Upcycled & Minimalist

Sarah Barnes (1 of 1)-6

Sarah Barnes (1 of 1)-7

So I bought this old coat a while ago with the intention of cutting off the sleeves, but I kinda liked wearing it as it was. However as I hadn’t got it out for a while, I thought I would finally get the scissors and create a long waistcoat after all.

Sarah Barnes (1 of 1)-2

Sarah Barnes (1 of 1)-3

I’ve always loved Vintage and up cycling old pieces, there’s something to be said for creating your own clothes and playing around with thrifted garments. I see waistcoats like this on Pinterest all the time that are no doubt a world outside my budget, but a little imagination and a sewing kit goes a long way.

Sarah Barnes (1 of 1)
Polo Jumper MANGO, Jeans REISS,

Waistcoat THRIFTED, Bag ZARA,





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