Rimmel Sun Shimmer Fake Tan Review


When I was 14 I decided to regularly coat myself in a layer of tangerine god-knows-what until I resembled an Oompa Loompa at worst and a young tan mom at best. Thankfully my fake tan skills have developed a little bit and I’m no longer walking around with brown palms and tiger stripes. And this summer I was definitely back on the tan band wagon (that’s what a heat wave will do to you) so I was beyond grateful that Influenster sent me some Rimmel Sun Shimmer fake tan products to try out.

rimmel-sun-shimmer-instant-fake-tan-review-style-rarebit-fashion-blog rimmel-sun-shimmer-instant-fake-tan-review-style-rarebit-fashion-blog

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan with Gradual Glow Light Matte

I used to use the Sunshimmer Instant Tan years ago as an easy way to bronze my legs and it’s even better now than it was then. When it first comes out it looks too dark for me (check swatch above) but as you buff it in it just leaves a really subtle, build-able glow. I’ve also found that it doesn’t transfer either which is why I’ve started using this over the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs as I kept getting it on my clothes. This one is in the matte formula too and I love that it looks really natural but they also have a shimmer version if you wanted something more glossy.

rimmel-sun-shimmer-instant-fake-tan-review-style-rarebit-fashion-blogRimmel Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse Light Matte

I LOVE this fake tan mousse so much that I’ve nearly finished it already. I find it’s really easy to blend as just like the other products it’s tinted so you can’t miss anything. It’s also a really good colour for me (being beyond pale) and still looks really natural. I think this is the longest lasting tan in the Sunshimmer range too as it stays on for up to a week so it’s perfect if you don’t want to have to keep reapplying.


Sun Shimmer Self Tan Lotion with Chia Oil, Light/Medium

Next up is a self tan that lasts a bit longer than the instant. The lotion is formulated with Chia Seeds so it’s really smooth and smells sweet which is a bit nicer than the normal biscuity fake tan smell. This shade is very light, I think it’s more like a gradual tan but it’s definitely something that you could keep topping up. As it’s really balmy it’s nice and moisturising though and I felt like my skin was way smoother after using this, especially on my legs.



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