New In: Pixi Beauty Eye Reflections Shadow Palette

style-rarebit-blog-pixi-beauty-eye-shadow-palettes (

Makeup is something that I’m getting into more and more, especially eyeshadow! As much as a smokey eye used to really intimidate me, thanks to YouTube I’m getting way more confident with colour and have really started falling in love with eyeshadow. It’s also a good job because this month Pixi Beauty sent me their new Eye Reflections Shadow Palettes to test out and they’re just as gorgeous as expected.

These are great palettes for beginners like me and with 12 shades in each one you can create a ton of different looks. What I instantly loved about the palettes is that the shades are really wearable and there aren’t any wacky ones that you’ll never use. They’re also made of mineral powder so they’re easy to blend which makes it so much easier to create a smokey look. Both of the palettes include matte and shimmer shades too that you can mix to create a 3D effect on your lid.


There are 3 different Eye Reflections Shadow Palettes but they sent me the Reflex Light and Natural Beauty shades which are both really wearable. The palette on the left is Reflex Light which is a mix of light, shimmery nudes and deep browns that are perfect for green eyes. The other palette, Natural Beauty is a mix of warmer tones with golden yellows, reds and browns that are way more summery. All the powders have a glossy, buttery finish and look dewy and fresh on the skin without drying out.

style-rarebit-blog-pixi-beauty-eye-shadow-palettes (As well as the Eye Reflections Shadow Palettes, Pixi included a gorgeous brush set in my PR package to create some looks with. I can’t find a link to this set anywhere but they have some great brushes on their website here. The bristles are really soft and I always think it’s worth investing in your brushes to get the best application.

To create the look for the main picture of this post I used the shade Auburn Blaze (middle, third row) all over my lid and then popped Gold Foil (top right) in the centre. I think creating a smokey eye with two shades is so much easier and I loved the mix of terracotta with a golden yellow. I would love to know what you guys think of these palettes in the comments and if you have any questions just let me know!

style-rarebit-blog-pixi-beauty-eye-shadow-palettesstyle-rarebit-blog-pixi-beauty-eye-shadow-palettes (

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Eye Reflections Shadow Palettes £24




  1. These colours look so pretty and are lovely for an every day look. I’d imagine that you can create a more dramatic look with the darker colours in the palette. I really want to try Pixi Beauty! Angharad x


    1. They’re so nice! And yes definitely, they’re really versatile colours 🙂 Let me know if you try them out! xx


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