Lush Spa Cardiff Blogger Event



This is going to sound so lame but being invited to a Lush event made me feel like I’m officially a blogger…

Lush is the brand most associated with blogging, in my opinion anyways and I remember one of the first YouTube videos I ever watched was a Zoella lush haul. It doesn’t take long to understand why either as the packaging, cool names and beautiful stores are all Instagram picture perfect.

I’m going to be honest and say that for a long time I didn’t think Lush was for me and from a distance I thought it was literally just gimmicky bath bombs and not much else. I was SOOOO wrong though. Lush is actually pretty revolutionary in terms of their ingredients and products and the fact that it’s completely vegetarian, ethical, anti-animal testing and all handmade makes it even more amazing.

The new Lush Spa in Cardiff is probably the best place to go and try out the brand too. The shop is insane and has every kind of product, even perfume which I was so surprised at! The staff in there are also amazing and I honestly don’t know how the girl showing me around could remember so much. It was like having my own personal dermatologist for an hour.

lush-spa-cardiff lush-spa-cardiff  lush-spa-cardiff lush-spa-cardiff

The best part of the night was going up to the spa. It was like being at an exclusive country retreat…


I’ve never seen a spa like this before! It looks so homely and it feels really welcoming rather than clean and clinical. This vibe actually makes it a lot less intimidating. Some spas are so white washed it’s overwhelming but the warm colour scheme and county furniture make you feel instantly relaxed.

They showed us around the main ‘living room’ area first where you can have a hand or head massage and pick the oils and balms for your treatment. We then went into the treatment room with two beds (if you want to make it a gals trip!) and a bath. I need to find out what that treatment is because when in your life does anyone else run you a bath?!?! So worth paying for.

I think the Spa experiences are a little pricey but definitely worth it. I’ll pop the link to the shop page here so you can find out more on that. The best thing about it though? It’s totally sound proof. So you can really escape the city without even having to leave the city!






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