New In: Topshop Beauty


Soo, it’s been a little while and this post is way overdue but I’m happy to say that I’ve finally found some time to get writing! I have a lot to catch you guys up on including some cool blogger events like the launch of the new Topshop Beauty range. I’ve never tried anything from Topshop before so it was really exciting to get an invite. They’re new products are gorgeous and way more sophisticated than I thought they would be.

Topshop started phasing out their old products at the beginning of this year so that last month they could relaunch with a completely new vibe. The packaging has been redesigned, the products have been reformulated to last a lot longer and the whole range is completely cruelty free. It’s also a lot more sophisticated with super sleek packaging and makeup that’s wearable rather than bright and gimmicky.


As per usual I had zero willpower and picked up a few new pieces that I fell in love with. The first thing I chose was the Glow Powder Highlighter in the shade Solstice which is a really warm, glowy colour that I way prefer to white highlighters. Next I went for the Longwear Lip Pencil in Perimeter because a gal can never have too many and lastly the Matte Bronzing Powder in Mohawk because I’m running out of my Clinique one. It all came to around £40 which was so reasonable for three products and they’re all really long lasting and easy to use.

The biggest surprise about the new Topshop Beauty range is the quality and the packaging of the products, they feel really luxe and the formulas are amazing. They remind me of the Victoria Beckham collaboration with Estée Lauder and I feel like for the price they look way more expensive. There’s nothing better than a makeup brand that feels special but doesn’t cost a fortune and it’s the best way to treat yourself when you don’t want to spend loads! I’ll definitely be picking up some more pieces soon…

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