How I’m Falling in Love with Blogging again



It’s not that I’ve ever really fallen out of love with blogging, but in the past few months the community seems to be more concerned with followers than actual content. This shift is really annoying me and taking away from the fact that for the majority of us, blogging is just a really fun hobby.

I’ve had several people ask me recently if they think it’s still worth blogging, as so many people are doing it. It’s not that there is anything wrong with asking me that or talking about followers but I just feel like when I started I wasn’t aware, nor did I care about stats.

I created because I thought it would help me to get a job in the fashion industry after my degree but it’s actually given me so much more. I’ve grown in confidence, made friends, learnt a million more skills than I ever did in school and have worked with some of my favourite brands. Those kind of experiences are priceless to me and whether 3 people read my blog or 3,000, it doesn’t take anything away from that.

To get me out of my little funk I’ve been making a lot more fashion content, which is where my main passion really lies. Putting together outfits, ideas and discovering new brands is something that I really enjoy and I keep reminding myself how lucky I am to have this page to experiment with. It’s my own personal style file and whenever I don’t know what to wear or am hating what’s in my wardrobe, I can look back here for ideas that will get me inspired again.

Blogging is whatever I want it to be, for as many people who want to read it and for as long as I want. There’s no rules here and if I’m still enjoying it, I’m going to continue writing and sharing the things that I love.


     photography: sarah barnes 

 faux fur jacket: new look // blouse: somerset by alice temperley // culottes: toyshop // boots: jd williams 









  1. You’re so right, blogging is whatever you make it. I did prefer that back in the day people weren’t as bothered about numbers etc, but then again blogging has come such a long way since then.
    On another note i LOVE this outfit, especially the jacket!


  2. Such a good post!!! And you’re absolutely right! I need to focus more on just enjoying it! I want to take much better photos this year and step up my game. I also want to do more fashion posts.

    If you ever want a photography buddy let me know – I’m keen to boost skills and never have anyone to shoot me either! Xx


  3. as a new blogger i really appreciate you talking about this and how people should be more focused on content over followers. I can get caught up in how many people follow me and what did i do wrong if one person unfollowed me. So what i enjoy writing and taking picures and editing, I’ve learned so much. I do this for me and if other people just so happen to read it, great!


    1. I’m so happy to hear that! Especially when you’re first starting out, it’s so important to just enjoy it and figure out your own style. Thank you so much for reading! xx


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