24 things I’ve learnt at 24.

I thought this post would be a piece of cake, but it actually took me some time to think about the things that I’ve learnt in life so far. 24 may not sound old but that’s still a fair bit of living I’ve got down and I wanted to share some pearls of wisdom that have helped me thus far.


  1. Be authentic. Don’t be a sheep and do what everyone else is doing because in the long run, it’s not going to make you happy. Just listen to yourself and follow your own journey.
  2. Not everything will turn out exactly how you want/planned. This does not mean you should be disappointed though, you never know what’s around the corner.
  3. Stay positive. This is the one thing that will change your life, satisfaction guaranteed.
  4. Remember that nothing is for free but that hard work always pays off.
  5. Wear things that make you feel good and get rid of things that don’t. Holding on to tiny clothes that don’t fit your fabulous body will only make you feel bad and no one should feel like that.
  6. Let go. Enjoy yourself and stop worrying, life is good and it’s to be enjoyed!
  7. Eat the damn cake! There is always time to indulge and cake will always be one of those times.
  8. Follow your instinct and don’t always take the sensible option. I’ve quit my job, worn ridiculous clothes, said wild things and followed my heart. Hasn’t failed me yet.
  9. Don’t take any bullshit. Ever. Rude, bitchy, negative people are exactly who you need to avoid and ignore. Like bye Felicia.
  11. If you didn’t get the last reference and you haven’t watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race yet, then your not living life right.
  12. Make an effort for the people that you love. It’s easy to take people for granted, or to fall out of touch but if people mean a lot to you, you should show them. My family is really important to me and the older I get the more I realise that it’s me who needs to be making an effort and planning stuff with them.
  13. Work hard, play hard. Life is a balance, it’s a little bit of everything that makes it exciting.
  14. Treat yourself. When you’ve worked hard, achieved big things or just really need some chocolate.
  15. Ask for help. You’d be surprised how lovely, generous and talented other people can be with their time.
  16. SAY YES. Don’t waste opportunities and take every challenge, it makes you grow and it opens doors.
  17. Think about what you want. I follow the secret, which I’m not pushing on you here, but visualising your goals and knowing where you want to be gives purpose to what your doing.
  18. Fall in love. It’s actually really fun and it’s good for your soul.
  19. Look after your feet. I’ve already failed at this which is why I now realise how important it is, the ghost of bunions future will thank ya.
  20. Invest in good clothes and look after them. A wardrobe full of quick fixes will only last you one season and maybe even one wash. Investing in good, classic pieces means you’ll always have something to wear.
  21. Be generous. With your time, love, advice, friendship and food.
  22. Never give up. Never, ever, ever. If you have a dream, you freakin’ get up and you get it.
  23. Have fun! Everyday.
  24. Always remember that it doesn’t matter what other people think about you. It’s what you think about you that counts.

I hope you enjoyed reading these and as always, if there is anything you’d like to share leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts x


One comment

  1. I love this post, it’s great to acknowledge things you’ve learnt over the years. I think the most important things are too not take any bullshit, be generous and be yourself!

    I did a similar post on my 24 birthday and it’s amazing how much you can write, I had about 50 points and had to reduce it down!

    Kim // http://www.sincerelykimberly.com


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