7 AW18 Catwalk Trends You Need To Know

aw-18-fashion-trends-style-rarebit-blogI remember being in year 10 business studies class, hiding in the corner on style.com (I miss it so much!) and looking at all the pictures of the runway shows. There’s something so inspiring about seeing the collections at the start of the season and spotting ideas that you can incorporate into your own looks. Autumn/winter is by far my favourite time for fashion, as my heafty coat collection can attest to and these are the shows that I look forward to the most.

Before you read this post: These aren’t all the trends but I just wanted to share the biggest ones and some tips on how to wear them this season to make it easy for you to update your wardrobe.

Leopard Print


 Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham, Calvin Klein and Givenchy

AW18 Catwalk Trend: Leopard Print

Key notes: This is a trend that I feel you can’t really call a trend because it comes back around so often. But leopard print was definitely a major theme for AW18. This season it was more of a head to toe look with most designers incorporating floor length leopard print coats or full leopard outfits into their collections. For the most amazing inspiration just google Hailey Baldwin’s Vogue Japan shoot.

How I would wear this: I think leopard is something you need to be really careful with so personally I would stick to one item pr outfit in the print. I would definitely wear a leopard coat, paired down with brown and black underneath like the look from Tom Ford. However leopard boots, a beret or a silk shirt would be a perfect way to rock this trend too.

Logo Mania


Gucci, Versace, Fendi, Emporio Armani

AW18 Catwalk Trend: Logo Mania

Key notes: As soon as a saw Erika Girardi on Vogue’s youtube channel, head to toe in the Fendi logo I knew this was going to be huge. The logo trend has been all over instagram but it’s not just Fendi jumping on the bandwagon. Slogan tees were really popular, especially the ones above at Versace and Dior. However at Gucci and Emporio Armani it was way more understated and incorporated into the fabrics in a less obvious way.

How I would wear this: I think the easiest way to wear this trend would be with a slogan tee as it goes with absolutely everything. I especially love the Versace look with a high waisted skirt and some black lace up boots. If I could, I would definitely rock some Fendi logo leggings but I’d have to take my pension out early to afford them.

Cowboy Boots


Fendi, Emporio Armani, Isabel Marant, Dolce & Gabanna

AW18 Catwalk Trend: Cowboy Boots

Key notes: In recent years the catwalk seems to be making way for trends that are more comfortable and wearable, making it easy for us to incorporate them into our wardrobes.  The cowboy boot was reinvented in every colour way and fabric this season from glitter to green suede but it’s the silhouette that counts. You can also dress them up or down depending on your style and I particularly love them with a blazer like the look above at Isabel Marant.

How I would wear this: I love the light coloured pair at Fendi or maybe a dark suede pair to put together with jumper dresses or jeans. My go-to outfit would be a dress, a big chunky cardigan, lots of jewellery and these boots.



Prada and Balenciaga

AW18 Catwalk Trend: Neon

Key notes: If you live under a rock and didn’t see Kim K’s fluro yellow hair then newsflash girl, neon is a trend. It was really prevalent on the catwalks as an accent colour but it’s something that seems to have trickled down to the high street really quickly. In fact, me and my friends stayed in an air bnb opposite the BooHoo.com offices and they had a neon pair of shoes in the window. At Prada the collection was made up of bright colours, textured fabrics and full neon outfits like this dress above. However Balenziaga managed to pair the colour down and make it look more wearable with subdued colours and tailored silhouettes, like this classic tweed coat.

How I would wear this: Zara have a really cute neon jumper which I think is the only thing I would wear in this colour. I would pair it with a brown wool coat and some skinny trousers to keep it looking chic and not too overpowering. It also works really well with tweed and tailoring so bear that in mind if you want to try it out.

Dark Florals


Gucci, Richard Quinn, Saint Laurent and Preen By Thornton Bregazzi

AW18 Catwalk Trend: Dark Florals

Key notes: Florals for winter are a lot darker and more subdued that what they were for summer. Layered over a black background they are super dramatic with a gothic edge, especially this look at Preen By Thornton Bregazzi.

How I would wear this: I think for winter it’s really important to toughen up florals so I would pair a dress with chunky leather boots and long wool coat.

Metallic / Holographic


Balmain, Sies Margan, Tom Ford and Dior

AW18 Catwalk Trend: Metallic, Holographic Silver

Key notes: Metallics were a big trend for accessories last season but for autumn designers created full looks in the shiny plastic. The key to this trend is a silver or blue undertone that gives your metallic look an icy feel. At Sies Margan (above) and also at Balmain several of the looks were made with holographic fabrics too if you’re feeling brave.

How I would wear this: I love the metallic dress at Balmain but I think the coat at Dior would make for such a cool outfit. I would pair it with skinny jeans, boots and my fave jumper and I know ASOS will bring out a good copy.

70s Brown


Miu Miu, Sies Marjan, Rochas and Fendi

AW18 Catwalk Trend: 70s Brown

Key notes: Fashion’s love for the 70s isn’t going anywhere and this season it was all about the head to toe brown looks. Most outfits were paired with an accessory in a mustard yellow colour to further replicate the era too. From rust to dark brown there isn’t a shade that won’t suit this trend and a lot of the coats were belted at the waist or made in teddy bear fabric to bring them up to date.

How I would wear this: My camel coat is a staple in my wardrobe and a classic so I’m definitely dragging that back out this winter. I think a good coat, some brown chunky knits and mustard boots or a bag would be an easy way to nail this trend.



  1. Oh my godh. I have been looking for a leopard print maxi length dress, but my sis dsnt approve so been in 2 minds about it . Nah not soo mych a logo fan an cowboy boots are wayyy too masculine 4 me. Neon an metallic are defo no go but really love florals for summer. Love brown shades too. Thank you for a great trend blog…makes me think more about my wardrobe..likes an dislikes xx ig – shoesdressesbags


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