Hunkemoller Backless and Strapless Stick On Bra


At first a post about the Hunkemoller Backless and Strapless stick on Bra could look random in comparison to the other content on here but it’s actually really, really relevant. Shapewear may not be on your radar as a must have fashion item but having the right underwear can make or break an outfit. We’ve all seen the classic off white strap poking out of a dress or running across some poor girls back. If you’re not brave enough to go braless but want to avoid that major faux pas then this is going to be the review for you.


THE DESIGN : I think it’s so clever and simple and I love that it’s shaped to give you a perfectly symmetrical silhouette. The sticky tabs sit at the bottom of the cups and under your arms for the best support and are comfortable too. I went for the black (as this is all I wear) but it also comes in nude if you wanted to wear it under something light.

THE FIT : This bra is a really lovely shape and is similar to a balcony bra in terms of the silhouette it gives you.  At first I thought it felt a bit weird because it kind of just cups your boobs and sits lower than a normal bra but it wasn’t uncomfortable. It actually gives you a really natural and flattering shape and is a nice alternative from super push up bras. When putting it on I would recommend standing in front of a mirror and starting in-between your boobs. I say this because I was struggling to get it in the right place and it’s also way easier when sticking down the tabs on the side as they sit a bit lower than you’d think. It doesn’t come in conventional sizes but in S,M,L,XL so you’ll have to check the size guide to figure out which is best for you. It’s also worth mentioning that it covers cup sizes A-E so if you’re bigger or smaller than that you may not find the right fit for you.

hunkemoller-backless-and-strapless-braTHE WEARABILITY: I decided to add these pictures to give you more of an idea of what you could wear the bra with. The dress on the left I thought would be perfect for this but it actually doesn’t come around far enough to cover the side of the bra. If you had something that was more of a scoop shape at the back though like the dress on the right you would be totally covered. I thought I would mention this incase, like me, you had something specific in mind where a lot of your back was exposed.  I also want to mention that you need to have completely clean skin in order for the bra to stick. If you’ve put moisturiser on or recently applied a fake tan you’ll find it hard to make it stick. I found the tabs at the side were coming unstuck when I was wearing it because of my deodorant so this is definitely something to bear in mind! It is however super comfortable and really lightweight so you pretty much just forget you’re wearing it. It also gives you a really smooth contour so you won’t get any ridges under tighter clothes as you do with some conventional strapless bras.


Let me know what you think of this or if you’d like some more outfit pictures. I think it’s great for dainty dresses if you just want something comfortable that will make you feel more covered. I’ve found mine really useful and I think it’s a great shapewear piece to keep in your wardrobe, even just for special events!

Click here to shop the The Hunkemoller Backless and Strapless Bra £32




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