Fake Tan vs. Pale and Interesting

self_tanning When I was 15 I was like a female Oompa Loompa. I tanned all the time and I tanned very badly. Yup, streaks, palms of hands, soles of feet, darker elbows and knees, you name the tanning fail I did it. This is no doubt due to the fact, that rather than use a tan for pale to medium skin, I went for the darkest shade possible. And not with a mitt folks, with my bare hands. Oh the shame. The awful orange shame.

As you can imagine, I grew out of this phase when I realised I looked like a barbecue chicken. I haven’t tanned much in the last few years, but even if I do I stick to a gradual to avoid any embarrassing mishaps. Don’t get me wrong, I like a little golden glow, but there’s nothing less hot than looking like tan mom (no offence tan mom).

However I did get told recently I looked a little grey (or ashy in beauty blogger terms), not sure if it was a joke but I reached for the bottle regardless. Being on the translucent end of the pale scale, fake tan is just an easy way of making me look more alive, or just like I have blood flow or something. Especially on those ghostlier days.

So in light of my recent foray back into the world of tango, I complied a few pros and cons of the orange stuff for your reading pleasure.

PRO PALE – You don’t have to worry about contaminating your bed sheets/ clothes/ family members/ pets with your tan stains.

PRO TAN – A subtle tan makes you look a little bit fresher faced. Very pale skin is associated with being ill, not insulting myself, just a fact.

PRO PALE – Once it’s developed there’s no going back. Those streaky orange lines are with you for a few days at least, even with exfoliating. Super.

PRO TAN – It’s slimming, and I swear to god thats scientifically proven.

PRO PALE – You don’t have to waste your money on smelling like rotten vegetables.

PRO TAN – Your always bare leg ready. With the exfoliating prep and moisturising formula, you don’t have to worry about finding  a pair of granny-esque tan tights.

PRO PALE – Whats wrong with being pale? This is my skin, I was born with this. Casper is fabulous and so am I.

PRO TAN – It’s the safest way to get bronze when compared with other methods, such as roasting yourself on the beach or in a sun bed.

PRO PALE – If your skin colour is consistent you don’t have to worry about swapping and mixing foundations to get a matching shade. logoFORWEB900PX

*Image source – http://www.garancedore.fr/en/2013/05/28/time-to-tan/



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