My New Year’s Resolutions 2019

How is it 2019? I swear it was only yesterday that we were stuck inside thanks to a snow storm but that was all the way back in March. It’s honestly blown my mind how quickly this year has gone and after the craziest month I’m very much ready for a fresh start.

This time last year there were a lot of boring resolutions on my list. Things like saving money, passing my driving test and finally plucking up the courage to get braces. They weren’t exciting but definitely necessary to help me get to where I wanted to be. As great as it was getting them done I really need some more excitement now though and I want this year to be the year I finally get working on some of my bigger ideas.

So with this in mind, I’ve again decided to write down my resolutions in the hope that it will cement them in my brain and I’ll make them happen!

Getting My Shit Together

I’m one of those people that has a new idea everyday but executing them is a challenge as I’m just so damn unorganised. This year I really want to get more of a routine down so that I can make more time to work on creative projects. I’ve bought a diary and I’ve been looking into apps that are good for planning and organisation to make it a little less painful!

Buying A Car

Soo if you know me in real life then you’ll 100% know about the 2 year saga of me learning to drive. It was such a nightmare and after I finally passed I couldn’t think of anything worse than getting back in a car. I have however finally got over it and myself and have started to love driving now that I can sit in the car on my own, haha! So this year I really want to buy my own and stop sharing my mums. I’m guessing that it’s going to be pretty awful considering my budget is £0 but it’ll be nice not to have to get public transport everywhere and to have a little more freedom.

Style Rarebit

I feel like I’ve been saying this for quite some time but my content has taken a bit of a random turn and I really need to get this blog back on track. I think once you start gaining traction as a blogger it’s hard not to get distracted by collaborations that aren’t related to your chosen niche. This has definitely been an issue for me this year and as much I’m really grateful for every opportunity I really want to get back to writing about fashion and personal style over anything else.


I haven’t volunteered since I was in high school and it was compulsory and as much as that’s probably the same for everyone, I feel a little ashamed about it. I think giving back is really important and something that I really want to help with is the homeless community in Cardiff. There are more people on the streets now than ever before and it seems to be a fast growing problem in the city. I’ve been looking into it and I’m going to sign up with one of the local charities this year to do some volunteering at the weekends, which I’m really excited about!


So cliche but I’ve been trying to fit exercise into my routine for so long and I always fail. I’m moving this week though and I’m hoping I’ll be able to walk to work which will make such a big difference. There’s also a really cute park and a pier close by which I can run around so there’s no excuses!

A Plan For The Future

I’ve never been much into planning but am more of a wing it and see how it goes kind of girl. That being said I’ve definitely realised the kind of life I want to live in the future and I really want to start making a concrete plan to help me get there. I know this is super vague but in my head it makes sense and I think taking some time out to explore my options career wise could be really beneficial this year.

And that’s it for my 2019 resolutions! God only knows if I will stick to these but I’m so glad I’ve written them down and have a blog post to refer to. I would love to know if you guys have any too and what your plans are? So let me know in the comments, I’m super nosey. Anyway, here’s to positive vibes and goal getting… HAPPY NEW YEAR!



  1. I’m super nosey too and love reading other people’s resolutions, it can help with creating your own goals if you’re stuck.

    My top 3 goals for 2019 are to:
    1. Work less. I’m a Capricorn, living up to my expectations as a workaholic and I’m know for being a workaholic so for 2019, I’ve reduced my hours at work to just 4 days a week.

    2. Do more. Make plans with friends, family. Leave my bed and go to a coffee shop to write blog posts, see a movie, go to the theatre. Just get out more and create more memories.

    3. Go vegetarian/pescatarian. I started this a few weeks ago and have only eaten meat once or twice in December but now January has rolled around, I’m cutting it completely. I’m excited to try new recipes and be more mindful of animals with my diet.

    That was a mouthful, might write a blog post about my goals actually.

    Fran |


    1. Hey Francisca!

      I love your resolutions 🙂 Especially going veggie, that’s such a challenge but I’m sure you’ll have loads of fun trying out new recipes.

      Thank you so much for reading xx


  2. Love the outfit! But I am always a fan of bishop sleeves 🙂
    And some great reolutions – all very accomplishable. I’m looking forward to reading about all your succeses!


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