How To Style White Trainers

how-to-style-white-trainers-style-rarebit-fashion-blogIf you told me last year that I would be wearing trainers everyday in 2019 I would have laughed in your face. But here I am, nearly 27 and already wearing the footwear of someone reaching retirement, or at the least in need of a podiatrist. It’s totally ok though, because Balenciaga said it is and after they released a collection of hideous trainers I fell completely in love with them like the fashion hypocrite I am.

Saying that, it took me a while to find the right dupes and many, many polls on Instagram to help me decide what to pick. There were two pairs from Zara that were promising, but my friend Valerie said they looked like orthopaedic shoes. So I definitely wasn’t going to keep those. The thing with this trend is that you need them to be just chunky enough that they give you height but not too chunky that you look like you have foot problems. You know?


I finally found a good pair from H&M which I was waiting to come back into stock and after weeks of checking they were finally here. Honestly, I don’t 100% love these, I wish they looked slightly less wide but I’ve still had loads of compliments. I do however like that they give me some extra height and are more like buffalo boots than running shoes.

As for how I’m styling them, I definitely want to avoid anything remotely sportswear. For me the trainer trend looks way more chic with some tailoring or a long wool coat rather than leggings and a t-shirt. I really love pairing them with this skirt for example as it’s such a classic piece and gives them a more dressy feel. I think tighter clothes are better too, just to give you some definition as trainers can look a little frumpy.

Something else I’ve noticed is that leaving your ankle bear looks way better than covering it up. So whether you’re wearing skinnies, or a skirt,  just pop some short socks on and make sure you leave that gap. I think it’s because your ankle is so much slimmer so the contrast between that and the chunky trainers really helps to slim your legs!





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