on my Instagram story it’s basically a concept that was inspired by a Compeed blister plaster which works by putting a film over your nails before the application. The idea is that when you peel off the Gel, your nail will have been protected underneath. They also apply their Vital Nail Serum under the film so that your nail will be shinier and healthier after removing it than before the treatment. I decided to go for the super 70s shade above, which clashed really badly with the dress I was wearing in number 88 I’ve Got Your Back. I thought it was really pretty with my skin tone but still nice and bright for summer. The finished effect was really smooth and shiny like a normal gel and didn’t feel heavy or tough on my nails at all. They didn’t last me as long as I wanted them to but with my job I knew that would happen. However some of my fellow bloggers are still posting pictures of theirs now 2 weeks later and they look perfection.

stylerarebit.comI thought I would post some pictures of the normal nail polishes that I received in my goody bag too so you can see what the ‘at home’ quality is like. I’ve been really obsessed with the polishes above and they are making a big difference to the condition of my nails. I use the Active Hardener (purple) to prime which is a great base and the Gloss it Up topcoat over the colour which stops chipping. I’ve noticed that my polish last a few days longer using these two than normal which is really impressive for me.

In the photo below I’m wearing the Pro Nails Polish no.58 Rouge Amour with the two polishes above to prime and finish. I’m not the best at painting nails but you can see how shiny they are and how bold the colour is. I can’t wait for a salon to open in Cardiff soon though so I can get the gels done again!

See more ProNails products and find a salon here


Current Nail Situation

I took this picture for my instagram but I love this nail polish so much I thought I would share it on here to. I’ve got to the point where I feel so scruffy if I haven’t done my nails, I find it’s the best (and cheapest) beauty pick me up to.

CYGoLziW8AAQmQl.jpg-largeThis is 340 Berries and Cream by Rimmel and it’s such a rich colour. I like that it’s a more modern take on a red nail and it works with my wardrobe of mainly muted tones. It’s lovely with the gold ring to, which I picked up in the Accessorise sale this week. Winter chic vibes all round.


Nails Inc Ultimate Accessory Set


Im obsessed with nails… glitter, claws, falsies all of it, I literally can’t get enough. I’ve been wearing falsies for the last few months but after getting this set for christmas I made a conscious decision to go back au naturel to give my nails a break. I feel like these polishes have definitely made my nails stronger and healthier. Particularly the Kensington Caviar 45 second top coat, which I would recommend you buy on it’s own as a staple nail product! I normally get frustrated with polish as it chips so quickly but these last a lot longer than most and the coverage is good even after one coat.

n3I’ve been loving the red shade Tate with the glitter top coat Derby Gate and the nude St. Ann’s Lane with a little accent of the King’s Lane foil polish. I’ll for sure be purchasing some of these in the full size once I make it through the minis.