Everything I Loved At The Matalan Blogger Event


Blogger events always inspire me to keep blogging and every time I go to one it really makes me wish that Style Rarebit was my full time job. They’re just always so much fun and it’s the nicest excuse to discover some new products and hang out with my fave bloggers. Last week was no exception, as on Thursday I went to the newly revamped Matalan store in Cardiff for a little shopping spree and some lunch.

The store is so big considering it’s right in the centre of town and they have loads of clothes, accessories and home wear making it the perfect place to pick up some new season pieces. I decided to spend my time trying on some autumn outfits though as I’m really trying to mix up my wardrobe a little bit this winter and add some more colour. I was so surprised at how many cool pieces they had while also having clothes to suit a lot of different age ranges and sizes.

The first thing I tried on was this gorgeous green check coat with the quilted, mustard mini bag. I love this outfit for everyday and I think it worked really well with my uniform of jeans and a jumper. The coat is also really reasonable at £40 and is such a classic cut that you could wear it for several seasons.

style-rarebit-fashion-blog-matalan-blogger-eventThese were my two favourite bags, they had so many more styles but I just really love these two colours for autumn. The smaller teal bag is a nod to the Chloe trend and will work with pretty much every outfit. I paired it with a spotty dress as you can see below and I think it’s a really good buy if you wear lots of black.

The next thing I tried on was this gorgeous polka dot dress, it’s not very warm but I think with over the knee boots and a long coat it’ll work really well for autumn. I also paired this with some pointy, suede boots that had studs around the bottom. I love these, they look way more expensive than Matalan and were really, really comfy.style-rarebit-fashion-blog-matalan-blogger-event



Next I tried this aviator jacket as I keep looking at them but I’m not 100% sure I can pull them off. I thought it was gorgeous though and it fitted really well compared to other ones I’ve tried. The big collar is also really 70s which is a big trend this season so I think it’s a great piece to pick up before it goes.


Lastly I found this black sweater and just fell in love with it. I don’t have anything like this in my wardrobe but I really liked the font and the black and mustard combination. I’m not loving it with these jeans though so I’d probably pair it with a high waisted skirt instead.

I hope you liked this quick post, I thought Matalan had some really cute things and I’m definitely going to go back to the home section for some Christmas decorations soon!



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