Laura Geller Make Up Review

For Christmas this year I got some gorgeous pieces from Laura Geller (who I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of!) and I’ve totally fallen in love with them. The light, natural feel of her powders makes them really lovely to wear and they also have a surprisingly good colour payoff. I decided to take some snaps and share my thoughts with you below…
The picture above is of the Baked Colour & Contour Palette  which is a contour, highlighter and blush in one. I like that it saves on carrying around several compacts and you know all the shades will work well together. The powder is weightless and really lovely to blend and as its multi tonal it gives a light, natural definition to the face. It is strange having to use different sections of the same compact but I feel like it stops me packing too much product on the brush. So that’s a plus!

IMG_3550-EditThe Baked Beauty 101 Set is the most amazing gift and a perfect introduction to Laura Geller. It came in a beautiful makeup bag (which unforntuately isn’t in the picture!) but it’s a good travel kit and you can get some really versatile looks out of the products.

I don’t normally use powder foundations but I was excited to try the Balance and Brighten Colour Correcting Foundation. It really did help to even out my skin tone and to take down some of the redness and pigmentation. The only issue is that it doesn’t have enough coverage for me but I quite like to use it to set my liquid foundation.

The Baked Bronze-n-Brighten is super pigmented and a great sun kissed colour. Baked powders have a really lovely texture and it blends beautifully on the skin. I like that it’s a mix of matte bronze and glowy highlight as you can get that fresh, out of the sun finish. It works really well with the eyeshadow duo too, a brown smokey eye is lovely with a sun kissed base!

Lastly the blush in Pink Grapefruit is so gorgeous and the perfect summer colour. The consistency and finish is amazing and it’s just as glowy as the bronzer so you get a lovely dewy finish.

IMG_3527-EditHow dreamy is this?! Literally the most beautiful palette I’ve ever seen. It’s called the 12 Well Wearables Eyeshadow Palette and its’s full of shades that you can mix and match to create different looks. My faves are tourmaline (rich purple), chocolate and oyster (a shimmery, champagne). You can apply these wet as a liner or blend them into a delicious smokey eye depending on what look you’re going for. There are so many options and all the colours compliment each other really well which makes creating a smokey eye easy.

You can take a look at more from Laura Geller here and if you’ve tried any of these or have your own recommendations let me know below. Happy blending…



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